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Mercantilism - System in which a country sets up colonies in order to gain more wealth, power, and self-sufficiency than her rivals.
Chapter 5

Great Awakening – 1730s-40s – American clergymen viewed a slackening of religious values in increasingly prosperous young America. As colonial economies improved, many Calvinist ministers watched with dismay as their congregations, once fully dedicated to the Sabbath practices of their Pilgrim and Puritan forebears, turned to earthly pursuits like real estate speculation, slave trading, the rum business, and other profitable enterprises. Also Enlightenment ideas about reason and science were shaking the ancient traditions of religious philosophies. George Whitfield arrived in 1739, powerful emotion charged sermons. Jonathon Edwards – grace or salvation only given to the “elect” – “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.

Terms Name______________________________________
Term Definition Significance

Christopher Columbus

Colombian Exchange

Disease Impact on Native Population

Treaty of Tordesillas


Encomienda System

Bartolome De Las Casas

Pueblo Revolt - Pope's Rebellion

Hernan Cortes

Francisco Pizarro

Pilgrims (Separatists)

Mayflower Compact

William Bradford

John Winthrop

Massachusetts Bay Colony

City Upon a Hill

Roger Williams - Rhode Island

Anne Hutchinson

Salem Witch Trials

Halfway Covenant

Pequot War

William Penn - Quakers – Pennsylvania

Holy Experiment

Beaver Wars

New England Confederation

King Phillip’s War

Lost Colony of Roanoke

Joint Stock Company


John Smith

Starving Time

John Rolfe

Tobacco Farming

Virginia House of Burgesses

Indentured Servant

Headright System

Bacon’s Rebellion

Powhatan Wars

Beginning of slavery

Triangle Trade

New York - Dutch


Lord Baltimore

Act of Toleration 1649

Founding of Carolinas

Barbados Slave Codes of 1661

Founding of Georgia

Stono Rebellion

First Great Awakening

Jonathan Edwards

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

George Whitefield



Molasses Act

Dominion of New England

Edmund Andros

Glorious Revolution

Salutary Neglect

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