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Plastic crates display unique characteristics

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Plastic crates display unique characteristics:

  • Advanced technology

  • They comply with the highest international, sanitary and environmental standards.

  • Ratio quality, price

  • Produced with high precision moulds on modern machines equipped with Robots

  • The crates are 100 % recyclable

  • Our project managers have the technical background and experience as well in the designing, in the conception of the moulds.

Gamma-Wopla = Professionnalism

  • Based on the customer’s initial ideas, they take it upon themselves to elaborate a fully detailed project and will carry it through to a successful conclusion.

  • The merging of two plastic injection companies, Gamma Plastics and Wopla, has led to the creation of Gamma-Wopla.

Gamma-Wopla works as a designer, manufacturer and distributor of plastic crates. Located in Mouscron (Belgium), it is situated at a crossroad between France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

Our success is ensured by:

  • Motivated and dedicated teams.

  • Modern computer-controlled injection moulding machines that enable the production of products ranging from 10 g to 20 kg in weight.

  • Our quality management system which covers the entire production process.

  • Our philosophy that drives us to manufacture specific products at an unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

  • Our constant interaction with our customers to respond to their needs in the most effective and flexible ways.

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Chemin des Casernes, 12


Tel: 32-(0)56559555 - Fax: 32-(0)56559550
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Contact person: Mr Francis TACQ

Belgium enjoys a worldwide reputation as a nation of gourmets, mainly because of its many top-class restaurants and renowned chefs. Our small country is an international crossroads of the culinary arts. This is not only the basis for a wide range of food formulations; it is also the foundation of Belgian know-how in food processing technology. Only with state-of-the-art equipment will food manufacturers succeed in bringing top-quality products onto a highly competitive market. Gernal has been a pioneer in the production of many innovative and highly successful Belgian delicacies for more than half a century. In close co-operation with the food industry, Gernal was able to develop a large number of both standard and customised solutions for the preparation of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and ready meals.

More than 2,500 producers use machines made by Gernal. Thanks to the quality of its systems and precision manufacturing, Gernal has even built up a strong reputation abroad. Approximately 65% of all Gernal machines are delivered to customers in France, Germany, the Netherlands and England. Based on the international experience of the new management, we plan to further expand exports through an increase in our product offer and the expansion of our distribution network
Using Gernal drying, smoking, cooking and roasting units is opting for top quality of the 21st century. These units are multifunctional and meet the most stringent standards and requirements. Gernal developed its first drying, cooking, smoking and roasting unit in 1973. Since that time, this machine has been continuously optimised.
Features: multifunctional and extremely high output

  • hygienic, thanks to a unique design, the application of stainless steel and the extremely high level of finishing

  • energy-efficient, thanks to 10 cm insulation

  • safe, thanks to a strict fulfilment of all legal requirements

  • State-of-the-art technology, with a robust and simple to operate control system. Can be installed on the machine or on any other location

  • process tracking and visualisation via the SVS-3000’ standard software

The Gernal line of drying, cooking, smoking and roasting units includes 12 different types, with a volume ranging from 2,000 to 25,000 litres. If required, Gernal can also develop systems with a larger capacity or to your specific design requirements.

Three types of smoke generators:

  • Sawdust: the sawdust is ignited with an electric element. A turbine blows air into the combustion chamber, after which the mixture of generated smoke and air travels through smoke channels into the smoking unit.

  • Friction smoke: pneumatic cylinders push a wooden beam onto a rotating grater, generating a cold smoke with low tar content. This generator is most convenient for smoking in a closed circuit without emitting smoke.

  • Liquid smoke: a natural wood smoke condensate, which is free of tar substances, is vaporised by pulses through sprinklers in the smoking unit.


  • Poultry

    • smoking and cooking turkey and chicken fillets

    • roasting and grilling chicken

    • smoking chicken, duck, ostrich, pigeon, etc.

  • Fish

    • cold smoking of sprat, herring, salmon, trout, turbot etc.

    • hot smoking of eel

    • steaming mackerel

    • drying all types of fish

  • Pork

    • smoking and cooking ham

    • grilling cooked ham

    • smoking bacon

    • cooking and baking pâté

    • baking in puff pastry

    • preparation meatloaf, meatballs, roast, etc.

  • Beef

    • drying, cooking, baking, roasting and pasteurising

  • Ready meals

    • vacuum-cooking, steaming and colouring of all possible types of meals

  • Cheese

    • smoking cheese

Those who look beyond the exterior of a machine know that excellent quality, durability and service can only be offered by a partner who has the entire production process in his own hands.

At its site in Komen, Gernal disposes over its own 6,000 m² production hall. All of the steps in the production of our machines are carried out by our own professional technicians. Only milling and turning of large series are outsourced.
Gernal’s conscious choice for in-house production offers many advantages:

  • an extensive standard product range that is available from in-house production

  • provision of high-quality, made-to-measure solutions

  • short communications lines

  • speed and flexibility in execution

  • an optimal price/quality ratio

Experts in food processing technology

Within their core competency, all Gernal employees boast a broad knowledge and thorough expertise in this highly specialised sector.
Due to a close co-operation with other experts from both inside and outside of the company, all required skills are available during the production process. This approach not only results in a solution that is precisely tailored to your formulations and expectations, it also results in a high drive for innovation.
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Grand Route, 30-B


Tel: 32-(0)69663018 - Fax: 32-(0)69670440
Email: -Web:
Contact person: Mr Vincent STIEVENART

Trading wine bottled at the property has long been our specialty, but we have always wanted to go further. What we really wanted to do was to produce special liqueurs and aperitifs. But we did not want to get down to business before holding all the cards.

We finally found these cards in 1977 when we bought the old ‘Dendal’ liquor-factory in La Louvière, Belgium. These cards turned out to be old collections of recipes dating back to 1903 and 1927. We immediately understood that we had discovered a real treasure.
Since then, we have specialized in manufacturing old style aperitifs and liqueurs according to two basic principles: we only use the best products and we always respect the tradition. Of course, we had to harmonize some preparations in order to match the actual consumer tastes. But, in general, we are proud to say that we have reproduced the best things in the best traditional way.
Our Philosophy
Gervin is a family business listening to the customers’ demands and expectations.
One of our main concerns is to maintain the continuity of our products, to make sure that our customers still taste our know-how after more than 30 years
Gervin’s goal is to become an important actor in distillation in the coming years without loosing its family spirit and its traditional methods.
For a better understanding of our work, we began to elaborate a new distillery and a new orchard two years ago. Indeed, it is best for a distiller to use its own fruits. Our new distillery will be open to the public soon. Our customers will be able to discover our work process and the Gervin products in details
Amer Gervin
Description: The Amer Gervin is made according to a traditional method that gives it a unique delicacy and scent. It is characterized by its tonic and stimulating properties brought buy its numerous fruits, roots and plants. This aperitif is made of alcohol, orange, Curacao, cinchona as well as other plants.
Amer Gervin spécial bière
Description: Aperitif specially designed to be mixed with beer.
Guignolet Kirsch
Description: Pleasant aperitif made of cherries and cherry pits. Women will love it.
Description: Aperitif made of liquorous wines and strawberries.
Nectar du Gille
Description: Aperitif made of liquorous wine and orange. Nectar du Gille is a festive allusion to all carnivalites.
Paradis du Hainaut
Description: Aperitif made of liquorous wine and a subtle blend of strawberries, raspberries and black currants.
Philtre des Sorcières
Description: Aperitif made of liquorous wine and various plants, specially made for the ‘Ellezelles witches Sabbath’.
Fruit flavored aperitives
Yaka Cassis
Yaka Cerise
Yaka Citron
Description: This is the future reference in terms of aperitifs for young people. Light aperitif made of alcohol, apples and a hint of lime.
Yaka Fraise
Yaka Pomme
Description: Tasty mix between our 38% vol. Père Picol Peket and numerous fruits. The range contains apple, cherry, black current, lemon, plum and strawberry Pekets.
Yaka Thé Citron
Description: Aperitif made of Peket and lemon tea. It is the most original product of our range. You wonder why? Because you can drink it cold or warm depending on the time, the season or your taste. Guindailleur is an allusion for those who like to party no matter their age.
Elixir de Dom Germanus
Description: Very digestive Liqueur made of various plants
Liqueur d’Angélique «Tante Lucienne»
Description: Very old family recipe inherited from an old aunt. The angelica has numerous virtues
Liqueur de chicon
Liqueur de Noisettes
Description: Very scented liqueur made of alcohol and hazelnuts
Liqueur de Rose
Description: Very scented liqueur made of alcohol and roses
Noisette Coffee
Description: Liqueur with hazelnut and coffee flavour.
Prestigious alcohols
Description: Digestive with subtle orange aromas
Description: Harmonious digestive made of peers. Great for both dry and sweet alcohol lovers.
Malt spirit
Péket du Père Gervin
Description: Colorless grain alcohol made of ‘old system’ Juniper berries
Eaux de vie
Eau de Pierwez
Description: White dry alcohol made of lime
Description: Pit and powerful alcohol, known for its lightness, delicacy and subtlety
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Rue du Noir Jambon, 7

Tel: 32-(0)67458214 - Fax: 32-(0)67458959
Contact person: Mr Henri GHISBAIN Jr

Cattle feed, seed

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Quai du Large, 1

7011 GHLIN

Tel: 32-(0)65847918 - Fax: 32-(0)65339990
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Michel STUBBE

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