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Enrico Mainardi

1001612 DVORAK, Cello Concerto, BPO, c: Lehmann, [M], DGM 18236, large tulips, English pr, orig cream/yellow gatefold, cond: V/E + ticks on first 8 revs, 7 or 8 random ticks near start side 2, £25.00

1071608 DVORAK, Cello Concerto, BPO, c: Lehmann, [E], Heliodor 89 520, sleeve is V/E, cond: E, £15.00

Medici String Quartet

1781410 HAYDN, String Quartets Op 64, r&i:1977, [Q], SLS 5077, dog/stamp, scarce, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £22.50

Eduard Melkus

1611611 TARTINI, Violin Concertos in D Major & G major, NARDINI, Violin Concerto in E flat major, Eduard Melkus, Capella Academica Wien, c: Wenzinger, r&i:1966, Archiv SAPM 198 370, orig blue/grey triple gatefold, played on original instruments. cond: E, £20.00

Melos Ensemble

 611604 BEETHOVEN, Septet In E flat, r&i:1960, L'Oiseau Lyre SOL 60015, orig large label, Decca groove pr = early SXL 2000, rare, cond: E, £15.00

 211611 HUMMEL, Septet in D minor, Quintet in E flat, r&i:1966, SOL 290, orig large label, groove pr = early SXL pressing, scarce, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £8.00

591612 SCHUBERT, Trout Quintet, Adagio & Rondo Concertante, r&i:1967, ASD 2328, original semi-circle label, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), £25.00

Melos Quartet Stuttgart

871601 SCHUBERT, The String Quartets, r&i:1975, DG 2740 123, German pr, cond: E, Boxed, 7 LPs, £25.00


751302 Encores, Corelli, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Paganini, Sarasate, Dvorak, Debussy, Kreisler, Ravel, Bartok, recorded between 1930 & 1945. Marcel Gazelle, piano, Hephzibah Menuhin, piano, Hubert Giesen, piano, i:1976, [M], HLM 7077, cond: E, £2.50

531602 Yehudi Menuhin: His famous early recordings, Concertos by Bach, Mozart, Paganini, Mendelssohn, Bruch; Wieniawski Legende, Chausson Poeme. Conductors: Enescu, Monteux, Landon Ronald. r:1931-1938, i:1976, [M], RLS 718, dog/stamp, cond: E + first LP is V/E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £7.50

401603 BARTOK, Violin Concerto, Phil O, c: Furtwangler, r&i:1954, [M], ALP 1121, orig red/gold label, cond: E, lovely condition LP, £40.00

411603 BARTOK, Violin Concerto, Phil O, c: Furtwangler, r&i:1954, [M], ALP 1121, orig red/gold label, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £30.00

851611 BEETHOVEN, Violin Sonatas Op 12 nos 1 & 3, Kentner, r&i:1953, [M], ALP 1050, orig red/gold label, orig flat pr, rare, my first copy. orig red/cream gatefold sl is V/E, cond: G: small scratch sounds for half a minute. Other smaller marks will tick. No wear, lovely clear sound, £12.50

 1221608 BRAHMS, Violin Concerto, BPO, c: Kempe, r&i:1958, ASD 264, semi-circle label, cond: E, £15.00

41501 BRAHMS, Violin Sonata no 3, BEETHOVEN, Violin Sonata no 10, BARTOK, Violin Sonata no 1, MOZART, 3rd movement K 526, 2nd Movement K 481, Hepzibah Menuhin, piano, recorded in Moscow, November 1962. i:1983, [M], Melodiya M10 44227-30, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £12.00

1861612 BRAHMS, Double Concerto, Menuhin, violin, Tortelier, cello, LPO, c: Berglund, r&i:1985, [D], EMI EG 27 0268 1, original large dog label, quite a late LP issue. cond: E, £7.50

 3061611 BRAHMS, Sextet no 2, SCHUBERT, Trio D 471, Aronowitz, Gendron, Simpson, Masters, Wallfisch, r&i:1965, ASD 643, original semi-circle label, scarce, cond: E, £45.00

101611 FRANCK, Sonata, Kentner, r&i:1956, [M], BLP 1082, 10”, orig red/gold label, Mono only, rare, cond: E, £10.00

371307 GRIEG, Complete Violin Sonatas, Levin, r&i:1959, [M], ALP 1712, orig red/gold label, Mono only, very rare. cond: E, £23.00

1321410 SIBELIUS, Violin Concerto, LPO, c: Boult, PAGANINI, Violin Concerto no 1, LSO, c: Fistoulari, r&i:1956, [M], ALP 1350, orig red/gold label, Mono only, sleeve is E-, cond: V/E, £7.50


 2771611 Milstein Masterpieces for Violin & Orchestra, Concert Arts O, c: Susskind, r&i:1960, SP 8528, orig rainbow label, rare. English pr, small split in top edge of sleeve, otherwise E, cond: E, lovely copy LP, best copy I've ever had, £280.00

 1021608 BACH, Sonatas & Partitas, r&i:1975, 2709 047, orig small tulips label, German pr, box is E-, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), Boxed, 3 LPs, £60.00

691303 GLAZOUNOV, Concerto, RCA Victor O, c: Golschmann, r&i:1950, [M], RCA LM 1064, orig silver/red label, US pr, scarce early LP. cond: V/E, £9.500

1891612 SAINT-SAENS, Violin Concerto no 3, CHAUSSON, Poeme, Phil O, c: Fistoulari, r&i:1963, [M], Columbia (France) FCX 1029, silver/dark blue label, heavy gatefold sleeve with stick-spine inner, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), £15.00

Shlomo Mintz

861611 Violin Sonatas, by Franck, Debussy, Ravel.Yefim Bronfman, r&i:1986, [D], DG 415 683-1, rare late LP issue. German pr, small label on sleeve corner, cond: E, £26.00

Viktoria Mullova

621608 SIBELIUS, Violin Concerto, TCHAIKOVSKY, Violin Concerto, Boston SO, c: Ozawa, r&i:1986, [D], Philips 416 821-1, orig silver label, a scarce late LP issue. cond: E, £70.00

Anne-Sophie Mutter

591608 BRAHMS, Double Concerto, Antonio Meneses, BPO, c: Karajan, r&i:1983, [D], 410 603-1, German pr, cond: E, £6.00

721609 MENDELSSOHN, Violin Concerto, BRUCH, Violin Concerto no 1, BPO, c: Karajan, r&i:1981, [D], DG 2532 016, German pr, cond: E, £7.00

New Italian Quartet (Quartetto Italiano)

311509 HAYDN, String Quartet no 69, BOCCHERINI, String Quartet in D, Op 6 no 1, r&i:1952, [M], London LL 320, orig gold/red label, English Decca pr, in sleeve for English issue LXT 2680, cond: E + few tiny marks in first track of Haydn - probably original to the pressing. They give a few random ticks. Lovely sound, £6.00

3091611 BEETHOVEN, String Quartet no 9 (Rasumovsky no 3), r&i:1953, [M], LXT 2679, gold/orange label, rare, cond: E, very rare in this near mint condition, £25.00

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