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Employment History:

After completing my master I back from London and started on 2015 to Till Now Working as a Sales Manager In Outlook Nepal Tours and Travels PVT. LTD. Where I got experience of collection data, supervising projects, keeping records of project items, making arrangements for meetings and evaluating the condition of project and Looking forward account department as well.
During in London 2010 to 2014 I work as a Customer Assistant In Tesco Express UK as a part time looking for Finance department and dealing with customers.
In 2004-2009 I work as a Assistant Accountant In International Secondary School, Nepal. Looking forward Account department.

Why Australia:
As I have chosen Australia to pursue my master’s degree because it’s universities provide globally recognized degree and Australian graduates are highly qualified, competent, and accepted everywhere around the world. Australia is safe, vibrant and exciting for international students like me. Australian society is multicultural with stable democracy and economy, which will help me to complete my studies very smoothly. Moreover, both living expenses and tuitions costs are considerably lower in Australia than that of other available destinations. Australia is one of the preferred destinations for Nepalese Students as the weather of Australia is bit similar to that of Nepal, which adds up for the selection of Australia as ultimate destination for the students. As per my research I found that Australia provides quality of teaching and curriculum are latest and faculties are up to date and result oriented. Multicultural population from more than 120 countries gives an opportunity to learn the whole world from one place. Australia is giving an option of post study work (PSW), which is providing an opportunity for international students to work even after studies and gain an international experience. Australia welcomes thousands of international students every year, and has become the third most popular destination for international students in the world. 8 out of top 100 universities in the world are Australian. This is the proof of education excellence of Australia. Australia has frame to protect the right of international students studying in Australia with Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS). The more reasons to choose Australia for my education are:

  • Quality assured education with professional learning programs.

  • It provides career-oriented education.

  • Globally recognized Australian courses.

  • Reputed International education and life style.

  • High living standards with low costs of studying and living.

  • Favourable weather for exploring and studying.

  • Australian Universities have strong networks with organizations, industries and personnel who belong to respective field of study, which in turn provides platform for students to be more familiar with their career path.

  • With updated and innovative research facilities, one can expect to produce high level of research work in any given field.

  • Many Australian Universities believe in providing independent learning to students. This not only gives us freedom to be creative but also makes us capable of being a remarkable graduate in our study areas.

  • It Provides TPS (Tuition Protection Service) under ESOS act which has made my family secure to invest for my study.

I have decided to pursue my Master Degree in Australia in order to enrich myself with professional expertise in a multicultural environment. It is currently the most popular destination for international students. Besides, Australia has a fast growing economy with countless opportunities and safe environment to live, study and work. Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent position all around the world. Keeping these things in mind, I am deeply motivated to study Masters of Professional Accounting in Australia.

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