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Concrete Producers

Concrete producers are businesses that manufacture and sell concrete products such as prefabricated concrete rings for lining latrine pits and wells, concrete posts for house construction, and slabs for use in latrine construction. Some also make concrete bricks.

On average there are approximately 3.7 concrete producers in each research district.10 However Salavan has many more than any other district. Excluding Salavan, there are 2.4 concrete producers per district (Table 2). Concrete producers are less prevalent in the research districts than construction material suppliers. Possible reasons for this include: insufficient demand for concrete products to support many producers; and upfront costs such as moulds and land for making and drying products.11

The concrete producers interviewed on average employ 4 or 5 staff, and have been in business for around 5 years. The percentage of females involved is much lower than for materials suppliers — 30% of the interviewees were female.

Concrete producers in Salavan Province

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