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8 St Jago High School Handbook

Over 270 Years of Achievement
St. Jago High School has a longer and richer history than most high schools in Jamaica. In 1739, Peter Beckford, Lieutenant Governor, a rich planter and an Anglican who had a desire to help his fellow-
Following his example, other people made co de-la-
Honourable Francis Smith, Custos of St. Catherine and an Anglican, bequeathed three thousand pounds to estab
In 1846 these two fairly small schools were amalgamated to form a powerful new one. It was called
Jago High School. In 1925 the school was moved to the premises in Spanish Town Square now referred to as the Old Assembly Building. In 1897, the Angli for Boys and, moving because they occupied different sites, finally came together when the parcel of land, on Monk Street was purchased and the school built. Under the watchful eyes of Board Chairman, Mr. AS. Campbell, and Principal, Mr. OR. Bell, the school continued its tradition of being the leaders in many fields of endeavour.

9 St Jago High School Handbook By 1991, the headship now in the supremely capable of Mr. Victor Edwards, research conducted by Professor Miller of the U.W.I. led him to state openly that St. Jago was the number one school in all of Jamaica. In 1992 St. Jago High School got its third Principal, Mr. Keith Noel. The aim was not only to establish undeniably the fact that St. Jago High is the best in Jamaica, but to move to make her the best in the Caribbean. January 2009 was an important milestone in the history of St. Jago High School. The first female and the first past student, Mrs. Sandra Swyer Watson, was appointed the fourth Principal of St. Jago High School. In January 2016, Mrs. Collette Feurtado Pryce was appointed the fifth principal of St. Jago High School. In addition to this, the two Vice Principals, Ms. Ardene Jones and Mrs. Antoinette Wright
Dallen, are also Past Students.
Through highly qualified, motivated and committed staff, St. Jago aims to provide educational opportunities that will develop fully rounded students within a Christian framework with integrity, the desire to serve others, to achieve excellence, to be responsible, productive, patriotic, socially conscious citizens with the ability to be magnanimous in victory and resilient in defeat.

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