Summer art workshops at City Lights Art Gallery Thanks to a Henderson Loves the Arts

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SUMMER ART WORKSHOPS at City Lights Art Gallery
Thanks to a Henderson Loves the Arts grant, City Lights Art Gallery launched a series of six, free summer art workshops today for 60 Henderson students.
Aimed at talented Henderson art students, each workshop focuses on a different artistic learning experience such as working with colored pencils, making plaster masks or print making. Students were selected by their art teachers. Age groups span elementary through high school.
The workshops, held at City Lights Art Gallery, 3 E. Army Street, Henderson, NV, are being taught by Henderson art teachers Lori Mcardle, Tara Ferro, Michael Megreal and Theresa Hermanny.
Ed Klein, President of the City Lights Artists’ Co-op states “We’re delighted to organize a program that allows talented young art students to gain new skills. Our Co-op was founded on the principle that art is essential to a community’s well-being. As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, we have been sponsoring mini-grants and scholarships for local students for several years as well as regularly hosting student shows. With the help of a grant through Henderson Loves The Arts, we’ve taken it to a new level with the City Lights Summer Workshops. Co-op Program Coordinator, Susan LaBuda and I look forward to seeing the completed art projects and are grateful for all the enthusiasm the City of Henderson, the workshop instructors and local art teachers have shown while launching this endeavor.”
Select student work will be available for viewing at City Lights Art Gallery through the end of July. Questions or comments can be directed to City Lights Art Gallery at 702.260.0300 or by email at


Established in 2003, City Lights Artists’ Co-op is now a non-profit 501(c) 3 entity. We fund scholarships and mini-grants awarded to local students with aspirations in the world of art. Tax-deductible donations are accepted.
Art Classes in watercolor, acrylic and, very soon, oils are currently being offered! Aspiring artists or those simply looking to refresh their skills are welcome.
The Co-op is actively seeking new members. Please check our website for details.


3 E Army St, Henderson NV 89015

Tel: 702.260.0300 Twitter: @CityLights_Gal

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