Study in us at 1/3rd the cost in a Top University

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Gmail - Study in US at 1 3rd the cost in a Top University

Study in US at 1/3rd the cost in a Top University
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Thu, 7 Sept 2023 at 09:24
Hi Learner,
Studying in the United States is a dream come true for many. Especially when one gets the chance to study in a top US University! What if you could fulfill your dream at 1/3rd the cost with no GRE or TOEFL?
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Here are some salient features of the degree program:
University of Arizona: A Top 20 Public Research Institution by National Science
Foundation 2020
Save up to 55 lacs including tuition fees and living costs
Become eligible for 3 years STEM OPT/Post-Study-Work-VISA in the US post-graduation
No GRE or TOEFL requirement | No application fee
First year online and the second year at the Tucson, Arizona campus.
Industry-relevant curriculum taught by leading faculty from UArizona
Career Assistance from the University of Arizona
Become a bonafide alum of UArizona and avail benefits

Admissions for the master’s degree program are open now. We invite you to apply as early as possible to secure a seat.
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Our team of admission counselors will reach out to you once you have submitted the form.
We look forward to helping you to build a rewarding career.
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