Socio-economics of Fish Consumption in the United Kingdom1

Influence of Ethnic Population on Fish Consumption

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Influence of Ethnic Population on Fish Consumption

The United Kingdom is very ethically diverse, especially from those parts of the world that were part of the British Empire. These ethnic groups brought back their own style of cooking and for the most part.

Though population growth rate has been flat over the last three decades, the composition has changed markedly. Since the early 1970s population of non-British origin grew by at least 7% per annun to as high as 28% per annun. The foreign element of the UK population is disproportionately concentrated in inner-city areas, particularly in the South East of the UK. Growing ethnic population stimulates demand for wider range of ethnic restaurants and ethnic retail food products. According to a recent Mintel report, there are almost 23,000 ethnic food outlets in the UK.
Chinese and Indian meals dominate the ethnic food market but food from other ethnic groups such as Thai and Caribbean are growing rapidly. MLC (1998) reported that ethnic meal accounts for about one third of ready meals sold in the UK. Growth in new cuisines from non-British communities has increased as existing customers have broadened their range of preferences. Most non-British recipes, especially Chinese Thai and Japanese dishes have some element of seafood as a primary ingredient. For instance, Japanese Sushi products are now available in multiple groceries. According to Mintel, the total value of UK retail of ethnic food market was estimated at £665 in 1997 and was forecast to grow by 10% per annun. If Mintel are right and this growth rate is sustained, the ethnic food market will be worth over £1.4 billion in 2005. Growth in this sector will have significant implications for seafood consumption and

marketing and processors and caterers may be able to tap into the latent sense of adventure and search for variety, which appears to be developing the British taste.

Influence of Children on Household Fish Consumption


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