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1 In alternate reality, Hank Landry is still commander of Stargate Command; Samantha Carter is second-in-command and married with Jack O’Neil (who is retired)

2 Alternate Carl Marrow was died 6 months earlier in a Lucian Alliance attack to SG-1 in currently unknown planet with currently unknown reasons

3 Carolyn Lam is not SGC Chief Medical Officer instead of Janet Frasier who is still alive. It is mentioned that Carolyn Lam is engaged with Cameron Mitchell

4 Alternate SG-1 team leader is Cameron Mitchell and Jennifer Hailey is SG-2 team member with Satterfield and Crogan (who is not GSF team member)

5 In alternate reality, Jack O’Neil retired in 2011 and he is married with Samantha Carter

6 Keller quit’s contract with SGC and became a civilian medical, becuause she want to create a family with McKay

7 Zelenka is transfered to Pegasus base and become a Chief Scientist

8 McKay’s original contract with SGC ended in 2009 but he decided to extended to 2012 when Keller quits. McKay goes to private sector but he is still a adviser (or „helper“) to Homeworld Command

9 Amelia Banks is also engaged with Ronon Dex (possible weddings)

10 Cadman works with Homeworld Command and she is engaged with Carson Beckett’s clone

11 Henry Hayes is not president instead a secretary of defense. Barack Obama (appeared himself) is president and he is in Stargate Command when this incident („original“ Carl Marrow goes to „alternate“ reality)

12 In this alternate reality there is no meetings with Andromeda Galaxy (and Galactic Republic from Star Wars)

13 Carmen Milos is wife of Ricardo Milos (before events in „The Last War“ she thinks Ricardo is dead)

14 Possible actress is Vanessa Hudgens (or any half-black pretty female actress in 20-25 – my choose was Vanessa Hudgens at the time)

15 In alternate reality, there is mentioned that Teal’c is dead (same event why alternate Carl Marrow is dead)

16 Their last appearance (at 1st season) because Bra’tac’s death (Lucian Alliance attack – connection why alternate Teal’c and alternate Carl Marrow are dead, but in this original reality Bra’tac dies instead of them) and Siler’s retirement.

17 in alternate reality, Cassandra Frasier works with IOA in Milky Way Alpha site

18 This includes Laira’s and O’Neil’s son and Garan and Naytha are married

19 Finally their first appearance after several mentionings in „Stargate SG-1“. They are look like Ewoks and Wookies in „Star Wars“

20 FBI’s reason of appearance is currently unknown but there is appearance

21 CIA’s reason of appearance is currently unknown but there is appearance

22 NSA’s reason of appearance is currently unknown but there is appearance

23 NCIS makes their appearance(s) when they investigates a marine’s death casued by new hostile alien encounter in Earth (or it is possibly that Lucian Alliance agent inflitrates to USMC and murder’s a marine)

NCIS characters are Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Ziva David (Cote de Ablo), Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perette), Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Ducky Mallard (David McCallum) and possible appearances Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen)

I Ricardo Milos was born at August 31 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is peruvian, who moved with his family in Estonia in 1994. He and Carmen Milos was married in August 1st (also known as the birthday of Baltic Media Network – the Global company what belongs to Ricardo’s parents) 2008. He presumed dead in January 5th 2011 when his sauna explodes (when he fighting his nemesis). He and his nemesis both were left to live but Ricardo lost his memory. Ricardo’s nemesis hated that Ricardo survived but he’s used tha Ricardo has lost memory and nemesis must changing he’s planes and send him to Risti where car waiting to take him to Pärnu. The contact is Natalia Milos (possible portrayer is mexican actress Patricia Navidad). In summer 2020, Ricardo learned that Natalia was lied to him around 9 years. In autumn 2015 Ricardo joined Estonian Air Force. I could tell you more, if you wish. Ricardo later promoted to colonel after the events of „Homecoming“

II Ricardo Milos’s family members


Possible actor


Daniela Milos

Daniela Spanic

Ricardo’s mother, president of Baltic Media Network

José Milos I

Possibly mexican or perunvian actor (who not acted in „Pobre Diabla“ peruvian version)

Ricardo’s father

Ricardo Milos

José Milos II

Ricardo’s twin brother, live in Chicago

Alicia Milos

Possibly estonian who speaks spanish fluently

Ricardo’s sister (born in 1995)

Casper Milos

Ricardo’s little brother (born in 2008)

Jennifer Brooks

African american female actor

Ricardo’s mother-in-law

David Brooks I

White american actor, irish heritage

Ricardo’s father-in-law

David Brooks II

Possibly Max Theriot

Ricardo’s brother-in-law, Carmen’s twin brother

Carmen Brooks

Possibly Vanessa Hudgens

Ricardo’s wife

Peeter Milos

Ricardo’s and Carmen’s son, twin brother of Norman

Norman Milos

Ricardo’s and Carmen’s son, twin brother of Peeter

Jaak Bauer

Possibly Martin Veinmann

Estonian Air Force commander and Jose Milos II father-in-law

Juuli Bauer

José Milos II mother-in-law

August Bauer

José Milos II brother-in-law (later in relationship with Natalia Milos, portrayed by Patricia Navidad)

Kimberlee Bauer

Possibly Getter Jaani

Wife of José Milos II

Lt. Priit Aaviksoo

Husband of Alicia Milos. He is in Estonian Navy

Katrin Lilleväli

Possibly Laura Põldvere

Wife of David Brooks II

Ricardo Milos’s family related


Possible actor


Hilary Duff


Carmen’s neigbour, wife of Rain Stevenson

Rain Stevenson

Husband of Hilary Duff

Haylie Stevenson

Hilary’s and Rain’s daughter, twin sister of Susan and love interest of Norman

Susan Stevenson

Hilary’s and Rain’s daughter, twin sister of Haylie and love interest of Peeter

Haylie Duff


Possible appearance in „The Last War“ and „Homecoming“. Elder sister of Hilary Duff

Elizabeth Aus

Casper’s love interest

III Hannes Martinson’s detailed family members are currently unknown

BONUS - Special Feature of AIS (Administration of International Superheroes)

Formatted: January 1st 2011, when UN created resolution joined SHIELD, The Justice League, National Supers Agency and other smaller superhero organisations around the world.

List of Superhero groups who possibly made their appearance in „The Last War“

Animated characters made all their possible appearances as live-action (not CGI but real characters)

Superhero group




Gotham Knights

Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Val Kilmer

Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

Halle Berry

Dr. Chase Meridian-Wayne

Nicole Kidman

Wife of Bruce Wayne

Dick Grayson/ Robin

Chris O’Donnel

Dr. Victor Friese/ Mr. Freeze

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ally of Batman

Barbara Wilson/ Batgirl

Alicia Silverstone

Love interest of Dick Grayson

Bruce Wayne, jr./ Batboy

Son of Bruce Wayne and Chase Meridian

Currently unknwon

Superman Group

Clark Kent/ Superman

Brandon Routh or Tom Welling

Kara Zor-El/ Supergirl

Laura Vandervoort

Currently unknown

Fantastic Team (Fantastic Four)

Dr. Reed Richard/ Mr. Fantastic

Ioan Gruffud

Susan Storm-Richards/ Invisible Woman

Jessica Alba

Ben Grimm/ The Thing

Michael Chiklis

Johnny Storm/ The Torch

Chris Evans

Jennifer Walters/ She-Hulk

Love interest of Johnny Storm

HERBIE (voice)

Samuel Vincent

Los Angeles Guardians (LAG)

John Henry Irons/ Steel

Shaquille O’Neal

Martin Irons/ Steel Boy

Ray J


Logan/ Wolverine

Hugh Jackman

Ororo Munroe/ Storm

Halle Berry

Bobby Drake/ Iceman

Shawn Ashmore

Kitty Pryde/ Shadowcat

Ellen Page

Peter Rasputin/ Colossus

Daniel Cudmore

Warren Worthington III/ Angel

Ben Foster

New York Cleaners (NYC)

Peter Parker/ Spider-Man

Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield

Jenny Johnson/ G-Girl

Uma Thurman

Hannah Lewis/ Red Head (?)

Anna Faris

Matt Murdock/ Daredevil

Ben Affleck

Elektra Natchios/ Elektra

Jennifer Garner

John Hancock/ Hancock

Will Smith

Avengers (The Avengers (movie))

Tony Stark/ Iron Man

Robert Downey, jr.

James Rhodes/ War Machine

Don Cheadle

Bruce Banner/ The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo

Steve Rogers/ Captain America

Chris Evans (?)

Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

Chris Hensworth

JARVIS (voice)

Paul Bettany

Maxville Heroes (Sky High)

Will Stronghold/ ??

Michael Angarano

Layla Williams/ Mother Nature (?)

Danielle Panabaker

Warren Peace/ Torch

Steven Strait

Ethan/ Popsicle

Dee Jay Daniels

Magenta/ Maj

Kelly Vitz

Zack Braun/ Zack Attack

Nicholas Braun

??/ Freeze Girl

Love interest of Warren Peace

The Incredibles

Bob Parr/ Mr. Incredible

Helen Parr/ Elastigirl

Violet Parr/ Vi

Dash Parr/ Dash

Jack-Jack Parr

Lucius Best/ Frozone

Possibly Samuel L. Jackson

New Avengers (from Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow)

James Rogers




Francis Barton

-Group Unkown-

Wonder Woman



Superhero related characters who may also made their appearance (in battle command center in „The Last War“)


Possible actor


Susan Sparks-Irons

Annabeth Gish

Ben Urich

Joe Pantoliano

Independent columnist

Mary Jane Watson

Actress must be similiar with that

Alicia Masters

Kerry Washington

Steve Stronghold/ The Commander

Kurt Russell

As Back-Up

Josie Stronghold/ Jetstream

Kelly Preston

As Back-Up

Tommy Boomowsky/ Sonic Boom

Bruce Campbell

As Back-Up

Hank McCoy/ Beast

Kelsey Grammer

UN embassador and supervisor

Lois Lane

Kate Boshworth

Daily Planet reporter

Matt Saunders

Luke Wilson

Professor Bedlam

Eddie Izzard

Flint Marko/ Sandman

Thomas Haden Church

As Back-Up

Betty Ross

Liv Tyler

Virginia „Pepper“ Potts

Gwyneth Paltrow

Natalie Rushman/ Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson

Possibly back-up

Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson

Debuty director of AIS

Maria Hill

Cobie Smulders

Edna Mode

Rick Dicker

Possibly Robert DeNiro

Director of AIS

Roxanne Ritchie

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