St Jago High School Teachers’ Handbook

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Vision Statement
In 2021, St. Jago High School is well known for its vibrant school spirit, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment and robust stakeholder involvement enabling it to be ranked among the top 5 schools in Jamaica in academics, sports, the arts and in student conduct and decorum.

10 St Jago High School Handbook
Mission Statement
The Mission of St. Jago High School is to provide educational opportunities that will develop fully rounded students. Our Goal To be (always) Number One Our Objective To develop in students the desire to serve, to win, and their ability to be creative and firm yet humble and respectful when in power, obedient yet ambitious when in service. With God's help we can achieve
Core Values
School Motto
Our motto is LABOR OM
If, with prayerful effort, all students use this guideline, the time spent at St. Jago High School should be highly successful.

11 St Jago High School Handbook
School Crest
The Crest is a shield in Emerald Green surmounting an up-arching banner. The banner is of gold and bears the original Latin motto of the school in black uppercase letters. The banner shall be neither cut nor clipped. The edges shall be straight. It shall be folded under once at each end. The lion on the Crest is representative of the Anglican (Church of England) tradition of the school. The three birds are martlets and are taken from the Coat of Arms of the family of Peter Beckford, the original founder of the school. The lion signifies strength, courage, leadership and royalty. The birds signify the value of hard work, not depending on what has been handed down to you, but building your own legacy and worth. The green signifies hope and fruitfulness, while the gold signifies high morals and values as well as intellectual capacity.

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