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Reasons for choosing Master of Professional Accounting ( Extension)

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Reasons for choosing Master of Professional Accounting ( Extension):

I believe the knowledge I have acquired during my Master of Arts graduate level is not sufficient to thrive me in today’s market as a professional marketing. So, I have chosen to study Master of professional Accounting (Extension) in UTS. The MPA (Extension) is a two-year course designed for those who want a career in the accounting profession and want to enhance their learning experience by including another discipline specialization within their course. The learning experience and knowledge areas in the MPA (Extension) are focused on the practice of accounting.

Receiving this degree will open up for me numerous career opportunities in accounting, auditing, management, administration, banking and many more. I believe that my Master degree has formed a strong foundation for my higher studies. It provides me with fundamental knowledge of accounting concepts, as well as familiarity with statistics, finance, and basic computer knowledge, which will later be studied in detail in MPA (Extension) course. The MPA (Extension) course at UTS is developed continually, informed by research, structured on applied outcomes, recognized by industry, delivered by highly qualified academics, and supported through additional specialized student learning and development resources. There is high demand of those with high analytical skills in current business world and accounting is all about developing analytical skill. MPA as a Course which will help me to clear all the dilemmas regarding accounting and will fulfill my need to become a professional accountant.
After the successful completion of the MPA (Extension) course, I will be able to develop an understanding of the technical and social dimensions of accounting and business including Professional and cross-cultural skills required in global work place. I will not only be able to learn technical skills in accounting but, through group based activities and class presentations, I will also developed soft skills which will help me in my future career. Furthermore, I will be able to communicate professionally about accounting advice in oral, written and visual forms to relevant stakeholders. I believe to be able to conduct a professionally focused research project and demonstrate proficiency in a specialized area of Business.

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