St Jago High School Teachers’ Handbook

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Vice Principals
Vice Principals perform duties in the administration and supervision of the school as assigned by the Principal. These duties may include teaching when required. During short absences of the Principal, a Vice Principal will be put in charge of the institution and will be required to carryout the responsibilities and perform the duties of the Principal. While the Vice Principal is required to assume the full responsibility of the office and to perform all the duties normally carried out by the Principal, he or she must not seek to undermine the authority of the Principal at anytime. Vice Principals are the chief assistants to the Principal and carryout specific management roles in addition to teaching duties. Duties include Direct supervision of heads of department and year/grade supervisors Student development, through the provision of a well-structured curriculum, including academic and co-curricular activities, stimulating teaching methodologies and the use of modern technology Student population entry, supervision, academic and social development promotions, suspensions, expulsions

21 St Jago High School Handbook Constant review of best practices in educational institutions locally and internationally and promoting their adoption by the school where relevant Curriculum development and upgrading, including the use of modern technology, where possible Monitoring of teacher punctuality and absenteeism Making adequate provision for teacher substitution Monitoring teaching methodologies and classroom management Early identification and monitoring of students who are not performing up to required levels, both academically and socially Early prescription of remedial sessions for students who are not performing to required levels Ensuring that parents are notified on a timely basis of student underperformance and regular absence from classes Holding of regular scheduled meetings with Department Heads and Block Supervisors to review action plans, teacher reports relating to student performance in all areas, classroom management and teaching methodologies Preparation of a master timetable and the proper allocation of teaching resources Keeping abreast of new technologies being utilized in schools and making recommendations to the Principal regarding their acquisition Organization of special events and school functions

22 St Jago High School Handbook Provision of professional guidance to the teachers Performance evaluation of teachers Meeting with teachers, parents or students to discuss problems Working closely with the Principal and Dean of Discipline in the management of discipline in the school Working closely with the Department of Guidance & Counselling concerning student welfare Commenting on reports, Timetabling and Deployment of subject teachers Carrying out other duties assigned by the Principal.

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