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Quality rooted in production

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Quality rooted in production

Our goal is to produce high quality varieties of malt to meet the specific demands of our worldwide clientele. By utilising the most modern production standards and far-reaching logistics, we reach international markets in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Since our acquisition of Greencore, Boortmalt has blossomed into the fifth largest producer of malt in the world. From 11 locations in Europe, Boortmalt branches out into the world with 50% of its total volume of trade stemming from sales in non European markets.
Through our parent company Axereal- the principle French grain cooperative- we guarantee our customers the access to high quality barley year round.
At Boortmalt, we believe that our manner of production reflects the quality of our products.
We are certified HACCP, ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and a member of Sedex.

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Rue de la Garenne, 17 Bte 1

Mobile: 32-(0)472603671 - Fax: 32-(0)64675224
Contact Person: Mr Giacomo PATERNO

Home-made ice creams

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Z.Ind. Ouest 2 – Rue du Bois des Hospices, 1


Tel: 32-(0)69553838 - Fax: 32-(0)69553835
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mrs. Caroline WALLEZ

Your partner for global flexible and customized logistics solutions

We offer:
Ocean freight:
- Break bulk

- Full container


* LCL/FCL consolidation cargo

- LCL co-loading
Air & Sea freight: organization and transportation of your cargo
Our assets:

  • Complete follow-up of your operations

  • Customs clearance / Bounded warehouse management

  • Transit on platform, preparation of order, palletisation

  • Transport organization: containers, trucks, cargos and parcels

Gilleman Logistics, Customs Engineering

Gilleman Logistics is certified Customs Broker N° 2433.
Gilleman Logistics has been AEO certified (Agreed European Operator). Certification No BEAEOC0000009DRM
The AEO certification will enable Gilleman Logistics to benefit from facilitations for customs controls and simplifications for customs rules, which is a major commercial asset for a logistics company offering a full integrated logistics solution.
Our assets:

  • Tax and customs consultancy to companies

  • Bounded warehouse

  • VAT/fiscal warehouse

  • Tariffs classification

  • Import license

  • Customs formalities and solutions

  • Intrastat declarations

  • Fiscal representation


Gilleman Logistics has fully automated warehouses located in Tournai (Belgium), backdoor of the harbors of Zeebrugge and Antwerp.
We offer:
Storage capacity of 40 000 pallets, splitted in 3 halls built in 2002, extended in 2006 and 2009

Secured buildings: biometric access control, CCTV, sprinklers, etc.

Bounded warehousing and fiscal warehousing

Registered operator (Excise)

FASC Certification (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain)
Several storage systems...
- Groundfloor

- Rack wide & narrow Aisle

- Traditional racking

- Automated shuttle feeder (LIFO storage) ... adapted to customer requirements

- cross docking

- storage (short or long term)

- order preparation / picking

- value added logistics

- distribution

- reverse logistics

Total traceability by scanning
Dynamic and flexible staff using a modern communication system which enables us to offer you a quality service
Gilleman Logistics Project is based on a permanent concern for Progress, Quality and Safety of offered services.
Our assets
European distribution network

4 dedicated charterer teams: Belgium, France, Czech Republic and Spain

Combination of own fleet and reliable subcontractors

Hub to Door: all Europe

Door to Door: on demand
Several service levels:

    • groupage,

    • express,

    • part loads,

    • full loads

Parcel distribution (partnerships with major European players)

Modern and efficient IT equiment and communication

  • TMS,

  • GPS,

  • EDI file exchange,

  • automatic delivery notification

Flexible and quick service against competitive rate

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Rue du Blanc Bleu Belge, 21


Tel: 32-(0)56856920 - Fax: 32-(0)56856930
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Yves SPILLEBEEN

Pork slaughterhouse, cutting-, boning-, packing-facilities, freezing and cold store, transformation of meat.

Sales of pork carcasses, meat bone-in, boneless and transformed meat
Fresh hanging, in plastic E2 boxes, in cartons, consumer packed, in fresh and frozen condition.
Pork slaughterhouse (=CE 181)
After selection of our suppliers and livestock, we guard about best transport conditions, the loading and the unloading in respect of animal welfare.
After a pause the pigs are directed to the CO2 anaesthesia.
Under continuous supervision of veterinary instances and our quality department we produce healthy meat in our modern slaughterhouse. The carcasses are classified following customers wishes. Without any manual intervention the carcasses are fast chilled before stored in refrigerated rooms before loading. The hygiene and the tracebility are 100% guaranteed.
Cutting-, boning-, packing- and cold store facilities (=CE 181/1)
These facilities are directly attached to our slaughterhouse = no interruption of the cold chain. Here we transform the carcasses up to customer wishes, with or without bones, with or without skin, calibrated, packing… In fresh and frozen condition
Autocontrol and BRC
The family Goemaere is also actif in: Transformation of meat, consumer packed minced meat…
A factory in France is producing high quality dried hams
Rendering of waste of slaughtering and butchering and production of green energie
Meat industry, importers, distributers, butcher’s shops…
To guarantee a perfect final product and to guard a food- and environmental safety during the production process are for us of biggest importance.

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Drève Gustave Fache, 6


Tel: 32-(0)56859090 - Fax: 32-(0)56859076
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Carlo RATHE

For over 25 years, Gourmand has been the specialist in deep frozen puff pastry products. Traditional bakers as well as retailers, hotels and caterers and food service customers choose us for a wide range of products: from traditional croissants to specialities with sweet or savoury fillings, cakes and bread products.

Tradition is very important to us, but at the same time we are constantly on the lookout for new trends and tastes, thanks to a good knowledge of the market.
There is one constant in all this: we strive towards the highest quality. This is why we employ the stringent HACCP and BRC standards. This means you can always be sure of the quality of our products.
After years of research and development we have reconciled the best of both worlds: the traditional baker's working methods with a fully automated dough preparation process. With great results. Because Gourmand products have the taste of a traditional product, and are produced with modern techniques which ensure the regular production of top quality baked goods that look great.
This know-how doesn't stop at our factory gates. Our baking technologists are ready to advise you on how to develop the best new products and guarantee the best quality in the final product for your own business.
A classic among the bake-off products. Gourmand produces its butter croissants according to the authentic French method. This is the only way to obtain the perfect croissant:  a rich buttery taste, great volume, light and crunchy at the same time. And why not try our new stuffed sweet croissants sprinkled with ground coffee or grains?
Here you'll find the traditional puff pastry products such as pain au chocolat, pain au raisin and other sweet specialities.
Time for a snack? We recommend trying our delicious apple triangles. You'll be sure to love them!
Danish pastry, an authentic Danish speciality enjoyed by many. The 24 layers of dough coated with margarine on oth sides ensures a light, crispy product that melts in the mouth. Together with the rich fillings this makes for a real taste sensation!
Delightful snacks that are simple and quick to prepare and moreover, easy to eat on the go
Since its re-establishment in 2006, Gourmand has offered a new range of products, operating at the top end of the market when it comes to taste, crispiness, volume and consistency.
As every baker knows, the secret of a crispy croissant with a rich taste, a clean bite and long freshness lies in the dough's ripening. Moisture-filled sponge dough ripens for several hours and is ideal for creating a rich aroma. This sponge dough is not kneaded, preserving the consistency of the dough.
Our unique method enables us to prepare sponge dough on an industrial scale.
A second fundamental change was the commissioning of ultramodern and fully automated production lines, enabling us to produce more consistent products at a high output and with minimum waste.
Automated optical quality control systems continually optimise the production process, ensuring that all our products meet stringent quality standards.
Gourmand has succeeded in producing what the customer wants: delicious and consistent viennoiseries at competitive prices!
Quality and food safety
In a market characterised by globalisation, consolidation, vertical integration and ever-increasing customer demands, Gourmand is locked in a daily clamour to retain its existing customers and target and acquire new customers from competitors.
To win this battle, Gourmand sticks to its ambitious yet effective battle plan:
- Claiming the top position when it comes to product and service quality, in accordance with the customers’ demands.

- Striving for continuous innovation and setting new standards with regard to products, business processes and procedures.

Quality – everybody’s business, at all times
Gourmand is passionate about quality combined with speed and flexibility. These values are the cornerstones of our business.
When it comes to raw materials, Gourmand does not compromise: we buy only the highest-quality raw materials from suppliers who meet our stringent food safety standards.
Sampling is done throughout the production process, ensuring that product quality is checked in all phases, from the grain of corn to the end-product delivered to the customer.
Thanks to our continual investment in the highest quality, Gourmand and its customers are able to offer the consumers the best product.
Quality has a label
All the stringent standards and procedures are established in a continually evolving quality control system, certified for BRC at Grade A by AIB Vinçotte/ISA Belgium (International Supplier Auditing). This standard sets out the requirements which a company’s quality control system must meet to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction, by eliminating deviations at all stages of the production process, from design up to follow-up.
Gourmand’s production process also complies with the HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The system, which enables production to prevent, control and assess possible anomalies, guarantees the high quality of the product being brought onto the market.
Gourmand has the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) label for its by-products, providing our by-product customers with sufficient guarantees of the quality of the supplied products.
These certificates testify of the premium quality offered by Gourmand. Our quality assurance department checks the unconditional observance of these stringent production standards on a daily basis.
Constant quality improvement, traceability and food safety are key principles in Gourmand’s quality policy.



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Boulevard de l'Eurozone, 1


Tel: 32-(0)56844652 - Fax: 32-(0)56844666
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Noel VERGEYNST

Gramybel has been established in 2002 for the production of potato granules and potato flakes for the snack and food service industry. We are part of MYDIBEL S.A., an important potato processing company (owned by the family Mylle) for production of frozen fries and potato specialities since 1988 (

We produce a wide assortment of specialities and also ready mixes of granules and flakes with several ingredients.
Our plant is located in Mouscron.

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Avenue du Commerce, 25


Tel: 32-(0)23955462 - Fax: 32-(0)23959677
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Michel DEKEYSER

Granco produces a wide variety of authentic Rice cakes all made solely from the finest ingredients guaranteeing their flavour and convenience.

We offer the highest quality products, available under the Granco label or under licence of your company's private label.
Feel free to explore our product range and market coverage to find out how Granco can meet your needs and be of service to you.
Organic products
Over the past decade Organic products have been steadily gaining ground throughout entire the food industry.
Granco offers a complete range of organic cakes from puffed wholegrain rice and cereals, of which all of the ingredients and raw materials are derived from Organic agriculture required to meet rigorously strict norms.
Our base products are also cultivated within a closely controlled environment, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
Our production process ensures the absence of all genetically modified grains, cereals or synthetic additives as part of our ingredients.
Granco also offers the consumer organic products that are ecologically sound and healthy as well as being ethically responsible towards the environment and above all that respect nature.
Granco’s organic products are certified as being in compliance with the norms and regulations stipulated by Ecocert the-Belgium controlling body.
Organic certificate of conformity
Genetically modified ingredients
Granco prides itself on the use of ingredients that have in no way whatsoever been genetically modified.
We demand tangible proof of this from each of our suppliers. Suppliers that we felt were unable to provide sufficient proof have been excluded from our network and processes
For crucial ingredients, such as Soya bean lecithin, where relentless effort is required to keep traditional crops and GM crops apart, our supplier provides us with an analysis report from for each batch delivered as proof that the Soya beans incorporated in our products is genuinely of non-GMO origin.
Random counter-analysis of these ingredients also regularly carried out.

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Route de Wallonie, 4

7011 GHLIN

Tel: 32-(0)65221080 - Fax: 32-(0)65221089
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Daniel GROUSELLE

Our seriousness and our availability will make us the ideal partner!

Relaunched in 2001, the company Grouselle has recovered its health thanks to the development of logistics. With its ten-year experience, the latter also had the ability to develop the affreightment sector while strenghtening the transport.
Today, the company Grouselle makes every effort to satisfy its customers trying to identify at best their needs, both on the technical aspect (respect of the orders, the delivery time, the availability etc.) and on the follow-up (communication, flexibility, availability etc.).
Co-operating with Grouselle is making the most of advantages such as:

  • The online management of your stock 24/24h wherever you are.

  • The increased availability of our drivers.

  • The certainty that your deliveries will arrive in due time.

  • Bonded warehouses.

  • References of brands.

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Route de Wallonie, 138

7011 GHLIN

Tel: 32-(0)65767470 - Fax: 32-(0)65767473
Email: - Web:
Contact persons:
Mr Gilles GERNAEY - Email:

Mr Christian GERVAIS - Email:

Mr Koen VANVUCHELEN - Email:

Company History
Active in the production of food supplements for over 35 years, the Hedephar laboratories, renamed HEDELAB in 1998, have focused on the design, production, marketing & regulatory advisory on the food supplements market.
In September 2005, in its quest to achieve the best performance in terms of hygiene and Total Quality, HEDELAB becomes the first European company to be certified ISO 22000. Subsequently, the company has also obtained the “BIO » certification.
Since September 2010, new partners have strengthened the capital structure and have provided skills to give new impetus to the company.
The business model
Our business model is to design, manufacture and distribute food supplements for humans in the form of dry or liquid customized solutions for our BtoB customers active in the health, wellness and sports nutrition market segments.
Our company has a unique know-how combining manufacturing excellence, recognized experience in product development and regulatory advisory skills.
Value added
Whether you need R&D advices on ideas you might have on product development or whether you require a swift industrial production process for your products, we can assist you in the most efficient and interactive way in both food supplements & sports nutrition areas.
We provide counseling in terms of legislation, R&D and marketing: we have the ability and know-how to register your products and to ensure regulatory compliance for your labels. Our expertise in that matter is widely recognized.
We can also undertake stability studies, or propose new formulations whenever required.
We also provide marketing researches or brainstorming expertise and help you in developing your commercial pitches & scientists booklets.
Under the Marshall plan and with a substantial support from the Wagralim pole, we are currently working on a project with the most important Belgian universities which objective is to develop and market a functional ingredient to slow down the aging process.
Porducts scope: dry and liquid forms
Dry forms: powder mixing, formatting following the chosen galenic and packaging in blister, in tick, pill boxes or pots.
Liquid forms: Customized extraction, packaging in bulbs flackpulls, unicadoses, bottles or pots.
All our lines are certified to produce quality biological food supplements.

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Chaussée d’Aelbeke, 255


Tel: 32-(0)56330519 - Fax: 32-(0)56344384
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Jean-François LOTTIN

Founded in 1971

Manufacturing of bags for bakers, pastry cooks, chocolate makers, butchers, sandwich shops, etc

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Garocentre Nord


Tel: 32-(0)64217368 - Fax: 32-(0)64217370
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Jacques HUART

Interlogistics has been providing for two years now the finest just in time logistics, based on the concept of integrated logistics.

We take care of production supplying, post-production handling, warehousing, order processing and forwarding all over the world by road, air and sea.
Our customers are taking profit from our local flexibility and from the power of our mother company: INTERTRANS.
All parts of your logistic chain can be supported by our own services; this is why we are able to provide a high quality service.
Warehouse specificities:

  • Our warehouse surface is 20.000 m² wide.

  • 80 % of the surface is ready for rack or vrack stock NON-ADR Products

  • 20 % of the surface is ready for rack ADR stock respecting new CEE security Rules.

  • The stock management is now directly linked to a scanning process. That allows day to day on line checking for our customers.

  • Temperature and the humidity level of the warehouse are controlled 24 hours a day.

Warehouse facilities:

  • Available for EEC origin goods.

  • Free of customs rights for non EEC goods.

  • Discharge VAT for EEC or Non EEC goods.

  • Free of accises rights: authorized warehouse for goods like Alcool, Coffe, Tabac.

  • Combination of all form of customs administration.

Logistic activities:

  • Standard rack or vrack warehousing

  • Handling, sorting and stock fill in

  • Command order processing, picking, palet closing

  • Stock management

  • Flexible shuttle services between you and us

ROAD Full load and groupage services Daily guaranteed links between main industrial centers Daily timed collection and delivery all over Benelux Exclusive European partnerships providing local knowledge, daily collection and delivery services and mutual operating services
SEA Scheduled ocean consolidation FCL/LCL container services (NVOCC) Conventional shipments Cross booking Heavy lift shipments Container haulage
AIR Full import & export handling Air consolidated services (IATA) Breakbulk Tracking & Tracing Attractive rating Specialized in North America and Far East (Included China, Korea ...)
New Specific Customer Service for Wallonia Scheduled departures and fixed transit time to eastern European countries Tracking and Tracing

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Chaussée de la Sucrerie, 1


Tel: 32-(0)69553911 - Fax: 32-(0)69444416
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Jean-Marie EVRARD

Manufacturing of sugar

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Avenue des Châteaux, 107


Tel: 32-(0)56560505 - Fax: 32-(0)56556676
Email: - Web:
Contact person: Mr Pieter LIBEERT

Directory: publications
publications -> Acm word Template for sig site
publications ->  Preparation of Papers for ieee transactions on medical imaging
publications -> Adjih, C., Georgiadis, L., Jacquet, P., & Szpankowski, W. (2006). Multicast tree structure and the power law
publications -> Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (eth) Zurich Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory
publications -> Quantitative skills
publications -> Multi-core cpu and gpu implementation of Discrete Periodic Radon Transform and Its Inverse
publications -> List of Publications Department of Mechanical Engineering ucek, jntu kakinada
publications -> 1. 2 Authority 1 3 Planning Area 1
publications -> Sa michelson, 2011: Impact of Sea-Spray on the Atmospheric Surface Layer. Bound. Layer Meteor., 140 ( 3 ), 361-381, doi: 10. 1007/s10546-011-9617-1, issn: Jun-14, ids: 807TW, sep 2011 Bao, jw, cw fairall, sa michelson

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