Sssr/rra annual Meeting 2007 preliminary program thursday, November 1

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SSSR/RRA Annual Meeting 2007

Thursday, November 1
8:00-12:00 SSSR Council Meeting
2:00-5:00 RRA Board Meeting
6:00 Joint SSSR/RRA Council and Board Dinner
6:00-9:00pm Registration in Regency Ballroom Foyer
8:00-10:00 Reception with Cash Bar in Regency Ballroom Foyer

Friday, November 2
8:00am-3:00pm Registration in Regency Ballroom Foyer
9:00am-4:00pm Book Exhibit Buccaneer B and C

FRIDAY MORNING, 8:30-10:00

A-1 Religion and Contemporary Society [SSSR]

Garrison I


Elisa Zhai, University of Texas, Austin,

The Public Sphere and the Making of Modern Islam in Egypt’

Jeff Kenney, DePauw University,

Religion in Context: Exploring Religiosity and Well-Being in Contemporary Japan’

Michael K. Roemer. The University of Texas at Austin,

A-2 Issues in Denominational Research Using Prominent National Data Sets: The Case of the Mormons [SSSR/MSSA]

Garrison II

Convener and Discussant

Rick Phillips, University of North Florida,

    Sampling Issues for Small Populations.’

    John P. Hoffman, Brigham Young University,

    Finding Religion in Census Data: Mormons in the Mexican Census.’

    Tim B. Heaton, Brigham Young University,

Combining Surveys to Draw Conclusions on Mormons.’

Cardell Jacobson, Brigham Young University,

A-3 Nationalism and National Identity [SSSR]

Buccaneer A


Nadya Jaworsky, Yale University,

The Changing Dynamics of Religion and National Identity: Greece and Ireland in a Comparative Perspective’

Daphne Halikiopoulou, London School of Economics and Political Science,

Examining the role of national boundaries on religious activism and ‘just’ economic trade’

Amy Reynolds, Princeton University,

Nationalism, Religion, and Secularization’

Jonathan Eastwood, Washington and Lee University,

Nikolas Prevelakis, Harvard University,
Muslims in Europe and Euro-Islam’

James A. Beckford, University of Warwick, UK,

A-4 Religious Education and Development [SSSR]

Ybor Room

David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame,

Intersecting identities: New Teachers in American Catholic, Jewish and Urban Public Schools

Bethamie Horowitz, NYC, NY,

Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Brandeis University,
Walking the Walk: building universality and particularity into religious identities of youth”

Katie Day, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia,

Who’s in Charge of Spiritual Development? Exploring how Teens Negotiate their Religious and Spiritual Identities Outside of their Faith Communities.”

Josh Borkin, Teachers College, Colombia University,

The Impact of Alternative Schooling Strategies on Adolescent Religiosity”

Jeremy E. Uecker, University of Texas at Austin,

A-5 Genetics and Cognitive Science [SSSR]

Garrison III

Ann Taves, University of California, Santa Barbara,

Genetic Influences on Religious Involvement: Correlation with an Adaptive Trait as a Possible Explanation’

Matt Bradshaw, The University of Texas at Austin,

The Behavior Genetics of Religiosity: Reevaluating Model Assumptions’

Jacob Felson, Penn State University,

Death Where is Thy Sting?: Constructing an Independent Measure of Existential Certainty’

Aaron D. McVean, University of Nevada, Reno,

R. David Hayward, University of Nevada, Reno,
Awe - Towards a naturalistic account’

Tom Sjöblom, University of Helsinki,

A-6 Religious Renewal and Traditionalism [SSSR]

Buccanneer D


Jerry Park, Baylor University,

Islam Needs Revival, Not Reform: Traditional Islam and Segmented Assimilation Among Second-Generation Muslim Americans’

Christine Soriea Sheikh, University of Denver,

The Vanishing Veil: Roman Catholic Sisters and the Resurrection of the Holy Habit’

Kara Lemma, University of Southern California,

Is There a Mormon Evangelical Christian Rapprochement?’

O. Kendall White, Jr., Washington and Lee University,

A-7 Spiritual Capital [ASREC]
Esplanade I


Kimon Sargeant, Templeton Foundation,

Spirituality, Socially Referenced Preferences, and the Afterlife
Rowena A. Pecchenino,Michigan State University,
Risk, Religion, and Regional Development
Brian J. Osoba,University of Texas at El Paso,
Spiritual, Human, and Physical Capital: Are They Complementary Factors in Economic Growth?
Charles North, Baylor University,

Carl Gwin, Pepperdine University,

Religion and Economic Development: Evidence from the Early Twentieth Century
Robert Subrick, James Madison University,

A-8 Computational Approaches to the Study of Religious Belief, Behavior, and Institutions [ASREC]
Esplanade II


Chris Bader, Baylor University,

A Model of Emergent Extermism: Necessary Conditions and Countervailing Policy
Michael Makowsky, George Mason University,
From Rational Agents to Church and Sect
Laurence Iannaccone, George Mason University,

Andrew Iannaccone, UCLA,

God from the Machine
William S. Bainbridge, National Science Foundation,

A-9 [Pending] [ASREC]

Esplanade III

A-10 American Congregations 2005 – The FACT2005 National Survey of Congregations [RRA]

Regency V

Organizer and Convener

David Roozen, Director, Hartford Seminary,

American Congregations 2005: An Overview.’
David Roozen, Hartford Seminary,
FACTs on Growth: A New Look at the Dynamics of Growth and Decline.’
C. Kirk Hadaway, Director of Research for the Episcopal Church
Synagogues in the FACT2005 Survey.’
J. Shawn Landres, Director of Research, Synagogue 3000,
Worship, Spiritual Identity, and Growth: Seventh-day Adventists and FACT 2005.’

Roger L. Dudley, Andrews University,

A-11 Disconnected Catholics and Catholic Identity (Catholic Research Forum) [RRA]

Regency VI


Mary Gautier, Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown,


Patricia Wittberg, Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis,

Why Catholics Don't Attend Sunday Mass: An Action Research Approach’

Robert Miller, Archdiocese of Philadelphia,

Catholics Who Have Stopped Going to Mass’

Bob Dixon, Australian, Catholic Bishops Conference,

Sharon Bond, LaTrobe University,

Kath Engebretson, Australian Catholic University,

Richard Rymarz, St Joseph's College, University of Alberta.

Catholic Identity Among Young Adult Catholics’

Dean Hoge, Catholic, University of America,

FRIDAY MORNING, 10:15-11:45

B-1 Psychological Considerations [SSSR]

Garrison I


Andrew Village, University of Wales,

Attachment to God and Self-Conscious Affect’

Harley Baker, California State University Channel Islands,

Corrin Hoglund, California State University Channel Islands,
The Effects of Religiosity on Empathy and Altruism in Jordanian Muslims and U.S. Christians’

Mohamed Hadidi, University of North Florida,

Conceptions of God across Muslim, Jewish and Christian Traditions: An Empirical Approach Using the Five Factor Model of Personality’

Scott Forrest Grover, Fuller Theological Seminary,

Richard Gorsuch, Fuller Theological Seminary

Alvin Dueck, Fuller Theological Seminary

Exploring the Relationship Between Manipulativeness and Christian Identity’

Nena L. Kircher, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology and Missouri State University,

B-2 The Politics and Social Relevance of Latino Religion [SSSR/RRA]

Regency V


Edwin I. Hernandez, University of Notre Dame,


Milagros Peña, University of Florida,

Latino Religion and Involvement in Immigration Protest’ 

Kraig Beyerlein, University of Phoenix,

David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame,

Edwin Hernandez. University of Notre Dame,

The Politics of Latino Charismatics’ 

Norman Ruano, Loyola University,

Edwin I. Hernandez, University of Notre Dame,

Milagros Peña, University of Florida,

The Role of Latino Churches in HIV/AIDS Prevention’ 

Edwin I. Hernandez, University of Notre Dame,

Rebecca Burwell, University of Notre Dame,

Milagros Peña, University of Florida,

Guillermo Grenier, Florida International University,

David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame,

The Social Service Provision of Latino Churches’

Rebecca Burwell, University of Notre Dame,

Edwin Hernandez, University of Notre Dame,

Milagros Peña, University of Florida,

Guillermo Grenier, Florida International University,

David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame,

B-3 Religion and Civic Engagement [SSSR]

Ybor Room


Tim Helton, Drew University,

Teaching Civic Skills: The Role of Religion’

James M. Penning, Calvin College -

Corwin Smidt, Calvin College,
From Sect to Public Engagement: The Evangelical Movement in El Salvador’

Steve Offutt, Boston University,

Do Churches Make Good Neighbors? The Effects of Congregational Context on Civic Participation’

Edward C. Polson, Baylor University,

Religion and Membership in Civic Associations’

Corwin Smidt, Calvin College,

B-4 Family and Youth [SSSR]

Regency VI


Elizabeth Marquardt, Institute for American Values,

Prayers of the People:  Family Metaphor in the Liturgies of the Pro-Life and Faith Based Labor Movements’

Rebekah Peeples Massengill, Princeton University,

There Must be a Son: Religious Influences on Sex Preference for Children in Uzbekistan’

Jennifer Barrett, University of Texas at Austin, 
Familial Religious Involvement, Family Dynamics and Children’s Concentration Difficulties’

Margaret Vaaler, University of Texas at Austin,

Studying the Interrelationship Between Religion and the Family: A Longitudinal View’

1Stacy A. Hammons, Fresno Pacific University,

B-5 Religion and the State [SSSR]

Buccanneer A


Melissa Wilde, University of Pennsylvania,

Prayers of the State: Islamic Sermons and Prayer in Contemporary Turkey’

James Gibbon, Princeton University,

Religious Restriction and Contentious Politics in the Middle East’

Katherine Meyer, The Ohio State University,

Lauren Pinkus, The Ohio State University,
Beheading the Saint, Bearing the Cross: Reconfiguring Nation and Religion in Quebec and Poland’

Geneviève Zubrzycki, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor,

Church and State Government: From Constantine to Charlemagne’

Alex Tokarev, The King’s College,

B-6 Religion and Higher Education [SSSR]

Buccanneer D


John Schmalzbauer, Missouri State University,

Faith and the Sciences?: How University Scientists view the Connection of Religion to their Particular Disciplines’

Elaine Howard Ecklund, University at Buffalo, SUNY,
Gender Climate Among Faculty at an Evangelical College’

Brad Christerson, Biola University,

Thriving on the Margins: The Evangelical Academy’

Glenn Lucke, University of Virginia,

The Effects of Education on American Christianity’

Philip Schwadel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

B-7 Religion, Values, and Economic Development [ASREC]

Esplanade I

Values, Beliefs and Development’

Jeffry Jacob, College of St. Benedict, St. John’s University,

Thomas Osang, Southern Methodist University,

Corruption, Faith, and Economic Growth
John E. Stapleford, Eastern University,
Efficiency Comparison Between Conventional Development Aid and Missionary Work’

Esa Mangeloja, University of Jyvaskyla,

Tomi Ovaska, University of Regina,
International Christian Organizations and the Development of Sub-Saharan Africa--A Critical Study
James A.P. Tiburcio, Universidade de Brasilia,

B-8 Demography, Development, and Gender [ASREC]

Esplanade II
Demographic Change and Religion in Central Asia Following the Transition to a Market Economy
Kathryn H. Anderson, Vanderbilt University,

Linda Carter, Vanderbilt University,

Religion, Attitudes Towards Working Mothers and Wives’ Full-time Employment: Evidence for Germany, Italy, and the UK
Guido Heineck, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,
The Church versus the Spirit: The Impact of Christianity on the Treatment of Women in Africa
Carrie A. Miles, George Mason University,
Human Capital, Religion, and Contraceptive Use in Ghana’

Niels-Hugo Blunch, Washington and Lee University Lexington,

B-9 Mentoring Session / Student Research [ASREC]

Esplanade III
Rational Irrationality as a Habit: A Dynamic Approach Towards Belief Formation
Dalibor Rohac,George Mason University,
Did Religion Have Anything to Do with Success and Failure in Post-Communist Transition?
Leonid Krasnozhon,George Mason University,
A Sacrificial Death?
Jason Wollschleger, University of Washington,
Religion, Altruism, and Social Capital
Nathanael Smith, George Mason University,
From the House of Representatives to the Houses of God: How Churches Thrive Under Special Exemptions in the Law
Krystal Slivinski,George Mason University,
Overcoming Selfishness: Religion and the Alternatives
William McBride, George Mason University,

B-10 Changes from within Catholicism [RRA]

Garrison II

Lay Movements: A New Form of Catholic Religious Life?’

Patricia Wittberg, IUPUI,  

The New Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Detroit and Changing Religious Connections’

Michael J. McCallion, Institute for Research on the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart Major Seminary,
The American Bishops at the Beginning and End of the JP II Era: A descriptive and social network analysis.’

Thomas Gaunt, S.J., Jesuit Conference-USA,

Anthony Jennings, Jesuit Conference-USA,
Ethnic Variation in Predictors of Parish Satisfaction Among Black Catholics Today’

James Cavendish, University of South Florida,

B-11 New Book Panel Discussion --- Author Meets Other Authors [RRA]

Regency VII
Faith in America [Three Volumes] Changes, Challenges, New Directions Praeger 2006 edited by Charles Lippy
Organizer and Convener

Scott Thumma Hartford Institute for Religion Research


Faith in America: How It All Came to Be’

Charles Lippy, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,
Growth and Decline in the Mainline.’

Kirk Hadaway, The Episcopal Church,

Penny Marler, Samford University,
Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism: The Changing Face of Evangelicalism in America.’

David G. Roebuck, Lee University,

The Shifting Role of the Latter-day Saints as the Quintessential American Religion’.

Ethan Yorgason, Brigham Young University Hawaii,

Religion and Politics: The Impact of the Religious Right.’

Julie Ingersoll, University of North Florida,

New and Alternative Religions: Changes, Issues, Trends’.

Sean McCloud, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte,

12:00-1:00 SSSR New Members Lunch (TBD)

C-1 Globalization, Religion and Culture: Theoretical and Institutional Perspectives [SSSR]

Regency V


Peter Beyer, University of Ottawa,

Global Millennialism: A Postmortem on Secularization’

Roland Robertson, University of Aberdeen,

Religion as Contestation and Identity in Global Context’

John H. Simpson, University of Toronto at Mississauga,

Religion, Law, and Human Rights in the Context of Globalization’

James T. Richardson, University of Nevada at Reno,

Global Religious Organizations: The Origins and Growth of RINGOS’

John Boli, Emory University,

David Brewington, Emory University,

C-2 The Processes of Academic Publishing [SSSR]
Regency VI


Rhys H. Williams, University of Cincinnati


Rhys H. Williams, University of Cincinnati, editor, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Joy Charlton, Swarthmore College, book review editor, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Theo Calderara, religion editor, Oxford University Press,

Fred Kniss, Loyola University of Chicago, member of editorial board, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
C-3 Health and Well-Being [SSSR]

Garrisson I


Ralph W. Hood, Jr., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga -

Churches, Mosques, and Stigmatizing AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa’

Mark Regnerus, University of Texas,

Jenny Trinitapoli, Arizona State University,
Religious Contextual Norms, Structural Constraints, and Personal Religiosity for Abortion Decisions’

Amy Adamczyk, Wayne State University,

Religion, Spirituality and Well-Being in Cross-National Perspective’

Marta Elliott, PhD University of Nevada, Reno,

R.David Hayward, M.A. University of Nevada, Reno,
Religious Homogeneity and Life Expectancy Around the World’

Donald J. Ebel, MA, MAG, Duke University -

C-4 Religion and Gender [SSSR]

Regency VII


Georgie Weatherby, Gonzaga University,

Religion, Media, and Masculinity: Social Selves in Search of Meaning’

Stewart M. Hoover, Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder,

Curtis D. Coats, University of Colorado at Boulder,
Why Were They Called? An Exploration of Catholic Nuns Autobiographies’

Susan E. Eichenberger, Seton Hill University,

Shaping Women Identities Through The Interpretation Of The Qur’an: Methodologies Of Interpreting Women Issues’

Norbani binti Ismail, International Islamic University Malaysia,

Gender and Nostalgia:  The Valorization of Medieval Judaism in European Memory’

Janet Jacobs, University of Colorado,

C-5 Spirituality [SSSR]

Buccanneer A


Elizabeth Williamson, Rutgers University,

Spiritual Experience and Private/Public Religiosity’

Ye Jung Kim, Baylor University,

Jerry Park, Baylor University
Creating a Spiritual Experience Through Belly Dance’

Rachel Kraus, Ball State University,

Spiritual Practice and Social Action: The case of drumming communities’

Tanice G. Foltz, Indiana University Northwest,

Sprituality Redescribed, Self-esteem Misrecognized’

Thomas B. Ellis, Appalachian State University,

C-6 Introducing Wave II of the National Congregations Study [SSSR]

Ybor Room

Mark Chaves, Duke University,

Introducing the Second Wave of the National Congregations Study’

Mark Chaves, Duke University,

Congregational Conflict’

Shawna Anderson, University of Arizona,

Mark Chaves, Duke University,

Congregational Leadership’

Catherine Hoegeman, University of Arizona,

Mark Chaves, Duke University,

Congregations and Politics’

Kraig Beyerlein, University of Arizona,

Mark Chaves, Duke University,

C-7 Book Session: “The Marketplace of Christianity” [ASREC]
Esplanade I

“Comments 1”

Gary Richardson, University of California-Irvine,
“Comments 2”
“Comments 3”

C-8 Political Economy [ASREC]

Esplanade II

The Political Manipulation of Religion and its Limits:Modeling How Policy Incentives Change the Priorities of Faith-based Service Organizations

Michael McGinnis, Indiana University,
Assessing the Impact of Religion in Foreign Policy: A Religious Economy Analysis
Carolyn Warner, Arizona State University,
Greedy Sects and the Jealous States: The Political Logic of Religious Regulation’

David Smith, University of Michigan,
Democratic Governance and Organizational Success: The Industrial Organization of Religious Firms
William R. Clark, University of Michigan,

C-9 Economics of Religion #1 [ASREC]

Esplanade III
Egalitarianism and Economics: American Jewish Families’
Carmel Chiswick, University of Illinois at Chicago,
Eli Berman,University of California, San Diego,
Overcoming Distinction: Religion and the Global Spread of Mass Printing
Robert Woodberry,University of Texas- Austin,

C-10 So Much for Inclusiveness: The Current Schismatic Impulse in Oldline Protestantism [RRA]

Garrison II

Organizer and Convener

David Roozen, Director, Hartford Seminary,


William H. Swatos, Jr., Executive Officer, Religious Research Association,

C. Jeff Woods, Associate General Secretary for Regional Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA ,
Keith Wulff, Coordinator of Research Services, The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),

C-11 Race and Ethnicity Issues [RRA]

Garrison III
Patterns of Dominance and Dependence in a Multiracial Congregation’

Mary Hickert Herring, Ph.D. Candidate, Temple University,
What is the Value of the Black College Fund?’

Michelle Fugate, Director of Research and Data Management, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church,

Ethnologies of Scriptural Readings in U.S. Communities of Color:  A Latino Pentecostal Exemplum’

  Efrain Agosto, Hartford Seminary,

D-1 Immigration and Civic Involvement [SSSR]

Ybor Room


Margarita Mooney, University of North Carolina,

Social, Ethnic, and Religious Aspects in the Participation of Immigrant Churches in the Netherlands’

Danielle Koning, VU University Amsterdam,

Participation of Christian Immigrant Congregations in Society’

Dr. Marten van der Meulen, VU University Amsterdam,

City Level Spiritual Capital? Lessons from the Immigrant Experience in Three Small Cities’

Wendy Cadge, Brandeis University,

B. Nadya Jaworsky, Yale University,

Quynh-Tram H. Nguyen, University of Washington,

Religious Organization and Immigrant Governance’

Dr. Tuomas Martikainen, Abo Akademi University,

D-2 Cognitive Science of Religion: The Naturalistic Basis of Religion and Religious Experience [NAASR/SSSR]

Garrison I


Robert N. McCauley, Emory University,

Luther H. Martin, The University of Vermont,

Robert N. McCauley

The Naturalistic Foundations of Reincarnation Beliefs’

Claire Cooper, Queen’s University Belfast,

Religious Experience and the Brain’

Ann Taves, University of California, Santa Barbara,

Numerical Rituals: Metrics for Modeling Sensory Pageantry and Arousal”

Don Braxton, Juniata College,

Minimal Counterintuitiveness in Religious Concepts: Revisited, Revised, and Vindicated?’

Justin Barrett, Oxford University,

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