Strategic Marketing Test 2 preparation 22 Sept 08 October 2021, 23: 59

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Strategic Marketing Test 2 preparation 22 Sept - 08 October 2021, 23:59
1. Companies make mistakes of classifying their competitive arena too narrow, describe the concept of direct competitors. Who is the Google’s main competitor (1 mark What is the competitive advantage of the Google’s main competitor (3 marks. [4]
2. Competitor can be classified indifferent categories. Explain to the managers of Google the performance of various competitors from the three (3) categories of competitors needed to clearly cover the competitor analysis (3 marks. [3]
3. Using the a model of five forces analysis for Google Company, explain how is the effect of each of the external factors on the performance of Google by making use of practical examples outlining the situational effects faced by Google as portrayed by this model (5 marks. [5]
4. Describe the three (3) benefits of the model you are referring to in the previous question (3 marks. [3]
5. Describe the stages of the model that Google can use to assess the current position in the industry as well as the position of other competitors in the arena. Provide practical examples for each stage in the process. Application only. (8 marks.

7. Using Table 5.3 on page 119, describe the type of information important to Googles competitive intelligence system. Provide an example related to each type of information needed. Applications only. (23 marks) [23]
8. Describe the number of options available to Google in order to structure sustainable competitive advantage (8 marks. Provide an example of each option related to a company such as Google. Applications only. (8 marks. [8]

9. Describe the four (4) methods in which sustainable advantage can be sustained (4 marks. Provide an example for each method in which Google can sustain its competitive advantage. [4]
10. The management of Google’s decisions regarding the integration of processes or value chain components will impact on cost. Provide them with insights on each of the following questions regarding the integration processes of Google (5 marks. [5]
10.1 How Google has engaged in vertical integration (1)
10.2 How Google has engaged in horizontal growth (1)
.3 How Google’s procurement contributes to its horizontal integration (1)
10.4 Which conditions will lead to Google experiencing a problem of forward integration (1)
.5 Mention type of integration suggested in the strategic alternatives of Google’s (TOWS) analysis (1)
11. Warren Buffett's investment strategy classified competitive advantages into the four (4) broad categories. Describe each category to the management of Google using practical examples to support your answer. Applications only. (4 marks. [4]
12. When Google is targeting a foreign market they are providing first translated versions of their original platforms. Discuss and analyze the Google’s foreign markets entry modes, according to the different modes of entry, with implementation’s examples of the Google Company (4 marks. Applications only. [4]
13. One of the tasks of strategic marketing is to give the strategic direction. Describe two directions of business growth chosen by Google in order to achieve its goals and objectives in the global markets. Provide practical examples describing to these directions. Applications only. [4]

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