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1 2006 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Docs Daybreaker Doc's Juniper

Pep Of Physician Sue Joyous Song

Dry Oil Peppy Dry Oil

Grinder Sue

Sonny Solano Doc's Solano

Codys Solano Rosia Georgia

Miss Cody Command First Command

Kendall Cody

Charger is a great trail horse, is not spooky, rides quietly on the trail. Spent 45 days this past summer with a team sorting trainer. Loves to work a cow! Out of NCHA Leading Cutting Horse sire Docs Solano & Dry Doc. Several siblings currently competing in MNHSRA. This horse could go any direction!

2 2003 Bay AQHA Mare

Double Tough Doc Doc Bar

Ima Double Tough Too King Cobra

Mighty Ms Pine Mighty Te Go

Pines Dina Lou

Drys Buddy Boy Dry Doc

Sandras Gold Lady Vermajo 23

Lady Gold Bert Whistler George

Lady Nichole

A little mare with a lot of heart! Well trained. Started on slides, spins & cattle. Loves to work cows. A little mare with a lot of heart! Well trained on leg cues as well as voice commands. Started on spins, slides & cows. Loves to work cattle. Been trail ridden all over MN. Loads, trims & stands tied at anything you tie her on. Put her to work & she won't disappoints.

3 6 Yr Tobiano Paint Gelding

Doc was born at our place, out of my palomino paint mare. He is 15 H & well built. Neck reins & is a super trail horse. Was broke out as a 2 Yr, has been on trails & overnight camping trips all over MN, Black Hills & Wyoming since. Doc is not spooky, goes through rivers. All you have to do is point him in a direction & he goes. He is a super horse!

4 2004 Palomino Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding

Squire's Proud Touch H Lad's Country Squire

Squire's Touch Me Not L Danney Joe's Melody

Dusty Sweet Baby L Dolly's Dusty

Little Socks

Brown's War Drum Old Paint

B.T.'s War Party Brown's Morning Star

Executive Compromise Jet's Rainey Aire

Koko's April Showers

Trigger is 15 H, gorgeous Palomino with a thick mane/tail. He is very well broke & fun to ride. He is a great trail horse & not spooky. Super friendly, easy to catch. He has a one handed neck rein. Has the smoothest natural gait you will find.

5 2005 Bay AQHA Mare

Zan Parr Sun Zan Parr Bar

Star Eyed Zan Skip Shot

Star Eyed Brigette Star Eyed Jack

Dulce Pine

Mikes Dun Jets My Name

Little Lucky Chick Hanks Sabrina

Miss Go Lucky Chick Rovin Apache

Go Koko Kat

Here is a real nice, pretty mare. I have had Patsy in the Black Hills of SD for 2 weeks, been to an Indoor Cowboy Mounted Shoot, we dressed her up in a devil costume for the Fair, been all over MN trail riding & to a few fun shows. Stands still to tack up, vet, shoe, bathe & clip. She stalls, cross ties & loads in a small 2 horse trailer. My novice husband rides her & I never have to worry about the two of them. Cattle do not scare her, she rides out alone fine. I could see her being a family type of horse for the trails or maybe for team penning? She is a solid Bay, 14.2 H, has a silly personality & is an easy keeper. She has had the best of care with me & I have enjoyed her very much. Everyone likes Patsy & maybe you will too.

6 1999 Chestnut Grade Gelding

Copper's well broke, good beginners horse. Very nice handle on her.

7 2009 Black Pony Mare

Super pretty black mare. Broke to ride, very quiet, good disposition. Easy to catch & handle.

8 2009 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena

Looks Like Smarty Smart Peppy

Tuaca Tucker Doc Tom Tucker

Freckles Fancy Sue

Doc's Solano Doc Bar

Miss Solano Playboy Susie's Bay

Angies Playboy Freckles Playboy

Red Ant's Angel

RJ is very, very high bred in the cow horse industry. His sire & dam both won money in the cutting pen! RJ is very gentle & has a good move to him & very quick footed! If you're looking for a Team Penner prospect look no further. He loves cows! Gentle, gentle-don't miss this cow horse.

9 2004 Palomino AQHA Gelding

Hancocks Double Lowry Boy 36

Do Double Cody Cross 1 4 Bell

Zee Kitty Baron Baron Zanzabar

ZeeTulsa Kitty

Skippit Silver Skip Comet

Silver Tone Miss Sun Country

Billie Hitone Smutty Bill

Hi Baby

Cody is a beautiful Palomino Gelding. He has been on numerous trail rides. He is quiet & easy to work with. He has great conformation & a gorgeous mane/tail. Extremely pretty.

10 2008 Chestnut AQHA Gelding

Playgun Freckles Playboy

Lethal Playgun Miss Silver Pistol

Smart Letha Smart Little Lena


Gay Bar Lena Doc O'Lena

Gbi Royal Abby Gay Deena Bars

Miss Dry Gypsy Mr Dry Doc

Miss Gypsy Royal

I've used him to rope cows in the pasture & pulled calves to the fire at brandings. I've heeled quite a few steers on him. Real cowy & wants to work. Fun to ride kind of horse.

11 2009 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Kid Clusified Kid Clu

Kid Coolsified Pocket Fulla Pretty

Coolsie Coosa Ima Cool Skip

Splendid Seclusion

Touchdown Kid Kid Clu

Touchdown Tina Lady Review

She Did Me A Faver La Faver Impressev

Maybe She will

2009 AQHA Incentive Fund, 16.1 H Sorrel Gelding. His sire is the hottest sire in the halter horse industry. His dam is a Superior Halter mare & a World Champion producer of the 2011 Selecct World Champion Performance Halter Gelding, Strait Style! Buggar, as we call him qualified for the World Show in 2 weekends as a yearling stud. He is a Grand Champion halter horse & is as quiet & well mannered of a horse that you will find! No vices, broke right, ridden by kids & adults. This is the one you have been looking for. Neg Coggins

12 2005 Buckskin AQHA Mare

Taylor Jess Tivio Jessie Tivio

Smokin Jess Rosa Blaze Taylor

Linda Malbec Docs Malbec

Ms Bartie Chex

Fernch Guy Frenchmasn Guy

YGW French Vanilla Mystics Dakota Gold

Poco Blackburn Poco Stripes Jessie

Sugar Bars Holly

This beautiful Buckskin mare is barrel horse bred., Frenchmans Guy on her papers. She is built the way an athletic horse should be. Square made with a good hip & pretty headed. She is straight in the legs & conformationally correct. She has a lot of talent & the potential to go on to be a top Barrel horse & one to be noticed. She is really wanting to ride & learn. This mare has not got a blemish on her & could go a long way.

13 2007 Sorrel Solid APHA Gelding

Prairie Gold Gold Chunk

MNS Prairie Gold Son Negotiate Sweetie

Proud Conclusion Obvious Conclusion

Proud Robin

Guns Excalibur Young Guns

Guns Nobel Doll Ima Uh Broker

Nobel Dudette Noble Tradition

Blondy's Poco Red

HYPP N/N. Full brother to futurity money earner. Was rode last summer & fall but always needs a tune up every spring. Been trail rode & used to check cows. Always the first one to greet you at the gate. Loves attention. I have no time to ride all my horses. That is the only reason they're for sale. I feel bad because they are just being wasted. Buy them & enjoy- my loss is your gain.

14 2008 Bay AQHA/APHA Mare

HBF First In Command Man In Command

HBF Iron Man Honey Bear BD

Strawberry Lane Rattle Dancer

Liberated Ms

Indian Artifacts Artful Move

Kiss My Tearra Elaine Myrna

Miss Ash Te Tes Impresion

Washitas Skip

15.2 H, double registered mare-AQHA/APHA. Shown Western Pleasure, Horsemanship & Showmanship. Potential for English. Would make a great youth, or amateur horse. Trail ridden. Selling as I am changing disciplines.

15 2011 Red Dun AQHA Gelding

Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena

Mr Snappin Lena Smart Peppy

Miss San Snap Peppy San Badger

Miss Snappy Oak

Arawans Freckles Colonel Freckles

Freckles Lady Bonnie Lady 81 Bars

Bills Miss Ruffles Hollywood Bill

Miss Ruffle Bars

This is one fancy Gelding! He is started, is very responsive & will excel in any discipline. Khan is a big, colorful gelding that loves cows. Neg Coggins

16 10 Yr Palomino Gelding

14.2 H, stout Gelding that has been used for trail riding. Been roped off but mainly used for trail riding. Really pretty, easy going Gelding.

17 2009 Bay AQHA Mare

Invitation Only Barpassers Image

Ovations Only Bears Raisin Kane

PVF Shes The Town Flash Flashy Zipper

She Took The Town

Sir Two Eyed Te Two Eyed

Pretty Eyes Donna Miss Dyna Gain

Silver Jessie Dee How D Roman

Lil Jessie Dee

Is in the Incentive Fund. She is a pretty mare who'se parents were both show horses. Her breeding is the best - Invitation Only & Te Two Eyed. She is well started but hasn't had much work. Always healthy & kept current on farrier & shots.

18 2007 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Skips Assist Skips Assault

Skip With Assist Skipema

Commanche Ann Ima Lads Image

Veto's Maw

Sonnys Legacy Red Sonny Dee

Sonnys Desiree Ragus Bar's Annie

Scar Bo Te Scars Te

Lucky Bar Poco

Stands 16 H, 1,200# I've raised him from a colt. I've used him for doctoring cattle in the pasture. My Mom has used him on several trail rides. Nice, big gelding.

19 2012 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

DashTa Fame First Down Dash

Woodbridge Sudden Fame

Champagne Lane Lanes Leinster

Dashin Sandy

Shawne Bug Lady Bug's Moon

Linds Bug Shawne Win

Perkins Jet Quicny's Jet

Perkin's Princess

This colt is bred for the track or arena. Dam is AA & has produced several barrel horses.

20 2011 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena

Mr Snappin Lena Smart Peppy

Miss San Snap Peppy San Badger

Miss Snappy Oak

Definitly A Dunit Hollywood Dun It

Dunit Lena Zans Diamond Squaw

HL Kenna Lena Shuree Doc

Rita Dividend

Take A look! Lizzy has been saddled a few times. She is one of our most cowy. A nice mare that will be a great ride & she's got the pedigree to make a good broodmare. Neg coggins, health paper.

21 2007 Buckskin AQHA Mare

Sonnys Dusty Buck Shiloh Sonny

Dusty Sonny Buck Harlanders Buckie

Star Bright Jewel Impressive Sunny Leo

Good Friday Charm

Aledos Mister Roper Aledo Bar Glo

Iza Golden Dandy Leo's Britches

Iza Classy Dandy Poco Vernon

Class Bar None

Candy is 6 Yr Buckskin mare. Been rode in the arena and a lot of trail riding. Does good with dogs and other horses on the trail. She's ready to go in any discipline you want or use her as a good broodmare. Nice build, straight & correct. About 14.3 H. Does great on a picket line, rides good with other horses, dogs, had desensitizing, stands for farrier, clipping, bathing. Rode by kids and adults. If you're looking for a riding horse she will get you noticed on the trail or in the show pen with her beautiful buckskin color.

21X 2009 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger

Blue Bayou Boon Royal Blue Boon

Max A Lena Doc O Lena Boy

Jet's Dreamboat

Little Trona Freckles Playboy

Tronas Little Jewel Tgrona

Seni Prescription Doc's Prescription

Sensational Smoke

Boo is a cute cow bred gelding that has had a full year of cutting training. This nice gelding could go many different directions in the cow horse industry. Was used this fall by a friend for the cow horse class at the Univerisity of WI River Falls. Boo is a thick made horse who is a great mover with an exceptional personality. For info call 320-905-3914

22 12 Yr Bay Mare

Finished Barrel/Pole horse that was used for High School Rodeo. Also does all the WSCA Game events. Well broke to ride.

23 2003 Bay AQHA Gelding

Poco Blunder Poco Bueno

Hallies Lil Blunder Lady Beaver 21

Rancher Hallie Rancher's Prince

Pete Lair's Sal

Poco Blunder Poco Bueno

Miss Poco Hallie Lady Beaver 21

Rancher Hallie Rancher's Prince

Pete Lair's Sal

Cody is an old fashion bred gelding with Poco Bueno on his papers. This good gelding came from a western ranch & knows what an occupation under saddle is all about. He is gentle & easy to work with. He is very, very broke. The nice thing about Cody is he has a lifetime of outside ranch knowledge & he also knows how to carry himself in the arena as well. He never missed a lead, he is soft in the bridle & very responsive. This is a horse if a person wants to go to a ranch rodeo he will really get down to business. If you want to go on a trail ride you can tie your reins in a know, throw them around the saddle horn, enjoy the ride & even crack open a beer or two!

24 2000 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Whispers Skip Skips Shaw

Skips Bally Sox Hooky's Whisper

Skips Stony Point Skips Shaw

Scoot's Ribbon

Bugs Alive In 75 Top Moon

Bande Bug Ralph's Lady Bug

Miss Bande Deck Ship Deck

Seminole Dottie

Bugs has done everything from cattle work to trail riding. He has been hauled and roped on at many weekend jackpots. Been trail ridden in the Black Hills & elk hunted in the Big Horn Mountains. He is a favorite for guests to ride, as well as, kids. Has no bad habits and very people friendly.

25 2011 Dun AQHA Mare

CP Sugar Drifter Hancocks Driftin Joe

Ima Dun Drifter Crookedpost Rawhide

Ima Dun Texzan Lady Zanburn Tex

Tackys Blackburn Dun

Go Beckwith Roan Beckwith Dun

Cboh Beckwith Sirwin Go Watch

Sturgis Sir Win Sturgis Honey Oh

Reuben Sir Win

Here's an extremely smart filly ready to start her career. She's cowy, smooth as glass & has the best color on the sale! She will be an asset to any barn & should have a start by sale time. Neg coggins/Health Paper

26 2008 Chestnut AQHA Gelding

Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars

Two Timin Freckles Gay Jay

Freckles O Lena Doc O'Lena

Sugar Freckles

Stans Sandoc Sak Em San

WS Sak Em Bunkie Belinda Forst

WS Docs Golden Doll Docs Goldenrod

Fast Time Pumpkin

Stanly is by a great sire, Two Timin Freckles who has won over $20,000 in the cutting pen! Has a pedigree that is unbeatable for any event. He is a head horse or team penner. Stanly is very quick footed on his turns and has a good move on him. He is a solid using horse that is 14 H & has a heart of a monster & loves cattle. Don't miss him if you want a cow horse.

27 2005 Palomino AQHA Mare

On The Money Red Bennie's Big Red

Bubba Scoots Dolly Priest

Heartbreak Hobby Midnight Hobby

Movin Page

Fritz Colonel Jessie Colonel Leo Fritz

Poco Go Boing Jessa Command

Docs Tivio Bonanza Troy Prescription

Jif Foxy Lady

Looking for a nice Golden Palomino mare-Here is a nice mare-been used in Mounted Shooting & started in Barrels. Also trail ridden. Look at her pedigree-out of a son of On The Money Red and some great cow pedigree on the bottom side. Just 8 years old.

27X 2004 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Peppy San Badger Mr San Peppy

Bobby Bo Badger Sugar Badger

Doc's Bo Peep Doc Bar

Buxom Ella

Aggressive Pep Peppy San Badger

Rancho Pep Wimpy Teninolena

Julip Wimpy Rancho Wimpy

Julips Doll

Badger is a handy gelding that can do just about any job you need done! We have had this nice gelding for a year, he has been hauled to sortings, ranch rodeos, trail rides and most recently he has been used to pull our kids around the farm through the snow on a sled. Badger is a great horse to rope on outside or in an arena; he works a rope great and has been used by many different levels of riders. He is traffic safe, goes through water crossings and has that hard to find one hand neck rein. If you are looking for an honest horse, take a look at Badger. Safe & is the incentive fund.

28 6 Yr Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Embezzler Hollywood Smuggler

I Stole the Stop Lora Sali King

Miss Renae Badger Easters Profit

Renae Badger 11

Watch Sugar Joe Watch Joe Jack

Tinas Sugar Bit Mac Bees Sugar Bar

Casabit Casa War Bond

Bit O Magnolia

Used him all summer checking pastures & fence. Used him to drag calves to the fire at brandings & I've been heeling on him. He is coming around really nice.

29 2000 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

Kings Starfire Big China King

Stars Rollickin Fire Miss Cook 3

Dominos Dusky Dell Domino Band

Blue Lady Dell

Bert Leo Leo San

Shesa Bert Too Trixie Blake

Indian Pole Quarter Pole

Indian Girl

Bert is a nice, big, pretty buckskin gelding that has been ridden in the pasture to check & gather cattle & on many different trail rides. He is very gentle & calm.

30 2011 Bay AQHA Gelding

Playin Stylish Docs Stylish Oak

Peppers Phantom Playboys Mom

Peppys Smartalena Peppy San Badger


Blondy's Grande Blondy's Dude

Miss Grande Buckaroo Judy's Empress

Jessie Poco Zanta Hot Shot Doc

Zantas Fantasy

Don't pass up this fancy gelding! Player has a wonderful disposition. He's kind & wants to please. He has been started & shows lots of try. Reiners take a look, he'll be a good one. Health paper/Neg Coggins.

31 2008 Bay AQHA Gelding

Kay Cee Leaguer Im A Big Leaguer

KC Melody Man Pretty Pine Lee

Beckys Melody Sizzlin Hot

Beckys Charge

How D Roman Tee Jay Roman

Silver Jessie Dee Skipper Jean

Lil Jessie Dee Skip Sure

Lil Dobber

Big, gentle gelding. His mother was a show mare & his sire is well known. He will have a bright future with someone who has time for him. A good mover with no bad habits & a sweet disposition. Kept up to date with farrier & shots. In the Incentive Fund.

32 15 Yr Red Roan Gelding

Super quiet, very gentle gelding that anyone can ride. 16.2 H, been used in the mountains, pasture roped off & used for sorting cattle. If you're looking for a horse that can do about anything-look no more!

33 2009 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Dash For Perks Dash For Cash

My Stud Leroy Perks

Daves Jet Ta Fame Dash Ta Fame

Jet Set Baby

Three Bugs Alive Three Bugs

Miss Three Bugs Alive Miss Lamiotoe

Raise Me Easy Raise The Gamble

Pat Me Easy

60 days on Barrels. Very athletic, runs on top of the ground. Top Futurity prospect.

33X 2007 Red Roan AQHA Mare

Peptoboonsmal Peppy San Badger

One Time Pepto Royal Blue Boon

One Time Soon Smart Little Lena

Uno Princess

CD Olena Doc O'Lena

Never Sing The Blues CD Chick San Badger

Royal Blue Dually Dual Pep

Royal Blue Boon

Sis is sure to be a sale highlight! She is a gorgeous red roan mare who packs a big hip, is clean through her neck and has a baby doll head. Sis has a lot to talk about, she is an own daughter of the great One Time Pepto who is #4 on the NCHA leading sires list for 2012 and has produced multiple futurity champions. She is out of a money earning daughter of CD Olena who is out of an own daughter of Royal Blue Boon. She has had over a year of cutting hrose training with NCHA futurity champion, Lloyd Cox. Sis is in foal to Stylish Rey for an early April baby, she has already produced a roan foal by Wild Haired Cat. Stylish Rey, own son of Dual Rey, is the sire to multiple aged event and furutiy champions; he was also the #4 sire to reining cow horses. If you are looking to update your breeding program or get your st art in the cow horse industry. Sis is the one for you!

34 2004 Palomino AQHA Gelding

Collins Jessie Jessie James

Navajo Jessie Cozy McCue

Clabber Cindy Navak

Tulia Helen

Poco Ojos Grande Poco Bueno

Poco Monet Wimpy's Ojos

Poco Visitante Poco Diego

Senorita Dee

Broke, Broke, Broke. Been there done that kind of gelding. Gentle & pretty to look at. Roped a ton of cattle on him outside. Will pull from the horn. Safe to ride down the trails. Don't miss out on this nice gelding.

35 2011 Bay AQHA Stallion

Genuine Onyx Sonny Vista Bar

Mr Genuine Blue Foggy Evening

McKeags Blue Gal McKeag

Mary's Li'l Gal

Duster Joe Jack Watch Joe Jack

Rubys Miss Jo Bar Bar Star

That’s My Ruby Mister Ruby Bar

Wachter Gal 12

This cute bay colt is quiet, wants to work & is a lot of fun. He shows some cow, but we only have a light start on him. He's ready to go any direction you want to take him. Health paper/Neg Coggins.

36 2007 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Genuine Doc Doc Bar

Genuine Sixpack Gay Bar's Gen

Parr Eighteen Zan Parr Jack

Nero Eighteen

Splat Nic Reminic

KT Colonel Nics Bee Freckles Clabber

Sweet Ace Abby BMQ Excalibur

Oh Sweet Ace

This little mare has been showing in Sorting Ranch competitions. Really broke with a lot of atheltic ability. Fun horse to ride.

37 2011 Black AQHA Mare

Last Detail Jetaway Easy

The Next Detail Lilly La Belle

She's Tuff Fobby Forbes

Forever Loy's

Three Dimension Zip Zippo Pine Three

Sweet Travlin Angel Classic Carrie

Twilgiht Dance Nijinsky's Secret

She's On Top

Emma is a very pretty Black 2 Yr, ready to start under saddle. She has been saddled but not sat on. She clips, trims, loves to be handled. In your pocket kind of horse. She will make a great all around horse for anyone with her great disposition. Her mother, Sweet Travlin Angel is a AQHA Youth Champion & sire, Next Detail won NSBA World Champion Hunter Under Saddle & Congress Reserve Champion Hunter Under Saddle. Current on shots & regular worming. This is a very fancy filly to make your next dream show horse.

38 2007 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Shining Spark Genuine Doc

Jacs Electric Spark Diamonds Sparkle

Miss Hello Hollywood Hollywood Jac 86

Miss Doll Pine

Boggies Flashy Jac Hollywood Jac 86

Boggies Bay Request Boogie's Last

Lea Taco Bar Taco Bar Lee

Fantastic Bar

Ponco is a very nice colt by a grandson of Shining Spark. This nice gelding has had a few months of reining training. He is really nice to ride. He hits both leads everytime & is very soft in the bridle. He is gentle, can stand out all Winter, come in & ride with no hump. He is very well put together & is conformationally correct. He has a good flaxen mane & a cute head with big soft eyes. This young gelding has a lot of ability a whole lifetime ahead of him.

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