St Jago High School Teachers’ Handbook

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3. The First Day of School
On Registration/Orientation Day the form teacher is to ensure that students attend devotion. After devotion students and parents will gather in the form room. A register of students in attendance is to betaken. The Form teacher is to briefly address the students and parents. In this address the form teacher is to outline his her expectations and the expectations. Also, during this meeting, the form teacher is to distribute information sheets to parents and instruct parents and students to fill them out correctly. The information sheets are to be collected from parents and kept by form teachers in a safe place until otherwise instructed. School Vouchers are also to be collected.
4. School Vouchers
A record must be kept of parent contributions to the School Resource and Development Charge. Vouchers for the School Resource and Development Charge and PTA fees should be collected on
Registration/Orientation day. At the end of the day these vouchers should be turned over to the bursary. Students who come in with late vouchers should be sent to the bursary to turn in their vouchers. Teachers MUST NOT keep vouchers or take late vouchers which might be misplaced.
5. Reporting Problem Students
The form teacher is to report to the Block Supervisor any problem with a student which he/she cannot deal with. These may include students being frequently absent from school students with poor academic performance students who are reported by subject teachers for frequently being absent or late for class this should also be reported to the Dean of Discipline)

32 St Jago High School Handbook students not wearing the correct uniform (this should also be reported to the Dean of Discipline) persistent disruptive behaviour (this should also be reported to the Dean of Discipline)
6. Class Responsibilities
Form teachers should Ensure after registration every morning that students lineup in an orderly fashion and make their way to devotion. Ensure that students stand quietly as a form during devotions. Reprimand or punish students who disrupt devotions in anyway. Remain with their form class for the duration of devotion. Coordinate the organization of meaningful class devotions Ensure the elections of all class representatives at the beginning of the school year these include- form monitors, student councillors, environmental wardens, and any other student officer the form teacher may see fit to appoint. Plan organize interesting activities which will encourage camaraderie in the class and encourage the personal development of students.

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