Statement of Purpose Introduction

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Course Structure:
To qualify for award of the degree of Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) Student must need to study a total of 16 subjects comprising 12 core subjects and four elective subjects.

Future Plans:
After MPA I would like to join internship in business organization during my Post Study Work (PSW) in Australia not only for experience and exposures but also with the belief that I can learn those working principles and can use them here in Nepal. I believe that a degree from a reputed University and relevant experience in Australia will definitely assist me to get a good job in Nepal. I am confident that this program will provide me opportunities and experience to enrich my knowledge and make me competent enough to work in multi-cultural and international contexts, e.g. work in collaboration with other national and international business organizations.
In Nepal I can apply for jobs in various reputed Commercial Banks like Standard Chartered Bank, Nabil Bank, State Bank of India Bank or in various multi-national Companies like Durbar Nepal, Chaudhary Group, Hyatt Regency etc. Which can pay more than AUD $1000 as a monthly salary. I anticipate establishing myself as a Management Accountant and play a vital role in shaping the strategy of the organization and also assist the executives in decision-making. I hope to become a part of Torrens and hope what I learn in Torrens will contribute to direct my career towards success. Despite having all these scopes of MPA in Nepal, most importantly I will be with my family and my son to share my happiness and sorrow in all good and harsh situations. Also, after returning back to my home country I will be able to serve my country, which is one of my biggest responsibility and desire.
My only motive to Australia is for study. I have to come back my country to look after family and take care of my child look after my son to provide him good education and environment. I have to look after my parents-in-laws in their elderly age, support my husband and son. As being only daughter-in-law of my parents-in-law I do have to stand tall and bear all the responsibilities to look after my family assets. I am always devoted to pay the debt of all the investment made by my parents and family members on me. I do have strong intention to come back to home country, Nepal with globally recognized academic degree to commence my professional career in relevant field.

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