St Jago High School Teachers’ Handbook

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The School Colours
Our school colours are green and gold. The colours permitted for school uniforms and to be worn with uniforms are detailed in the dress and deportment section of this document.

12 St Jago High School Handbook
The School Song
Born in the shade of Ancient Santiago Old Mother Church our School still lives and toils Proudly to serve and serving to enlighten Darkness that hinders, ignorance that spoils. Stand we today where others stood before us Faithful, united, burning with aflame Fire that will purge the evil things around Fire that will cleanse our Island Home from blame Healthy in mind and vigorous in body Now do we seek the welfare of our land Build homes that maybe worthy of the Master Facing the task before us hand in hand. To those who follow, those who went before us To those who gave that we might work and play Pledge we ourselves to follow in their footsteps

13 St Jago High School Handbook
The St. Jago High School Standard
A Student of St. Jago High School is
God fearing, polite, ambitious, talented creative, willing to learn, honest, respectful, responsible, resilient, hopeful, humble, obedient, willing to stand for what is right, not easily misled, helpful especially to those less fortunate.
A Graduate of St. Jago High School is
Strong, tenacious, judicious, ambitious, and optimistic in his or her approach to life experiences. Socially balanced, resilient, motivated, and exhibits the ability to excel. Creative and firm yet humble, respectful when in positions of authority, and obedient yet ambitious in service. A positive example to others A capable leader who motivates others Respectful of others Spiritually grounded
A Parent of St. Jago High School student
Is loyal, responsible and committed Understands and appreciates the culture of St Jago High School and is willing to work with the school for the betterment of their child. Accepts and supports the School's Administration, with the knowledge that a
difference in opinion can be resolved using appropriate channels within the school.

14 St Jago High School Handbook Respectful (to) (of) ALL members of staff Gives his/her child moral and financial support to aid in his her child's development. Works with the school for the betterment of their child and the school.

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