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Jean Champeil

2771208 BACH, Sonatas, Suites for Violin Solo, [M], Vega C 30 S 208, white label with black logo, Luxury book-style gatefold sleeve is E. It has a 65 page bound-in score, 15 page facsimile of manuscript, 6 pages of notes in French. There's a small tear in the edge of 8 pages of the score. Condition: ticks in first 1 minute of s.1. Soft swish sometimes audible in first 20 revs of s.2. Rest is E: a beautifully quiet surface with wonderful sound, £260.00

Kyung Wha Chung

1211611 BEETHOVEN, Violin Concerto, VPO, c: Kondrashin, r&i:1979, [D], SXDL 7508, orig blue label, orig Dutch pr, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £14.00

 271611 ELGAR, Violin Concerto, LPO, c: Solti, r&i:1977, SXL 6842, narrow band, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £20.00

1821612 LALO, Symphonie Espagnole, SAINT-SAENS, Violin Concerto no 1, Montreal SO, c: Dutoit, r&i:1981, [D], Decca/Teldec 6.42677, German pressing of SXDL 7527. original silver label, cond: E, £10.00

2481611 MENDELSSOHN, Violin Concerto,TCHAIKOVSKY, Violin Concerto, Montreal SO, c: Dutoit, r&i:1982, [D], SXDL 7558, orig silver label, orig Dutch pr, cond: E, £13.50

 2421611 PROKOFIEV, Violin Concertos nos 1 & 2, LSO, c: Previn, r&i:1977, SXL 6773, original narrow band, cond: E, £30.00

 2391611 SIBELIUS, Violin Concerto, TCHAIKOVSKY, Violin Concerto, LSO, c: Previn, r&i:1970, SXL 6493, original narrow band, cond: E, £20.00

 2411611 WALTON, Violin Concerto, STRAVINSKY, Violin Concerto, LSO, c: Previn, r:1972, i:1973, SXL 6601, original narrow band, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £18.00

Copenhagen String Quartet

441503 NIELSEN, String Quartet no 1, GADE, Niels W (1817-1890), String Quartet, TV 34187, US pr, Grieg & Nielsen were pupils of Gade cond: E, £5.00

451503 NIELSEN, String Quartet no 4, HOLMBOE, Vagn (1909-1996) , String Quartet no 8, TV 34217, US pr, cond: E, £5.00

Gioconda de Vito

281107 BRAHMS, Concerto, de Vito, Phil O, c: Schwarz, r:54, i:58, [M], Encore ENC 110, orig blue/silver label, scarce early re-issue of ALP 1104 with orig matrices. cond: V/E, £14.00

 221611 BRAHMS, Concerto, Phil O, c: Schwarz, r:1954, [M], MFP 2003, re-issue of ALP 1104 with same matrices. cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £8.00

Jeanne Demessieux, organ

951409 BACH, Fantasia & Fugue BWV 537, Toccata & Fugue BWV 565, on the organ of Victoria Hall, Geneva. r&i:1954, [M], LW 5095, 10”, silver/black label, cond: E, £6.00

831507 VIVALDI/BACH, Concerto no 2 in A minor, BWV 593, FRANCK, Trois Chorals, at the organ of the Victoria Hall, Geneva. r&i:1955, [M], LL 1433, silver/red label, Very rare US issue of equally rare LXT 5185. plain sleeve, cond: E, £5.00

de Peyer, clarinet

1481507 MOZART, Clarinet Concerto, LSO, c: Collins, r:1954, i:1956, [M], LW 5261, 10”, silver/black label, cond: E, £4.00

 481604 MOZART, Clarinet Concerto, LSO, c: Maag, r&i:1962, SWL 8024, 10”, wide band, groove pr, ED1, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £10.00

Richard Dolmetsch

141611 Richard Dolmetsch 1945-1966, on Recorder, Violin, Clavichord & Harpsichord, playing Telemann, Bach, Sammartini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Funccius, Saint-Saens Scarlatti. Joseph Saxby plays a work by Richard himself.. [M], BEV LP 1281/2, an extremely rare record. Richard was the son of Carl & Jeanne Dolmetsch, and this privately produced LP celebrates his short life. cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), £25.00

Jacqueline Du Pre

 2731611 Favourite Cello Concertos, HAYDN, D major Concerto, ELGAR, Concerto, LSO, c: Barbirolli, HAYDN, C major Concerto, ECO, SCHUMANN, Concerto, NPO, DVORAK, Concerto, Chicago SO, c: Barenboim, r:1965/1971, i:1974, SLS 895, orig black/white dog/stamp, box is E-, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £50.00

581612 Music for Viola & Cello, 5 cello pieces, including Bruch Kol Nidrei, with h'chord, organ, harp, piano accompaniment. 6 viola pieces with similar accompaniments. Herbert Downes, viola, i:1963, [M], CLP 1650, original red/black label, the absolutely legendary first recording by Jacqueline du Pre. small rub on bottom flip-over at back of sleeve. Otherwise sleeve is E, cond: E, £150.00

 441412 Solo Instruments of the Orchestra no 3 -The Cello, SCHUMANN, Fantasiestucke Op 73, PARADIS, Sicilienne, Moore, r:1964, i:1064, [M], HMV 7EP 7180, 7” 45rpm EP, red/black label, rare early recording. cond: E, £70.00

 161611 CHOPIN, Sonata in G minor, FRANCK, Sonata in A, Barenboim, r&i:1972, ASD 2851, orig black/white dog/stamp, cond: V/E + ticks for half minute at start s.2. Half price, £37.00

1181612 DELIUS, Concerto, Songs of Farewell, A Song before Sunrise, Royal Choral Soc, RPO, c: Sargent, r&i:1965, [M], ALP 2097, original semi-circle label, original mono issue of ASD 644. sleeve is E-, cond: E, £18.00

 1201612 HAYDN, Cello Concerto in D, MONN, Cello Concerto in G minor, LSO, c: Barbirolli, r&i:1969, ASD 2466, original semi-circle label, small writing on sleeve back, otherwise sleeve is E, cond: E, LP is scarce in such splendid condition, £280.00

Enesco & Lipatti

471205 Inedits: Compositions & Interpretations by Enesco & Lipatti, ENESCO, Adagio & Fugue from Piano Suite no 1, Op 3, Enesco, Sonatas for Violin & Piano nos 2 & 3, Enesco, Lipatti, LIPATTI, Concertino in Classical Style, Lipatti, Chamber O, c: Benda, Sonatina for Left Hand, Lipatti, [M], Disques Deesses DDLX 40/41, French pressing, historic recordings. The only recording I know of Lipatti playing his own music. gatefold sl, cond: E + faint marks in pressing give occasional soft ticks in Enesco Sonata 3, 2 LPs, £13.00

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