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21603 British National Opera Company Volume 1, Norman Allin, Florence Austral, George Baker, Frederick Blamey, Frederick Austin, William Boland, Phyliis Archibald. [M], Sunday Opera BNOC 1, cond: E, £5.00

2111612 Zagreb Opera Voices, and Music by Vatroslav Lisinski, The first LP contains 13 arias by by a wide range of opera composers. A full list of the singers & arias can be found on discogs.com. The second LP has excerpts from Lisinski's 5 act Opera Porin. HNK RTV, r&i:1977, jugoton LPY-V 800/1, a luxury heavy outsize folder with a medallion & ribbons showing through an opening in the front of the folder,and a braided cord round the spine. cond: E + tiny mark in pressing gives about 10 ticks, 2 LPs, £12.00

1121109 MOZART, Soprano Concerto Arias, Kiri Te Kanawa, Edita Gruberova, Teresa Berganza, Elfriede Hobarth, Krisztina Laki. Vienna Chamber Orchestra, c: Gyorgy Fischer, One LP for each of the five singers. r:81, i:82, Decca D251D 5, orig silver label, orig Dutch pr, cond: E, Boxed, 5 LPs, £9.00

2121403 Fifty Years of Great Operatic Singing Vol 3, 1920-1930, Austral,Caruso, Chaliapin, Galli-Curci, Garden, Gigli, Koshetz, Martinelli, Onegin, Pinza, Ponselle, Schipa. [M], CSLP 502, orig white/gold label, cond: V/E, £3.00

931403 Fifty Years of Great Operatic Singing, Vol VI: Supplement, Battistini, Destinn, Caruso, Homer, Melba, Tetrazzini. Galli-Curci,Ruffo, Scotti, Bori, [M], HMV CSLP 516, white/gold label, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £4.00

671207 The Polish Stars of Operatic Singing 1930-1939, Muza XL 0109/12, 32 page booklet with photos and biographies of all the singers. Handsome cloth-covered box. Very rare. cond: E, Boxed, 4 LPs, £19.50

1371612 Elly AMELING, soprano, An Die Musik, SCHUBERT, Songs - Lieder, Dalton Baldwin, piano, r&i:1983, [D], Philips 6514 298, original red/white label, Made in Holland, cond: E, £6.00

2541405 Irina ARKHIPOVA, mezzo, singing Prokofiev, Shchedrin, Tchaikovsky, Moussorgsky, Arensky, with orchestra, c: Khiakin, Melik-Pashaev, Rozhdestvensky, Kondrashin. [M], Melodiya D 015959, rare, cond: E, £9.50

2051405 Cathy BERBERIAN At the Edinburgh Festival, "A la Recherche de la Musique perdue, or from the sublime to the ridiculous". soprano, Canino, piano, r&i:1973, RCA LRL1 5007, cond: E, £5.50

2561204 Erna BERGER, For her 80th Birthday, MOZART, Arias: Idomeneo, Entfuhrung, Figaro, Cosi, Zauberflote, recorded 1947-1959. VERDI, Arias from Traviata, Rigoletto, recorded 1948 & 1932. PUCCINI, Arias from Boheme & Butterfly, recorded 1954, and arais by Rossini, Donizetti, Nicolai, Smetana recorded 1932-1955. i:1980, [M], Dacapo 1C 137 46104/5, gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £4.50

2521405 Judith BLEGEN, soprano, Songs of Strauss & Wolf. Belgen, Martin Katz, piano, r&i:1976, RCA ARL1 1571, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £3.50

2361507 Kim BORG, bass, MUSSORGSKY, Songs & Dances of Death, Prague Radio SO, c: Klima, 7 songs, some with orchestra, some with piano, including Song of the Flea, Holecek, piano, Prague National Theatre O, c: Chalabala, r&i:1962, SUA ST 50390, orig red label, gatefold sl is E-, cond: E, £8.00

161203 Paata BURCHULADZE, bass, MUSSORGSKY, Boris Godunov: Scenes, VERDI, Arias from Boccanegra, Macbeth, Don Carlos, Ernani, English Concert O, c: Downes, r&i:85, [D], Decca 414 335-1, test pressing, in orig sleeve, cond: E, £3.00

2381507 Owen BRANNIGAN, bass, Owen Brannigan's Tyneside, Orchestra, c: Max Harris, r&i:1973, Decca SKL 5153, narrow band, cond: E, £5.00

1121504 Jose CARRERAS,Popular Songs, including Songs by Tosti, Canciones Romanticas, Zarzuela, Granada, , Be my Love. c: Benzi/Ros-Marba/Muller/Stapleton, r:1978/80, Philips 6768 283, white/red label, cond: E, Boxed, 4 LPs, £10.00

461203 Anita CERQUETTI, Operatic Recital, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, c: Gavazenni, r&i:57, [M], LXT 5289, mono only - no SXL. single-sided test pressing, one side only, plain sleeve, cond: E, 3.00

 231108 Feodor CHALIAPIN, The famous Boris Godounov excerpts & previously unpublished recordings 1910-1930. Arias:Verstovsky, Rubinstein, Boito, Rimsky-Korsakov, Gounod, Massenet,& 9 songs. [M], RLS 710, dog/stamp, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), Boxed, 2 LPs, £3.50

811409 Nadine DENIZE, mezzo, WAGNER, The French Melodies, German Lieder, including Wesendonck Lieder, Christine Barbaux, soprano, Gerard Parmentier, piano, r&i:1983, Chant du Monde LDX 78745, cond: E, £5.00

991601 DI STEFANO, LEHAR, Das Land des Lachen - highlights, di Stefano, Koller, Holecek, Goodall, Vienna Volksoper, c: Lambrecht, Electrola SME 74 290, orig white/gold/red label, sleeve says "SHZE 208", made in Austria". But LP says "Made in Germany", cond: V/E + occasionally a few ticks, £5.00

1021612 Ghena DIMITROVA, PUCCINI, Arias, Phil O, c: Guadagno, r&i:1986, EMI EL 27 0387 1, original large dog label, German pr, a late LP issue. gatefold sl, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), £6.00

951506 Gabriele FONTANA, SCHUBERT, Lieder (incl The Shepherd on the Rock), Gyorgy Fischer, piano, Schmidl, clarinet, r&i:1984, [D], Decca 410 259-1, orig silver label, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £6.50

 441611 Rita GORR, mezzo-soprano, arias from Berlioz Les Troyens, Spontini La Vestale. Phil O, c: Collingwood, HMV PES 5256, 7” , 45 rpm Stereo EP. No other issue of these recordings. cond: E, £6.00

181501 Sieglinde GOSSMAN, mezzo, International Folk Songs, Werner Pauli, guitar, r&i:1983, Eterna 8 35 102, cond: E, £4.00

831506 Elisabeth GRUMMER 1, Bach, Haydn, Brahms, Mozart, Weber, Wagner. Various orchestras, conductors: Thomas, Forster, Kempe, Schuchter, Keilberth, Konwitschny. [M], Electrola E 70418, 10”, white/red label, cond: E, £6.50

1161409 Hilde GUEDEN, My Secret Heart, the Music of Ivor Novello & Noel Coward. Chorus & Orchestra, c: Black, r&i:1957, [M], LK 4196, silver/red label, damaged sleeve. Triangle cut off bottom of spine & taped, cond: E, £4.00

2491006 The Lotte LENYA Album, WEILL, Berlin Theater Songs, American Theater Songs, Orchestra, c: Bean/Levine, r&i:70, CBS 66269 (MG 30087), gatefold sl, cond: E, 2 LPs, £4.00

1241407 Frederick HARVEY baritone, Sings Songs you Love, incl Sylvia, Homing, Trees, Bless this House, The Holy City, Handel's Largo, The Lost Chord. Jack Byfield, piano, Fredric Bayco, organ, World Record Club STP 726, cond: E, £6.00

141612 Magda KALMAR, soprano, HANDEL, Two Cantatas: Delirio Amorosa, Nel dolce del'oblio, Chamber Ensemble, Liszt Ferenc CO, c: Sandor, Hungaroton SLPX 11653, cond: E, £5.00

451107 Valentina LEVKO, arias from Glinka, Ruslan & Ludmilla, & Rimsky-Korsakov The Tsar's Bride. [M], Melodiya D 017603, cond: E, £3.00

241412 Lois MARSHALL, British Folk Songs, Weldon Kilburn, piano, r&i:1959, [M], ALP 1671, orig red/gold label, rare, Mono only, sleeve is V/E, cond: E, £7.50

 1111203 Robert MERRILL, Arias, Otello, Ballo, Trovatore, Forza, Pagliacci, Don Carlos, Chenier, NSO, c: Downes, r&i:63, Decca ZAL 6088 (OS 25833), single-sided test pressing, one side only, orig test pressing for one side of SXL 6083. plain sleeve, cond: E, £5.00

4021008 Edda MOSER, Peter SHREIER, Jeanette SCOVOTTI, MOZART, Concert Arias Vol 1, Staatskapelle Dresden, c: Blomstedt, r&i:82, SLS 5265, German pr, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £8.00

21304 Felicity PALMER, soprano, Home Sweet Home, songs from the Victorian Era. John Constable, piano, i:1982, Argo ZK 97, orig Dutch pr, cond: E, £4.00

2011403 Jaro PROHASKA, Lohengrin, Dutchman, Tristan, Meistersinger, Hoffmann, Pique Dame. r:1940-1946, [M], BASF/Harm Mundi 22 22027-3, gatefold sl, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), 2 LPs, £5.00

2031403 Robert RADFORD, bass Arias from Acis & Galatea, Boris Godounov, Faust, Magic Flute, Seraglio,r:1909/1927, i:1974, [M], HMV Treasury HLM 7054, dog/stamp, cond: E, £4.00

1221605 Judith RASKIN, soprano, MAHLER, 10 songs, MENDELSSOHN, 11 songs, Schick, piano, r&i:1966, Columbia (UK) SCX 6132, orig blue/black label, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £12.00

841405 Mark REIZEN, Bass Arias from Russian Operas, from Aleko (Rachmaninov), Russlan & Ludmilla (Glinka), Russalka (Dargomijsky), [M], Parlophone PMA 1056, orig gold/brown label, cond: E, £8.00

531409 Forbes ROBINSON, bass, Ballads, Songs & Snatches, Robin Stapleton, piano, r&i:1976, Argo ZDA 174, orig label, English pr, Forbes Robinson became the principal bass at Covent Garden in 1954. cond: E, £5.00

1061304 Aksel SCHIOTZ, tenor, SCHUBERT, Die Schone Mullerin, Moore, piano, r:1945, [M], Odeon MOAK 1 (KALP 11), silver/brown label, lovely sleeve front. Tape on back along bottom flip-over, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £7.50

331412 Peter SCHREIER, Edith MATHIS, BRAHMS, Volkslieder: German Folk Songs, Engel, piano, Rundfunkchor Leipzig, r&i:1975, DG 2740 124, German pr, cond: E, Boxed, 3 LPs, £7.00

331606 SCHWARZKOPF, FISCHER-DIESKAU, BRAHMS, Deutsches Volkslieder, Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore, piano, r:1966, Electrola 1C 153-00 054/5, orig large dog label, German pr, cond: E, Boxed, 2 LPs, £6.00

511105 Ludmilla SIMONOVA, mezzo, singing Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky & Medtner, with piano accompaniment. Melodiya 33C 10-04997, cond: E, £3.50

1571501 Tamara SINYAVSKAYA, mezzo, Songs by Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov. Bolshoi Theatre ensemble, c: Reyentovich, Melodiya 33CM 03725, cond: E, £5.00

2301405 The Art of Oda SLOBODSKAYA, recordings from 1945-1961. Ivor Newton, piano, LSO, c: Fistoulari, i:1961, [M], LXT 5663, orig silver/orange label, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £7.50

971611 Teresa STICH-RANDALL, MOZART, Coronation Mass K 317, Solemn Vespers K 339, Casoni, Bottazzo, Littasy, Sarre CO, c: Ristenpart, Musidisc 30 RC 722, cond: E, £5.00

 841203 Elena SULIOTIS, DONIZETTI, Anna Bolena: Final Scene, VERDI, Arias from Macbeth, Luisa Miller, Ballo, Rome Opera O, c: de Fabritis, r&i:67, SXL 6306, wide band, groove pr, orig ED2, wonderful! cond: V/E, £4.00 .

631501 Jon VICKERS, Italian Arias, by Ponchielle, Flotow, Verdi, Cilea, Leoncavallo, Giordano, Puccini. Rome Opera Hse O, c: Serafin, r&i:1964, SB 6577, orig red label, black spot, groove pr, cond: E, £8.00

531504 Sarah WALKER, mezzo, BRAHMS, Gipsy Songs & Madchenlieder, DVORAK, Gypsy Songs & 4 Folk Songs, Roger Vignoles, r&i:1980, Meridian E77042, sleeve signed by Sarah Walker "with many thanks and all good wishes", cond: E, £6.50

831409 Bernd WEIKL, baritone, ZUMSTEEG (1760-1802), Ballads: Die Entfuhrung (The Abduction), Des Pfarrers Tochter von Taubenhain (The Pastor's Daughter of Taubenhain), Wolfgang Sawallisch, piano, r&i:1983, [D], Orfeo S 074831 A, cond: E, £4.00

 271604 WINDGASSEN, WAGNER, Siegfried: Forging Scene & Final Duet, Nilsson, Stolze, VPO, c: Solti, r:1963, i:1965, SXL 6142, wide band, groove pr, ED2, plain sleeve, cond: E + pressing bubble gives 6 ticks (near mint), £5.00

621211 Ljuba WELITSCH, TCHAIKOVSKY, Tatiana's Letter Scene (from Eugene Onegin), Phil O, c: Susskind, STRAUSS, Salome: final scene, Metropolitan Opera O, c: Reiner, r&i:1953, [M], 33C 1011, 10”, orig blue/gold label, rare, cond: E + mark in pressing gives 4 ticks near start, £10.00

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