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EARLY & BAROQUE, (OI) = Original Instrument Recording

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EARLY & BAROQUE, (OI) = Original Instrument Recording

1211605 BINKLEY, Secular Music circa 1300, Robin et Marion, Libre Vermell & others. With mezzo, counter-tenor, tenor, baritone, boys choir, and various instruments. Early Music Quartet, (OI), r:1966, Alte Werk SAWT 9504, gatefold sl, cond: E, £6.00

 31612 Frans BRUGGEN, Recorder, VIVALDI, Recorder Concerto in C minor, Concentus Musicus Wien, c: Harnoncourt, CORELLI, Variations on L Follia, Bylsma, cello, Leonhardt, harpsichord, HOLBORNE, Dances & Airs a 5, Bruggen Consort, c: Bruggen, LOEILLET, Recorder Sonata in C minor, Harnoncourt, gamba, Leonhardt, harpsichord, VAN EYCK, Variations for recorder, i:1970, Alte Werk 6.41357, Bruggen is a marvel! I treasure every recording of his. cond: E, £6.00

1851612 Safford CAPE, ADAM DE LA HALLE, Le Jeu de Robin & Marion, 13 Rondeaux, and 17 Dances of the 13th & 14th Centuries. Pro Musica Antiqua Brussels, r&i:1953, [M], APM 14018, original cream triple gatefold, cond: V/E, £6.00

 81612 Paul ESSWOOD, Compositions for Countertenor, by JC Bach, Buxtehude, Bernhard, Ziani, Telemann. countertenor, Concentus Musicus Wien, c: Harnoncourt, r&i:1975, Alte Werk 6.41929, a wonderful, magical recording. One I play over & over again. cond: E, £9.00

591602 Esther LAMANDIER: Romances, Chansons & Sephardic Lamentations, voice, harp, viele & organ. r&i:1982, Alienor AL 10, French pressing, cond: E, £8.00

1111410 LEPPARD, HANDEL, Concerti Grossi Op 6, ECO, r&i:1967, Philips SBAL 21, orig plum label, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £12.00

191404 PARROTT, DE MACHAUT, Guillaum, Messe de Notre Dame, Taverner Choir, Taverner Consort & Taverner Players, (OI) r&i:1984, [D], Reflexe ASD 1435761, orig large dog, gatefold sl, cond: E, £7.00

101612 Trevor PINNOCK, A Grand Concert of Musick, STANLEY, Concerto in G major, Op2#3, ARNE, Keyboard Concerto in G minor, BOYCE, Symphony in B flat, GEMINIANI, Concerto Grosso in D minor, HELLENDAAL (1721-99), Concerto in E flat major, Op3#4, The English Concert, r&i:1979, Archiv 2533 423, gatefold sl, cond: E, £6.00

1801612 Anthony ROOLEY, James TYLER, lutes, My Lute Awake!, music by Francis Cutting, John Dowland, Thomas Robinson, Peter Philips, John Danyel, John Johnson. r&i:1974, L'Oiseau Lyre SOL 336, rare, Dutch pr, cond: E, £10.00

661612 Crispian STEELE-PERKINS, The Proud Trumpet, Music by Handel, d'Aquin, Vivaldi, Telemann, Albinoni. Gerald Gifford, organ, r&i:1979, Enigma K 23529, cond: E, £6.00


 141606 Danses Anciennes de Hongrie, Clemencic Consort, r&i:1978, Harmonia Mundi HM 1003, Rare, French pressing, on TAS Super Disc List, sleeve is V/E, gatefold sl, cond: E, £25.00

Collegium Aureum, (OI)

221506 BACH, Brandenburg Concertos, Harmonia Mundi 1C 151-99643/4, German pr, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £10.00

1711504 BACH, The Four Orchestral Suites (Overtures), BWV 1066-1059,BASF/Harmonia Mundi BHM 23-20332, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £8.00

Consort of Musicke, c: Rooley, (OI)

 1701612 DANYEL, John, Songs for Lute, Viol & Voice 1606, r&i:1981, DSLO 568, original Dutch pressing, very rare. cond: E, £15.00

 1631612 DOWLAND, Lachrimae 1604, r&i:1976, DSLO 517, Dutch pr, rare, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £6.00

591410 LAWES, William, Dialogues, Psalmes & Elegies,(OI), r&i:1979, L'Ois Lyre DSLO 574, orig Dutch pr, number written on sleeve, cond: E, £5.00

971409 Sweet Philomel, WARD, John, Madrigals,r&i:1985, [D], hyperion A66256, test pressing, in original A66256 sleeve, cond: E, £7.00

 981311 WARD, John, First Set of English Madrigals, Four Fantasias for Viols, r&i:81, L'Ois Lyre D238D 2, orig Dutch pr, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £5.00

Thurston Dart

1541403 BACH, French Suites, BWV 812/7, played on a clavichord, r:1961, i:1982, Decca SA 5, cond: E, £2.50

1581104 FROBERGER, Clavichord Music, r&i:61, [M], L'Ois Lyre OL 50207, orig gold/yellow label, clavichord by Thomas Goff. Rare. sleeve is E-, cond: E + few light non-sounding marks (near mint), £5.00

41403 Masters of Early English Keyboard Music II, William Byrd & Thomas Tomkins. Thurston Dart, [M], L'Ois Lyre OL 50076, orig yellow label, original issue of this recording. cond: V/E + intermittent ticks in last 2 tracks s.2, £5.00

 1531104 The Royal Brass Music of King James I, Music by Simpson, Harding, Holborne, Leetherland, Guy, Bassano, Farnaby, Johnson, Coperario, Ferrabosco II, Dering, Lupo. Instrumental ens, r&i:59, L'Ois Lyre SOL 60019, orig large label, groove pr (=ED1), sleeve is E-, cond: E, £5.00

Alfred Deller & Deller Consort

2301611 Musica Anglica, BLOW, John, Ode on the Death of Purcell, Marriage Ode, Trio: Cloe found Amintas lying all in tears, Deller Consort, Stour Music Festival Orchestra, ORYX 728, cond: E, £4.00

321612 The Deller Consort: Tavern Songs, witty & lewd songs from 17th & 18th centuries, incl Purcell, Blow, Arne, plus songs from medieval to 19thC incl Henry & Wm Lawes. Deller Consort, r&i:1960, [M], Fontana TFL 6034, cond: E, £5.00

811604 Madrigals & Songs of England, Elizabethan & Jacobean Madrigals, and 20th Century arrangements of English Folk Songs. Deller Consort, Harmonia Mundi HM 20, French pr, cond: E, £5.00

2251507 BUXTEHUDE, Cantatas, Preludes & Fugues, Rene Saorgin, organ, Deller Consort, c: Deller, Harmonia Mundi HM 929, cond: E, £3.50

901604 PURCELL, Te Deum & Jubilate Deo, In Guilty Night, Man that is Born of Woman, Deller Consort, Choir & Orchestra of Stour Music Festival, r:1968, Harmonia Mundi HM 207, French pr, cond: E, £6.00

931604 Homage to Henry PURCELL, Volumes 1 & 2, An anthology comprising the most celebrated songs, sacred airs and concerted pieces for strings and harpsichord. Deller, countertenor, Malcom, Bergmann, harpsichords, Marriner, violin, The Baroque Players, r&i:1965, Vanguard VSL 11032/3, cond: E, 2 LPs, £10.00

871604 Deller Consort, PURCELL, The Masque of Timon of Athens, GESUALDO, Bnedictus, Miserere, Knibbs, Sheppard, Bevan, Elliot, Deller Choir, The King's Musick, r:1972/7, i:1977, Harmonia Mundi HM 498, French pr, gatefold sl, cond: E, £6.00

151611 TALLIS, The Lamentations of Jeremiah, Hymns, Deller Consort, i:1968, Harmonia Mundi HM 208, cond: E, £6.00

881604 PURCELL, Come ye Sons of Art, Rejoice in the Lord Alway, My Beloved Spake, soloists incl. Alfred Deller, Mark Deller, Mary Thomas, Maurice Bevan, Oriana Concert Choir & Orch, i:1975, Vanguard HM 14, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £4.50

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