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Financial arrangement
My family is aware of importance of higher education and opportunity of master program in the world as well as in my country, so my families are ready to support and sponsor me for my higher education in Australia. My father-in-law is sponsoring me. He is involved in farming with some business shares. My brother has also his own business, which would help for my study. My family’s annual income from the service, business, farming and rent is sufficient to cover my expenses. In addition, my father-in-law is selling his land to prevent any financial problem during my study in Australia. I do have ideal plan to rejoin my parents and family members in my home country.
My parents-in-law are supporting me financially to complete my studies from Australia. So my entire cost that will incur during my studies in Australia is going to be funded by my parents-in-law. My father-in-law has a cash deposit of NRS 6324567.77 in Nabil Bank, Kathmandu, Kantipath branch after OSHC and Tuition fee payment which is equivalent to AUD 39,762.40 to fund my study and my family has sufficient annual income of AUD 41603.37 per year and I know that the annual tuition fee for Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) is AUD 37300.00, whereas my OSHC cost is AUD 1206.80 for 24 Months, living cost is AUD 19,714 per year and travelling cost is AUD 1,560 per year. I am proud to be a member of this supportive and caring family.
My understanding for my visa subclass 500:
I understand the terms and conditions and my limits to this visa subclass 500, which has been recently introduced and is in application since July 01, 2016 under the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) for all international students who wish to study in Australia at a registered education institute. There are some obligations of subclass visa 500. They are:

  • I need to maintain minimum 80% of attendance in the university.

  • I am allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight on part time basis.

  • I need to clear 50% of subjects in each term.

  • I cannot change the university for 6 months upon enrolment.

  • I need to maintain health insurance until I remain in Australia.

  • I must notify to university / DIBP within 7 days if I change the address and contact details and so on.

I am fervent to be a part of your institution and take advantage of the all-embracing resources, learn from the renowned professors, and work together with people from different countries and backgrounds. I feel sure that my past education has prepared me for the demands and challenges that I will inevitably face. I am eager to apply myself and develop my skills further in an esteemed university like UTS.


Name: Sita Chalise Thapa
Date of birth: 29th Nov 1984
Phone No.: +977-9840337660
Passport No.: 10432660
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