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ORGAN Also see Karl Richter, Helmut Walcha; and Early organ on page 45 Jeanne Demessieux

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Also see Karl Richter, Helmut Walcha; and Early organ on page 45

Jeanne Demessieux,

951409 BACH, Fantasia & Fugue BWV 537, Toccata & Fugue BWV 565, on the organ of Victoria Hall, Geneva. r&i:1954, [M], LW 5095, 10”, silver/black label, cond: E, £5.00

831507 VIVALDI/BACH, Concerto no 2 in A minor, BWV 593, FRANCK, Trois Chorals, at the organ of the Victoria Hall, Geneva. r&i:1955, [M], LL 1433, silver/red label, Very rare US issue of equally rare LXT 5185. plain sleeve, cond: E, £5.00

Peter Hurford

1931408 BACH, Organ Works Vol 2, r&i:1979, Argo D138D 3, orig label, English pr, cond: E, 3 LPs, £12.560

531408 BACH, Organ Works Vol 7, 18 Chorales BWV 651 to 668, BWV586, 561, 581, 767, 580, 718, 568, 595, 131, 539, The Alban Singers, i:1981, Argo D227D 3, orig Dutch pr, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), Boxed, 3 LPs, £12.50

 521408 BACH,Organ Works vol 8,Orgelbuchlein BWV 599/644 & BWV 748, 742/4, 760/3, 759, 745/6, 545b, 751/2, 620a, 1079#5, 757, 754, 535a, r&i:1982, D228D 4, orig Dutch pr, Organs: Church of our Lady of Sorrows, Toronto, St John's Coll Cambridge. cond: E, Boxed, 4 LPs, £13.00

1211410 BACH, The Eighteen Chorale Preludes, Alban Singers, r&i:1976, Argo ZRG 843/4, English pr, original issue of this recording, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £9.00


941409 The Age of Bach, Andre Pimon, playing Walther, Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Bohm on the organ of Avallon Cathedral. [M], Opus TE 418, 10”, sleeve is V/E, cond: E, £4.00

1221501 The Art of the Organ, volume 1, music by Purcell, Sweelink, Buxtehude, Bach, recorded on 10 famous & historic European organs. E Power Biggs, [M], Philips ABL 3066, orig "rough" plum label, cond: E, £4.00

1311501 Crown Imperial, Simon Preston, at the organ of Westminster Abbey. r&i:1965, ZRG 5448, English pr, cond: E, £3.00

1491611 Eighteenth Century Organ Music from Hexham Abbey, Gerald Gifford, playing Bach, Krebs, Walther, D'Aquin, CPE Bach. r&i:1976, Crescent ARS 109, cond: E + few light non-sounding marks in pressing (near mint), £5.00

1031611 French Organ Music: Peter Hurford, playing Couperin, Daquin, Clerambaut, Lebegue, Alain, on the Organ of St Albans Abbey. Hurford, Alpha AVS 017, sleeve E-, cond: E, £5.00

641506 Great Cathedral Organ Series, Liverpool Cathedral, music by Mozart, Daquin, Purcell/Ley, Karg-Elert, Vierne, Whitlock, Durufle. Noel Rawsthorne, r&i:1964, CSD 1534, orig red/black label, cond: E, £6.00

1171203 Historic Organs of Europe, Vol 1: England, Holland, Spain. Italy, Power Biggs plays 32 master-organs in 8 countries. E. CBS S 77327, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £7.00

1511611 Kees Rosenhart on the Organ of Waalse-of Begijnenkerk, Haarlem, playing 18th Century music by CPE Bach, WF Bach, Marpurg, Dandrieu, Krebs, Kittel, Oley, Pasterwitz, Martini, Lidon, Ruppe. Rosenhart, r&i:1976, 6812 059, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £6.00

391508 Music for Organ & Wind Instruments, music of between 1730 & 1780, on the organ of Stiftskirche of Herzenburg, Austria. Music by Krebs, Tag, Homilius, Kauffmann, Hertel. Haselbock, organ, Gabler, horn, Spindler, trumpet, Hertel, oboe, Riessberger, flute.FSM 53 001, cond: E, £5.00

91509 Organ & Choral Music from Goslar, BACH, BWV 552, BWV 676, Klaus Dieter Kern, on organ of Marktkirche, Goslar. JOSQUIN, PEPPING (born 1901), SCHUTZ. Die Goslarer Kantorei, r&i:1975, 3381, cond: E, £4.00

981203 Organ Concert, Improvisations on works by Pachelbel & Bach, played on the Wilhelm Backhaus Commemoration organ at Stiftskirche, Ossiach. Anton Heiller, Preiser SPR 9824, cond: E, £2.50

451508 The Organ of Tallinn Cathedral, Hugo Lepnurm playing Gabrieli, Martini, Bach, Schumann. [M], Melodiya D 027435, cond: E, £5.00

561204 Organ in Close-Up, Leslie Pearson, at the organ of All Souls, Langham Place, London. Playing Bach, Alain, Vierne, Karl-Egert, Widor, Dudley Buck. r&i:77, PFS 4416, cond: E, £2.50

1361501 Organ Music by Tournemire, Demessieux, Saint-Saens, Nicolas Kynaston, Hereford Cathedral Organ. r&i:72, L'Ois Lyre SOL 326, orig label, Decca pr, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £4.00

851501 Stephen Hicks plays the Allen Custom Organ, BACH, Prelude & Fugue, BWV 532, DUPRE, Variations on a Noel, FRANCK, Chorale in B minor, DURUFLE, Toccata, AOC 1800-1, a demonstration record for the custom built Allen Computer Organ (late 60s/early 70s?), with leaflet giving information about the organ. plain sleeve, as issued, cond: E, £4.50

1011611 Virgil Fox - Organist - at Symphony Hall Boston, MOZART, Fantasy in F minor K 608, FRANCK, Final in B flat Op 21, MENDELSSOHN, Sonata no 1 Op 65, Command Classics CC 11036 SD, cond: E, £6.00

1021611 Virgil Fox plays The John Wanamaker Organ, Philadelphia, Wagner, Vierne, Bach, Mulet, Elgar, Faure. i:1971, Westminster WG 1011, cond: E, £5.00

 111406 BACH, "Vivaldi" Organ Concertos: BWV 592/4, 596, Lionel Rogg, on the Marcussen organ of St Nicholas, Aabenraa, Denmark.r&i:1973, HQS 1293, dog/stamp, cond: E, £4.00

861506 LISZT, B.A.C.H. Prelude & Fugue, "Weinen Klagen", Sebesteyen Pecsi, organ, [M], Qualiton HLP SZK 3511, 10 in, cond: E, £5.00

1371204 MESSIAEN, Transports de joie d'une ame..., Les oiseaux et les sources, Les eaux de la Grace, Dieu parmi nous, Le vent de l'Esprit, L'ange aux parfums, Dessieins eternels, Jeanne-Claude Raynaud, at the organ at the Basilica of St Sernin, Toulouse. r&i:72, STGBY 657, orig silver/plum "loudspeakers" label, Decca pr, cond: E, £4.00

1801611 Brian Runnett plays Reger at Norwich Cathedral, REGER, The Seven Pieces Op 145, r&i:1976, Cathedral Recordings CRMS 857, cond: E, £5.00

661504 SOLER, Six Concertos for Two Organs, Terence Duffy, Noel Rawsthorne, on 2 organs in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Abbey LPB 659, cond: E, £4.00

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