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Part of Swedish Lantmännen

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Part of Swedish Lantmännen

Our products
Our products are freshly baked when the customer needs them. With a wide assortment of bread, fast food, Danish pastries and croissants, we offer a choice for any meal and any situation. Our aim is to make bread a profitable business for our customers through high quality products and superior solutions – based always on a sustainable mindset and excellent food safety standards.
Our bakeries
We operate 26 modern bakeries in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Russia, UK, Hungary and USA and our headquarters are in Denmark.

Contact information for each unit can be found here

Our brands
Some of our most important brands are: Hatting, Schulstad, Schulstad Bake Off, Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry, Pastridor, Korvbrödsbagarn, Paaskebrod and Skoga.
Our owners
Lantmännen Unibake is owned by Swedish farmers through the Lantmännen group, who takes responsibility for food production from farmland to fork. Because of this our business is deeply rooted in caring for nature and respect for its resources and raw materials.
All our products are prepared for easy serving whether it is at the service station, in the in-store bakery, at the restaurant, at the café, in the craft bakery or at the consumer’s home.
We produce a wide assortment covering practically all categories.

From whole-grain to white bread;

For health or indulgence;

Organic or conventional;

Frozen or fresh;

From main meals to snacks

There is always a Unibake product for any occasion.
Certification overview
Lantmännen Unibake meets demands and expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of quality, raw materials, hygiene, process control and all other requirements for food safety.
All Lantmännen Unibake products are prepared and handled in accordance with the HACCP principles.
Furthermore, all Lantmännen Unibake production units work according to BRC and we aim for constantly having BRC A certification.
Some units also have certifications according to:

  • BRC (the British Standard for Food Safety)

  • IFS (the International Standard for Food Safety)

  • ISO 22000 (the ISO Standard for Food Safety)

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Rue du Sart, 1


Tel: 32-(0)68282227 - Fax: 32-(0)68280970
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Daniel PICRON

Meat products

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Avenue de l'eau vive, 5


Tel: 32-(0)56855900
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Jan VANLANGENDONCK

The Plukon Food Group has thirteen locations throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, including nine slaughterhouses and four processing and packaging companies. With a total slaughter capacity of more than 6.8 million chickens per week, Plukon is one of the largest players on the poultry meat market in Europe. We also develop, manufacture and market ultra-fresh and pasteurised meal concepts. Plukon’s sales markets are primarily the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France but also include the UK, Ireland, North-West Europe and Eastern Europe. Every production location within the Plukon Food Group is managed as an independent company specialised in its own unique productmarket combination. Parallel to this, a constant exchange of products, knowledge and experience takes place between the various locations, enabling broad expertise to be developed in a great many focus areas. The size of the group and cooperation between the locations allows the Plukon Food Group to operate very flexibly, making it possible for us to serve our customers optimally.

As a producer of poultry meat and meals, the Plukon Food Group operates in a society that calls for an even balance in attention to people, animals, the environment and profitability. That is why the Plukon Food Group invests fully in its employees, the development of new and existing livestock farming systems such as organic and free range, product development, food safety, process improvement and market analysis.
The Plukon Food Group operates various consumer brands. Friki, Stolle, Pingo, Maïski and Flandrex are the Group’s best-known brands; they have a highquality image and come in for much consumer confidence. Plukon is licensed by Weight Watchers to manufacture and market a large number of well-balanced meals. In the Netherlands, Volwaard is the brand that is known for its sustainably and animal welfare-friendly produced poultry. For the German retail market the products are marketed under the Fairmast brand. In addition, many of our products are sold under the private labels of supermarket organisations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.
Our poultry farmers are the foundation of our production chain. In cooperation with De KuikenaeR, the chain director of the Plukon Food Group, the product quality, availability, traceability and logistics of the living poultry is organised. This uniformly guarantees the quality of our raw material for and across all the poultry slaughterhouses.
Innovation is an important strategic pillar for the Plukon Food Group. Convenient and healthy choices for consumers are the priority here. But innovation in other areas like animal welfare, animal health, new preparation methods and pioneering packaging concepts is also given free rein. Alongside this we are continually working to improve our existing poultry meat products and meal concepts by constantly anticipating the changing demand from consumers. We feel that we bear some responsibility for the consumers’ eating patterns and want our products to contribute to a healthy and varied menu. The packaging of our products reports information on the ingredients used, nutritional values and allergens.

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Rue Kern Demey, 6


Tel: 32-(0)56334850 – Fax: 32-(0)56334945
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Carlo MYLLE

Frozen food

Preparation of deep-frozen potatoes

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Rue de la Cabocherie, 60

Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Pierre FOCKEDEY

Peeling of potatoes, transformation, packaging
Produced essentially freshly (not precooked) - preservation: 1 week.

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Avenue des Artisans, 37


Tel: 32-(0)68264364 - Fax: 32-(0)68331896
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Dominique BAUDOUX

Production and marketing of essential and vegetable oil of high quality used in alternative medicine
Teaching of the aromatherapy
The firm is a wholesaler in essential oil. She buys oil, makes quality controls and resells. The customers are by ex Estée Lauder and Pfizer Inc.
Secondly the company formulates and produces in way for the other companies. The customers are among others Euphia and Fabre.
The third activity of the company is the manufacturing in its mark of finished products on base of essential oil. These products have a therapeutic purpose and are sold in pharmacy and in the dietary stores.
Natural organic store

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Zoning de Dour - Rue de Belle Vue, 54/2

7370 DOUR

Tel: 32-(0)65600520- Fax: 32-(0)65600521
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Frederick TOFT

Food complements for sportsmen

Manufacturing of food ingredients and food complements – Dietetics products

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Rue St Marcoult, 106

7830 SILLY

Mobile: 32-(0)471033834
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Guillaume COLMANT

Food complements

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Rue de la Bassée, 1


Tel: 32-(0)56840030 - Fax: 32-(0)56840023
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr L.P. SILLIS


Roger & Roger, a company owned by the Dick family from West Flanders, is a rapidly growing producer of potato snacks. It distributes and exports crisps for the private label market to twenty countries from its base in Moeskroen. Roger & Roger began in 1999 and now has more than 250 employees.


An enthusiastic, flexible and ambitious team of employees manages the complete production chain of our extensive range, from selecting the potatoes to packaging and distribution.

Working under the motto "A FAMOUS NAME IN SNACKS" we work hard every day to be dedicated and preferred suppliers of top quality crisps. We don't just supply a product: we also work hard to build productive, long-term relationships with our private label clients. It is crucial that we understand the specific needs of our clients and make proposals to optimise our working partnership.
250 enthusiastic employees in a factory that operates non-stop five days a week means that we gain 2000 hours experience every day. This approach is paying off. To develop experience and growth even further, we are investing in building extra production space. There will be more news about the work in and around our production site shortly.
Ensuring quality and traceability is one of the corner stones of our company. The process starts with selecting the variety of potatoes and fields where they will grow. We use varieties that have been developed especially for crisps. Our potatoes come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. We inspect the fields ourselves and give professional advice to our growers, who guarantee continuity from planting to harvesting and delivering a high quality product.
Once the potatoes are delivered to us, we check them once more for quality. If they pass this test, we wash them and remove their foliage. They are then peeled, cut, fried and seasoned until we finally arrive at our end product: Roger & Roger crisps that are crispy, crunchy, and delicious.
All packaging is developed in close collaboration with our private-label clients. Our years of experience with developing the right packaging for a particular type of crisps often provide an important added benefit for our clients.
It is this experience that has taught us to work efficiently together with the professional graphic designers who design innovative packaging for our clients that perfectly reflects the product's image and strategic positioning.

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Boulevard des Canadiens, 116 A


Tel: 32-(0)56480158 - Fax: 32-(0)56480159
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Arnaud BONNEL

Rolph & Rolph is a Belgian company created in 2008 and based in Dottignies (Belgium). Rolph & Rolph is specialized in the creation of high quality frozen products. We create tailor-made products for all the segments of the food industry: catering industry, hotels, food service, retail, gastronomy, airlines catering, etc.

The products are composed of noble ingredients and freezing at heart enables to keep all the organoleptic properties of the product. All the recipes are exclusive and the frozen creations are prepared with traditional cottage methods in our workshop.
Large flexibility, noble ingredients, original recipes and professional know-how. These are no doubt the ingredients for success.
Rolph & Rolph exports its creations throughout the world to the biggest brands of the hotel business, catering industry, retail, transport sector.
Our collection
The frozen creation house adapted its range of products to respond to the trend of aperitives and dining desserts.
- The glasses
Rolph & Rolph has developed a range of glasses which offers a large choice of tastes and colours to trim the eyes and the palets. They consist in two lines of products: savoury and sweet glasses. We also propose creations in real glass to the gastronomic hotels and restaurants.
Rolph & Rolph also proposes a range of 140ml dessert glasses to use for individual desserts.
- Ready-to-use piping bags
The range of ready-to-use piping bags consists of 4 airy mousses: raspberry, mango, chocolate and passion fruit.
Our last creation is the muffin piping bag 500gr consisting of four flavours. The muffin piping bags make it possible to use different kind of forms and dimensions to multiply the uses: café gourmand, individual dessert, dessert buffet, square cakes, round cakes, etc. The muffin piping bags have received two awards. They received the price “Golden Tavola” during the Tavola Fair (Kortrijk) in 2010 and the “taste11” prize during the International Fair Anuga (Köln).
Traceability & controls
Each raw material we receive is identified, registered and controlled. We affix a label with the bar code, batch number, and use-by-date on each packaging to ensure traceability.
Rolph & Rolph has the ISO 22000 certification but also the certifications IFS Higher level (International Food Standard), BRC Higher level (British Retail Consortium) and FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000).
The quality of ingredients, combined with our know-how, enables Rolph & Rolph to propose chefs half-finished or finished gourmet products that are exclusive and qualitative.

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Rue Marius Renard, 166

7301 HORNU
Tel: 32-(0)65786476 - Fax: 32-(0)65792961
Contact person: Mr J. VANDENHEEDE

Manufacturer of waffles

Home-made manufacturing of bread and fresh pastry
Manufacturing of biscuits, toasts and pastries

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Rue de la Roussellerie, 101


Tel: 32-(0)56331272 - Fax: 32-(0)56331272
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Francis DUMORTIER

Bio products

Four varieties of potatoes (bintje, désiré, charlotte and agria)

Feed grains (barley, triticale and beans)

Panifiables cereal (wheat, rye, spelt) in seeds and in flour

Straw and hay of permanent meadows

Dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt)

Fruits and vegetables of season



Vegetarian steaks

Diverse drinks

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Place Emile Vandervelde, 35

7370 DOUR

Tel: 32-(0)65652667 - Fax: 32-(0)65653328
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Pierre-Jacques SAEY

Bakery products, pastry

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Rue de l'Agace, 25


Tel: 32-(0)65728359 - Fax: 32-(0)65724339
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Luigi SALAMONE

Meat products

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Rue de Baudour, 24

7011 GHLIN

Tel: 32-(0)65339187 - Fax: 32-(0)65361643
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Chantal SANDERMANS

The Sandermans Transports Company was created in 1922. Jean Sandermans formed an active moving company primarily in the Brussels area.

In 1956, his sons Isidore and Pierre joined him and created Sandermans & Fils SPRL.
In 1962, the company decided to relocate to Ghlin. This choice came rapidly to fruition, as a few years later, Sandermans Transports became a key player in the Belgian transport field!

Since then, other key players in the region called on Sandermans Transports. We are referring to clients such as Akzo, Smurfit, Premier Refractories, the Hainaut province, Pirelli, Dayco, just to mention a few..

Scania vehicles

  • 35 tractors

  • 95 semi trucks

  • 15 refrigereted trailers

  • 2 refrigerated vans

ADR (chemical transports)

  • Certified PRC vehicles and approved ADR (more infos ?)

  • ISO 9001-2000

  • Licensed ADR drivers

  • Joloda flooring (more infos ?)

Sandermans Transports includes the following as some of his most important clients:

Cartomills is a branch of the Jefferson Smurfit Group, one of the most important cardboard products and packing material producer in the world. In Belgium, they manufacture or transform the equivalent of 8000,000 m2 of cardboard per day.
Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals bv.
Akzo Nobel is an active international company in pharmaceutical, coatings, and chemical products. They are present in more than eighty countries and they employ around 61000 people.
Smurfit Socar is one of the branches for the Irish group Jefferson Smurfit (JSG). They are involved in paper and cardboard productions as well as numerous packing products. This company is present in 18 European countries comprising 239 industrial establishments.
Holcim Beton
Holcim is one of the main concrete producers worldwide present in more than 70 countries and employing over 61000 collaborators. They generate cement, granulate, concrete and related services.
Delivery Zones
Besides Belgium, Sandermans Transports specializes in international transports. Nearly 40% of their revenue comes from dealing with European countries. Therefore, all trucks are equipped with a GPS Transics. This system allows the following:

  • Automatic recording of rounds information such as driving time and stops, speed, the engine operation, the driving style, the location of the vehicle, temporal data…

  • Through a simple question-answer routine, the driver signals activities such as loading, unloading, gas, the fuel quantity used, etc.

  • Interfaced totally with a operating system, Sandermans transports follows transport orders in a timely manner and without additional seizure.

  • At any time, the driver can consult his service hours or the onboard computer alerts him in case of overtime.

  • Positioning and follow through by GPS

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Boulevard des Canadiens, 118


Tel: 32-(0)56230000 - Fax: 32-(0)56230009
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Harald SAELENS

ScaldoPack is a purpose-established company that develops and commercializes new types of self-heating and self-cooling packaging.

ScaldoPack is the innovative endeavour of a chemical distributor, Werner Saelens, and a packaging specialist, Henno Hensen
At ScaldoPack, our in-house chemical processing lab allows for the complete manufacture of our product, from base chemicals to finished product.
Quality Control
ScaldoPack has been developed according to industry norms, and our in-house testing equipment ensures quality control throughout the processing of the product. Quality assurance is guaranteed also by strict adherence to our final product standard.
R & D
All ScaldoPack products are developed in our own in-house laboratory. Having our own laboratory enables us to further develop products according to any customer requirements.
Heating and cooling material
ScaldoPack uses active lime as the main component to self-heat a package. Active lime has the advantage of not being toxic and bio-absorbed, which means that the rest product as it is can be absorbed directly by nature. Lime is often used as a soil improver.
The cooling reaction used by ScaldoPack to cool down its packages is based on salts. The salts used for cooling are high nitrogen holding salts which are perfectly biodegradable. These salts are harmless for people should they be swallowed accidentally. However, they should not be swallowed intentionally.
ScaldoPack offers a new, innovative packaging solution, whereby liquids are packaged in a flexible, self-standing pouch capable of self-heating or self-cooling.
This packaging type offers a wide range of opportunities while creating a new customer experience.

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Garocentre Nord - Boulevard de la Technicité, 5


Tel: 32-(0)64265656 - Fax: 32-(0)64265777
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Muriel GOFFAUX

Expert of the industrial grating of cheeses

Schoeps is a food industrialist specialized in the production and the conditioning of grated cheeses.

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Rue du Parc Industriel, 29

Tel: 32-(0)68552105 - Fax: 32-(0)68552481 - Mobile: 32-(0)475718885
Contact person: Mr Johnny RAEMDONCK

Cattle feed, agricultural raw material (except seeds)

Manufacturing of food for animals of farm

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Rue de la Terre à Briques, 3

7501 ORCQ

Tel: 32-(0)69227463 - Fax: 32-(0)69225040
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr DEPUTTER

Servagri sells and distributes plantations of quality potatoes to the professional and particular markets, in Belgium and in the North of France.

A constant scientific research allows assuring an optimal quality of the plantations of potato. The varieties of potatoes are the result of a work of selection and quality made in the main producing regions. Servagri has an ultramodern warehouse cooled for the preservation of plantations of potatoes.

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Rue Ville Basse, 2

7830 SILLY

Tel: 32-(0)68551695 - Fax: 32-(0)68568436
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Didier VAN DER HAEGEN

Last century saw large farms in Hainaut brewing barley and hops.

Silly is a village lying in the Ath, Enghien and Soignies triangle and is crossed by the Sylle, the river from which the village takes its name. Silly possesses a brewery that was founded in 1850 as Cense de la Tour, and that is today operated by the 5th generation.
From 1947 the Brewery became more prominent than the farm yet was still only producing top fermentation beer like Grisette, Saison and Scotch.
Several years later in 1950 when the Brewery already had a chain of bars, it began producing a bottom fermentation beer Pils as part of its product range.

1975 is noted for the purchase of the Tennstedt Decroes Brewery in Enghien which meant that it could add Double Enghien to its range, today available in two forms: brown ale and lager.

1990 saw the creation of a white beer known as Blanche Titje. This beer together with Saison de Silly, Double Enghien and Divine, have contributed to the growth of this independent and traditionally based family business.
But it doesn't stop there! Research efforts have helped in producing the latest family beer, a pink grapefruit flavoured white beer: Pink Killer, with a bright promising future.
Over recent years the Brewery has been enhancing its export business.
Choose your section :
La Divine

Double Enghien - Blonde

Double Enghien - Brune

Enghien Noël

Pink Killer

Abbaye de Forest

Saison Silly

Scotch Silly

Silly Pils

Super 64


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Drève André Dujardin, 1-10


Tel: 32-(0)56841283 - Fax: 32-(0)56845995
Email: - Web:

Contact person: Mr Jean-François SIX

Home-made manufacturing of cold or hot smoked fish
Transformation of fresh fish for the catering, the horeca, the caterers and the mass-market retailing
Frozen fishes
The manufacturing of the smoked salmon is home-made.
Certification AFSCA, federal Agency for the safety of the food chain BE VE6023 IT

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Rue de la Royenne, 78-B


Tel: 32-(0)56282690 - Fax: 32-(0)56282699
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Philippe JOYE

Plastic pallets for your logistic or warehouse

Smart Flow Europe is a Belgian manufacturer of plastic pallets, plastic containers and plastic bins & crates. Based in Mouscron (close to the French city of Lille), Smart Flow Europe has two state of art production facilities, which guarantee excellent quality and highly competitive prices.
Thanks to our vast effort in R&D, and thanks to continuous new product launches, we remain to be trendsetter and innovator in the plastic material handling industry. From the smallest plastic crate to the largest volume container; from the light weight export pallet to the heavy duty pooling pallet: you can all find under one roof.
Smart Flow Europe: a ONE STOP SHOP for plastic material handling products:

  • plastic pallets

  • plastic containers

  • plastic bins & crates

A specialist in plastic pallets

Smart Flow Europe is a typical Belgian family business with 35 year of experience in the plastic injection molding. This experience is used to develop and produce plastic packaging: plastic pallets, plastic containers and plastic crates.

Therefore Smart Flow Europe has build 2 hypermodern production facilities with in total 30 injection machines. With this we have a range of machineswith a closing force of 25 until 2000 ton. Together with our maintenance department of the machines and moulds we guaranty impeccable production.

Thanks to our R&D we can adapt to the needs of the customer. Smart Flow Europe works closely with the major players in the world of pallets and so helps them make the switch from wooden pallets to plastic pallets.
More and more we focus on the environment. Where we can, we use recycled materials. We transform used materials to a new and innovative product. This helps to make the pollution back a bit smaller. Also we can offer nestable pallets. It is possible to take in one truck as many plastic pallets as in 3 trucks wooden pallets. This gives a great savings in transportation and it is better for the environment.
Smart Flow Europe, the producer for your plastics pallets.
Choose now for plastics pallets from Smart Flow Europe sa! Plastic pallets will help you to optimise your logistic process.
Recycled, environmentally friendly pallets
Cost saving and environmentally friendly storage and transport ?
Switch to Smart Flow Plastic Pallets for the transportation of your goods.
Environmentally friendly: fuel efficiency.
Our environmentally friendly plastic pallets have many advantages over their wooden counterparts. A SmartFlow pallet weighs up to 30 percent less. And if you choose for our nestable pallet, then you can transport up to three times more pallets into a truck. Result? Your fuel costs are lower, it’s better for the environment and you increase your efficiency.
Green: lower CO2 emissions.
A SmartFlow plastic pallet is suitable for multiple use. A wooden pallet in contrast has a very limited life. Which means a huge difference in CO2 emissions : which is significantly lower for recyclable plastic pallets than wooden pallets
Energy efficiënt: completely recycled plastic.
Are your SmartFlow plastic pallets to be replaced? Then we take them back. In our brand new, energy-efficient plastics recycling plant we mix with three types of recycled plastic – until we have a homogeneaus, high quality raw material. Herewith we produce these new, solid and long lasting pallets. This minimizes the waste, reduces the empty cut of the forests and increases your profits.
Durable: environmentally safe recycling
The SmartFlow plastic pallet last longer. They are also hygienic and safe environment: you do not need chemical treatment against pests and bacteria. And you do not have to paint them. You meet the HACCP safety and IPPCC.

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Rue de Douvrain, 19

7011 GHLIN

Tel: 32-(0)65321211 - Fax: 32-(0)65340492
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr René DONOT


SK Cartomills has always given top priority to innovation. It puts innovation at the service of the customer's interest and helps to create a longterm relationship.

Directory: publications
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publications ->  Preparation of Papers for ieee transactions on medical imaging
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publications -> Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (eth) Zurich Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory
publications -> Quantitative skills
publications -> Multi-core cpu and gpu implementation of Discrete Periodic Radon Transform and Its Inverse
publications -> List of Publications Department of Mechanical Engineering ucek, jntu kakinada
publications -> 1. 2 Authority 1 3 Planning Area 1
publications -> Sa michelson, 2011: Impact of Sea-Spray on the Atmospheric Surface Layer. Bound. Layer Meteor., 140 ( 3 ), 361-381, doi: 10. 1007/s10546-011-9617-1, issn: Jun-14, ids: 807TW, sep 2011 Bao, jw, cw fairall, sa michelson

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