St Jago High School Teachers’ Handbook

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Dean of Discipline
The Dean of Discipline is responsible for the conduct and deportment of students to ensure that a high standard of discipline is maintained at all times. These duties include Ensuring that the school campus and general school environment are safe and secure at all times code of conduct and school rules generally Management of students with disciplinary issues in a manner befitting a school. Approving merits and demerits and, in conjunction with the Principal, Investigating and deciding on matters warranting suspension or expulsion. Submission of names of students of concern for the mentorship Facilitating the selection of Head Students, Prefects and Sub-Prefects

23 St Jago High School Handbook Assisting with the deployment and monitoring of the Prefects and Sub-Prefects. Convene the Disciplinary Committee and chair meetings of the Committee Monitoring, training and assignment/deployment of all security personnel assigned to the school and in the case of external contractors, ensuring that security personnel receive special training required by the school Organizing Promotions Meetings Creating intervention strategies or referring students for external intervention where necessary Carrying out other duties assigned by the Principal
Grade Supervisors
Each grade has two coordinators who are senior teachers, appointed by the Principal and the senior management team to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of classes under their supervision. The responsibilities of Grade Supervisors include Supervising and assisting form teachers in their work with students Holding regular scheduled meetings with form teachers to receive feedback on student performance and teaching issues, and sharing information generally Monitoring form teachers attendance and punctuality at school and to their form classes Ensuring that form teachers are utilizing form time in a constructive manner

24 St Jago High School Handbook Ensuring that form teachers are marking the student register as required by the school, both mornings and afternoons Carrying out ongoing performance appraisals of form teachers assigned to the relevant grade level Ensuring that form teachers are completing required reports in a timely manner Supervising the keeping of records and preparation of reports which involves a) Ensuring that names of students, dates of birth and addresses of parents or guardians are entered in the class re system b) c) Ensuring that reports are accurately prepared d) Submitting the relevant reports to the Principal/Vice-Principal Dealing with problems and discipline Liaising with administration and parents on matters pertaining to students in the particular grade level Organizing and planning programmes for personal and social development of the grades assigned Ensuring that classrooms and equipment are properly maintained Assisting the Vice Principal, in cooperation with others, in the general organisation and management of the school

25 St Jago High School Handbook Maintaining a cordial relationship between parents and form/subject teachers this includes organizing meetings (at least once per semester) at which problems relating to the grade level are discussed and solutions suggested Carrying out other Supervisory duties as maybe required by the school Other duties assigned by the Principal or Vice Principal

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