Sophos av linux install Guide

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Sophos AV Linux install Guide

Open terminal in root mode (elevated permissions). Please note instructions below relate to Ubuntu based version of Linux OS

Enter command in terminal to elevate permissions;

Sudo –s (enter root password at prompt)

This will change the DOS like prompt to # to indicate root privileges

  1. Create temp folder on PC to hold Sophos files copied from server;

Mkdir /tmp/sophos/ (this will be deleted following a reboot)

  1. Access the OU share for install files and mount to location on local machine (requires OU network password for authentication)

mount -t cifs //Hudson/SavLinux-Sophos /tmp/sophos/ -o user=Open-University/your_oucu

  1. Copy install file to location on PC (in example below this is copied to /home) and unmount share from PC

cp /tmp/sophos/installation/savinstpkg.tgz /home

umount /tmp/sophos/

  1. Change directory to location of copied files and extract. (files can also be extracted and saved via ‘file system’ structure similar to windows / right click on .tgz file / extract / choose location).

cd /home

tar xvfz savinstpkg.tgz

  1. Run command to install Sophos, please note this has be run from file location of uncompressed files. This will display text in terminal and update progress.


Address for sophos updates (no authentication required). This is preconfigured in sophos install package

Please note, on the Ubuntu distribution there is no Sophos shield on the system tray, an application process is visible in the ‘process manager’ (task manager) and notification on boot of Sophos services starting

To install other package types on Ubuntu based Linux

  1. Download file to known location on file system, open terminal as root (above) and change location.

Sudo dpkg –i ./full_filename

Please see link below for general software install guide on different linux platforms

beginners guide and adobe example install guide

To amend update path;

-log on to your machine with the appropriate privileges

-launch the Sophos configuration script:

$ /opt/sophos-av/bin/savsetup

- choose option [1] for “Auto-updating configuration”

- choose option [3] for “From own server”

- type in the new updates location:

- leave username blank as no credentials are needed to access the server

- type “N” as no proxy is needed to access the server

- quit the configuration script by typing “q”

- manually execute an update:

$ /opt/sophos-av/bin/savupdate

- check the status of the antivirus by launching Sophos’s GUI:

$ firefox http://localhost:8081 &

You should read on the right column: “Update status: success”.

(Note: the GUI port may be configured else than 8081, this can be configured using savsetup)
Download 12.32 Kb.

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