St Jago High School Teachers’ Handbook

Affirmation of the Presence and Influence of the Anglican Church

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Affirmation of the Presence and Influence of the Anglican Church
St. Jago High School is an Anglican Trust School. As such the school holds fast to the basic tenets of the Christian Faith. This is affirmed by the daily devotional life of the school. Although the school is Anglican we have chosen to adopt a pluralistic approach to worship. Students are encouraged to respect the religious beliefs of their peers and they are also encouraged to respect the religious beliefs which guide our institution. Students are required to attend Morning Prayer, which is a daily activity. Morning Prayer is usually led by the Chaplain or an assigned group. Themes for the week are assigned, and reflect lessons about God and life, which it is hoped, will inspire and enrich our lives. mind after a session dedicated to the communal worship of God. We also believe that we should do all in our power to help our students realize the importance of daily prayer and meditation on the word of God. Teachers are encouraged to say a short prayer at the end of each class. At midday the school engages in a short prayer. Teachers and students are to stop whatever they are doing to participate in this short prayer session.

17 St Jago High School Handbook
The Role of the Church
The Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in the Province of the West Indies (The Anglican Communion) is given an annual report on the activities within the school - academic, sports culture, spirituality, etc. This report is presented at the annual Synod of the church. All school functions begin with prayer and we invite priests (mainly, but not solely Anglicans) to lead all of these functions.
The Prayer of Dedication
In saying this prayer we remember that our school is dedicated to God and that we in turn should dedicate our life and our time to God.
Almighty God, we thank you for the gift of your Holy Word. May it be a lantern to our feet, alight to our paths, and strength to our lives. Take us and use us to love and serve all persons in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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