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Reason for not choosing Nepal, US, UK, Canada and other countries

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Reason for not choosing Nepal, US, UK, Canada and other countries:
Having good consideration on the chosen course, it is very important for me to recognize the best university and best destination. My first priority is my home country but I could not find such universities, which offer Master of Professional Accountancy. I also searched for other relevant course with MPA but the universities of Nepal primarily only focus in theoretical teaching methodology rather than practical approach. Majority of universities still believe on traditional way and practicing chalk and talk methodology to deliver knowledge, skills and experiences to students. I will keenly be looking forward to exposure myself in international market, which is hardly possible while studying in Nepal. Finally, considering all these factors I decided to study abroad.
Being thoughtful, I did my research for other countries as my option for abroad study. I searched for countries likes of USA, Canada, UK and Australia. During my visualization I found that the universities of USA requires lengthy tests like GRE or GMAT to study Masters in top rated universities which would take almost six months of preparation and I would not consider making a year gap only to get admission for master degree.
In United Kingdom, I already did MA from UK University but when I went to back my home I realized that Professional Accounting is main in Nepal find the various reputed commercial jobs. So I fell to study again my self as a master of Professional Accounting in Australia. Whereas Australia provides two years of Master's degree which make me more competent to find job back in my home country. In Canada, it is primarily very difficult to adjust in Canadian climate since the temperature might fall down to -25 to -30 degree Celsius, which is extreme to cope. Viewing all factors, I made a decision to study in Australia and not the aforementioned countries.

Why Sydney:
Choosing between the cities was not much difficult situation for me because I wanted to attend the classes at one of the best city in Australia. Only, Sydney is the best option to study because it is one of the most livable city and ranked world’s friendliest city. It consists of world education providers like UTS, Torrens University, Federation University, Southern Cross University, Western Sydney University, CQU University, Victoria University and so on. Sydney has the high quality of life and standard of living and also a great city for refreshment as it consists of beautiful beaches and surf destinations, rock formations and wild beauties. Climatically, Sydney resembles much with Nepal, so I can sustain in Sydney easily. As Sydney is world’s most admired Knowledge City, I am looking forward to get world-class education and experience there. This city also has Australia’s best shopping, leisure and sporting events, and a renowned arts scene. So Sydney is basically the center for academic excellence if one wants quality education with a good outdoor lifestyle.

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