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ALL SPORTS MAY 1st - Deadline for submission of prospective student-athlete financial aid awards. Coaches should make every effort to adhere to these dates to ensure that the paperwork can be processed efficiently.

  1. Continuing award notification will be provided to the Financial Aid office. You will be asked to supply a list of student-athletes you believe will be returning the following year by May 1st.

Once it is determined that a recruit may receive a specific athletic financial aid award, then the recruit may be notified. The Director of Financial Aid, in accordance with NCAA regulations, will send formal grant-in-aid letters and agreements to all recruits who will be receiving grants. This will normally be done during the National Letter of Intent signing period.

The Financial Aid office, in accordance with NCAA regulations is responsible for informing student-athletes whose aid is not being renewed that they have the right to a hearing opportunity if they choose. The written notification must be made by July 1. The Financial Aid office also notifies student-athletes whose aid is being renewed. Athletic Aid will not be renewed for a student-athlete that has not met the satisfactory progress requirements.
Renewal Requirements for Athletic Aid
All athletic financial aid for student-athletes may be renewed yearly if:

  1. the student-athlete maintains academic eligibility,

  2. the student-athlete progresses towards a degree,

  3. the student-athlete maintains membership on the intercollegiate team for which financial aid was awarded, and

  4. the student-athlete remains eligible according to current NCAA regulations.

Reduction or cancellation is permitted. Institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability may be reduced or cancelled during the period (one year) of the award if the recipient:
A) Renders himself or herself ineligible for intercollegiate competition; or

B) Fraudulently misrepresents any information on an application, letter of intent or financial aid agreement.

C) Engages in serious misconduct warranting substantial disciplinary penalty.

D) Voluntarily withdraws from a sport for personal reasons. If the recipient withdraws from a sport for personal reasons prior to the institution's first competition in that sport, reduction or cancellation may occur immediately.

Fraudulent Misrepresentation
If a student-athlete is awarded institutional financial aid on the basis of declaring intention to participate in a particular sport by signing a letter of intent, application or tender, action on the part of the student-athlete not to participate (either by not reporting for practice or after making only token appearances as determined by the institution) would constitute fraudulent misrepresentation of information on the grantee’s application, letter of intent or financial aid

agreement, and would permit the institution to cancel or reduce the financial aid.

Athletic aid may be cancelled or reduced if a student-athlete is found to have engaged in misconduct by the university’s regular student disciplinary authority, even if the loss of aid requirement does not apply to the student body in general.
Hearing Opportunity Required
If the institution decides not to renew or decides to reduce financial aid for the ensuing academic year, the institution shall inform the student-athlete in writing that he or she, upon request, within 30 days of notification shall be provided a hearing before the Athletics Scholarship Review Board (ASRB). Only the student-athlete may request such a hearing; not the parent, guardian, or other legal advisor. The Chair of the ASRB is Dean of Student Affairs, Joe Cuda ext. 8566 (office located on 1st floor of O’Shea). The ASRB reviews cases of student-athletes who wish to appeal a change in scholarship (reduction, nonrenewal, or cancellation).

Athletic Scholarship Review Board (ASRB)
Joseph Cuda – Chair – Dean of Student Affairs
John Stranges – Faculty Athletic Representative
Myriam Witkowski – Assistant to the Dean of Business
Maureen Salfi – Director of Financial Aid

Current Student-Athletes
Additional money will not be allocated to student-athletes who are currently attending Niagara University. Scholarship funds are to be used to recruit student-athletes to the university, not pay them for improved performance.
Exceptions are:

  1. Non-scholarship Student-athletes may receive athletic aid in subsequent years, with permission from the Director of Athletics.

  2. Proven extreme financial aid situations that are determined by financial aid with documentation.

Note: Exchange rate fluctuation is not a valid reason for increasing athletic aid.

Athletic aid can be awarded as percents or fractions to increase as the cost of tuition increases. (ie. ¾, ½, 1/8 tuition scholarships) Though, academic aid will not increase with tuition.
Coaches should clearly explain the university athletic scholarship philosophy prohibits increasing athletic aid after the original award is signed. This university philosophy is the same for athletic awards as it is for merit aid awards. Niagara University merit aid is not increased if a student does well in college, therefore, athletic aid will not be increased during the student-athlete’s college career.





The University fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31 the following year. In December of the previous year, the budgets are prepared for the upcoming fiscal year.
Capital Purchases: Capital budget requests can be submitted at any time. Athletics prioritizes and submits capital budget requests in November. There is a $2,000 minimum requirement to be considered.
Capital Improvements: Requests to maintain capital facilities are also submitted in November. Functional officers will consider capital budget requests to be made for the upcoming fiscal year. For example, if the polo team needs a new horse barn or renovations on their existing barn, this could be construed as an extraordinary or not an ordinary expense and would be considered a capital request and may be authorized.
Usually, departments will be made aware of the next year’s budget by April so planning and ordering can begin in earnest.
Budgets are monitored closely. It may be necessary to close a budget because of


* Coaches should be aware that expenses (meals) incurred in the conduct of preseason practices (i.e. before dorms and dining halls open) will usually be covered by the general athletic operating budget. Start dates for preseason practice will be determined by the Associate Athletic Director, with approval from the Director of Athletics. Preseason practice expenses must remain within the general athletic operating budget constraints


After budgets are approved by the Vice President for Administration and the Director of

Athletics, coaches may order supplies, equipment and other items needed for their program through the Associate Athletic Director - Operations.


Sponsorship programs with ADPRO Team Sales affect what items can be purchased from other vendors. The Associate Athletic Director has final approval on which outside vendors will be approved for use.

The Sport Supervisor must approve all team apparel orders, including uniforms, warm-ups, T-shirts and staff apparel to create a more consistent department and university image. Keep in mind our primary color is purple. Please have a sample in the correct colors and final artwork before seeking approval. Purchases that do not follow the above procedures may not be paid from university funds.

New Employee Procedures:
New employees are required to meet with the Associate Athletic Director – Compliance and Administration. During this meeting, employees will receive phone cards, keys, credit cards, computer passwords, an email address and phone access for on-campus phones.
Keys will be provided by the university locksmith for offices and facilities necessary to conduct on-campus coaching and administration. Keys to the Kiernan Center are issued by the Kiernan Center director.
Department employees will have access to a university computer with connection available in each office.
Email Address
All department employees will be provided with access to the university email system and will be provided an email address which is accessible from off campus via the internet by using MyNU and typing in your login and password.
Credit Cards
Administrators, head coaches and full-time assistant coaches will receive a university HSBC MasterCard in their own name. If payment is late, finance charges and late fees will be the employee’s responsibility.
Reimbursement/Submission Policy for university issued employee credit card is as follows:

· Employee is responsible for payment and reimbursement for credit card.

· A copy of the HSBC bill, all receipts for charged items, along with an

expense certification form, should accompany all check requests.

· The university’s name is affected by delinquent payments.
Mileage Reimbursement
Employees will be reimbursed the standard mileage reimbursement rate which is established yearly in the Business Services office.
Employment Exit Procedures:
All employees are required to have an exit meeting with the Director of Athletics and the Office of Human Resources. During the meeting with the Human Resources, employees are expected to turn in laptop computers, if issued, credit cards, parking hang tags and keys.

Equipment Purchasing
The department wide equipment policy is as follows:
The university budgets will cover – Wind suits for cross country

Wind suits for swimming

*The swimming and cross country teams are accountable for returning wind suits for use the following year.
Team revenue accounts should be used to pay for the following items:

travel suits


team travel bags

Once a vendor is determined, the coach must work through the sport supervisor. DO NOT order on your own. It may be embarrassing if Business Services rejects your order. The Purchasing Department will not pay for goods ordered and received prior to obtaining a purchase order. Salaries may be garnished for unauthorized purchases of equipment. Anticipate your ordering needs and leave enough time for their completion. Follow proper business procedures, which are:

  • Get a Purchase Requisition form from the athletic secretary, online at

  • All information in the top section MUST be completed. The middle section needs DETAILED descriptions and catalog numbers.

  • Return to sport supervisor for approval and processing. Expect a 4-5 day lead time for orders to be completed.

  • Have the goods delivered to the athletic office where you should inventory them and promptly advise the Associate Athletic Director - Operations of their receipt.

  • Keep a master inventory list.

  • Return all items to the equipment room or otherwise account for all items with the equipment manager at the end of the season.

Uniforms, equipment, etc., are not yours or the student-athletes, but are the property of Niagara University unless, of course, things such as footwear, warm-ups and bags are purchased by the student-athletes themselves or team revenue accounts.

Annual team purchases:
No purchases or payments or any kind should be made on behalf of a Niagara University athletic team or camp unless it is through a university account. University accounts include revenue accounts established for your team by the Department of Athletics. Anyone found using an unauthorized account (i.e. personal checking account or credit union account) would be found in violation of NCAA rules. This infraction will be self-reported to the NCAA, the account will be closed, and a written reprimand or letter of admonishment will follow.

Uniform &Apparel

Approval Form
Before ordering team apparel, you must first receive approval from the sport supervisor. All apparel should be in the colors of Niagara University, which is purple and white. Please circle what you are purchasing and the colors you plan to order. If possible, please attach a picture of the product. Include what brand, color and where the product had been ordered from. Note: ADPRO is our contracted vendor. If we are ordering anything from outside of ADPRO, it must include an email from ADPRO waiving the requirement.

Warm-up Tops
Warm-Up Pants

Sweat Pants

Travel Suits:

________________________________ ____________________________

Associate Athletic Director-Signature Date






When planning the mode of transportation for team travel, several factors are taken into account. These include length of the trip, competition schedule, time of day of travel and amount of equipment.
Van Transportation
Vans will be used in the following cases:
1. Trips of eight or fewer team members, regardless of distance or type of

competition. In some cases, a professional driver may be necessary.

2. Trips less than two hours one way. Teams must return before midnight.
Note: Please request vans if they are needed for practice.
Motor Coach Transportation
A motor coach bus will be used in the following cases:
1. Trips over four hours or more round trip.

2. Travel parties more than 25.

3. Hockey teams.

4. Basketball teams.

Air Transportation
Air transportation will be considered when ground travel for required competition exceeds 10 hours. The men’s and women’s basketball teams usually utilize air travel when ground travel exceeds six hours.



Vans should be driven by the coach, assistant coach, trainer, or athletic administrator whenever possible. If a student driver is required, the following procedures must be followed before a student driver will be approved to drive a vehicle for university travel.

      1. Student must be over 21years old to drive for Niagara University.

2. Student must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record as determined by Business Services.

3. Student must take a defensive driving course provided by the university.

4. Coaches and student drivers must complete and sign the driver’s license check form which can be obtained at and provide a photocopy of the driver’s license. (Students and coaches with a valid Canadian driver’s license may also be approved to drive, but must complete the same license check form, provide a copy of their Canadian driver’s license and must obtain a copy of their driving record from the Ministry of Transportation in Canada to present to Business Services (Employees with a Canadian license will be reimbursed for the record fee if they present a receipt to Business Services). Please provide the Associate Athletic Director with the names and phone numbers of any student-athletes who are certified by Business Services to drive. Arrangements to take the defensive driving course will then be made.
Any members of the athletic department staff that plan to drive a Niagara University vehicle must also sign a driver’s license check form and submit a photocopy of a valid driver’s license. Approval from the Business Services must be received before anyone can drive a university vehicle.
The maximum number of passengers in each van will not exceed 9 (including the driver).
Contact the Associate Athletic Director - Operations to check on vehicle availability. If the vans are available he will reserve them for you. Keys for the athletic vans are to be signed in and out on the clipboard located in the closet in the athletic office. Keys to the vans will be in the key holder located to the right of the clipboard. Vans should be picked up no earlier then they day they have been reserved. Vans are to be returned to the last row of spaces posted in the Dwyer Arena parking area and locked. The keys are to be returned to the Athletic Office immediately after a trip. Please do not hold keys for return the next day. Vans are scheduled for use at varied times and this could leave a team without transportation. The van should be returned with a full tank of gas after every trip. If you pick up a van that does not have a full tank, promptly notify the Associate Athletic Director - Operations. In cases like this, the cost of filling the tank will be charged to the previous user of the vehicle. Please inform the Associate Athletic Director Operations immediately if there are any mechanical problems or accidents and if vans were received in an unsatisfactory condition from a previous team or renter. Teams may receive reduced meal allowances for future trips if the vans are returned in poor condition. These funds will be used for cleaning.

Once the schedule is confirmed, fill out the Team Travel Arrangement Request Form and return it to the Assistant Operations Manager. A travel schedule will be arranged for each team. Travel arrangements include air and ground transportation, meal money and lodging.
Team Travel Arrangements Request Form
Forms should be completed by each head coach and returned to the Athletic Office by the dates listed below. This form will be utilized by the Athletic Office to make preliminary team travel arrangements for the upcoming season. The completed form is due by:
Information should be completed for each away game destination during the season. The Athletic Office will attempt to accommodate each team’s request within the team’s allocated travel budget for the year.
The Assistant Operations Manager or their appointed travel intern will arrange for lodging and transportation. Meals should be arranged by the coaching staff.
Once the schedule is set and the dates are confirmed for an athletic team, then, the coach must make changes as necessary directly with the Assistant Operations Manager. For example, if the coach wants to change the time of departure from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., that change should be made by the coach and the Assistant Operations Manager.
Travel Authorization Procedure –Airline Travel Only
Travel Authorization forms are used to book airline tickets. Travel Authorization forms are available online at Travel Authorization forms are required to be completed for any airline tickets purchased for spring break trips out of fundraising and recruiting travel.

Travel Packets
Coaches will be provided with a travel packet for each trip. Travel packages will include a travel itinerary, meal check and attached expense summary statement, directions to the hotel and the competition site, as well as, a copy of the competition contract and tax exemption forms for travel within New York and Florida. Travel packages will be provided by the Assistant Operations Manager.
Please pick up travel packages and review them in advance of your trip, so that adjustments can be made if necessary. Meal checks will be made out to in the head coaches name. In the extreme case that a head coach is unable or not traveling on a trip, Assistant Operations Manager will issue the check to a designee or provide cash. If cash is provided, the individual receiving it will be required to sign a form acknowledging having received it.

(Certification policy requirement, 1997)

Expense Summary Statements:
Coaches need to return the expense summary statement at the conclusion of each trip before the travel packet for the next trip will be issued. Coaches are expected to create a sheet for their student-athletes to sign that includes their name, the amount received for meals and a signature line for the student-athletes to sign that they received the allotted meal money. Expense summary statements should include any receipts for rental vehicles, meal purchased as a group on a university credit card, gas and hotel receipts, tolls and any other miscellaneous expenses.

NOTE: When teams are traveling during inclement weather, coaches and student-athletes must make arrangements for personal vehicles during snow removal. The options are:
1. Team members can arrange for friends on campus to move their cars according to university policy, or

2. Team members and coaches can park only in the last row of the Dwyer Arena lot.






Game Date & Time


Travel Party Size

Mode of Transportation

Hotel Information











*Completed form must be reviewed by your assigned sport administrator for final approval.

_____________________________________ RETURN

Sport Administrator

1. TEAM NAME: Write in your sport.

2. DEPARTURE DATE: Date team will leave for game.

3. DEPARTURE TIME: Approximate team departure time on departure date.

4. GAME DATE: Competition date with the opponent.

5. GAME TIME: Official starting time on the contract

6. OPPONENT: School to be played. Please note alternate site if game will be played at another site.

7. NUMBER IN TRAVEL PARTY: Fill in the sport team and travel party size for the season.

8. TRANSPORTATION: Please see athletic team travel policy.


Olympic sports teams will be quartered in quads.
a) Total number of rooms needed and room type (s). Please indicate how many rooms of each type are needed. (S = single, D = double, T = triple, Q = quad)

b) Check-in date

c) Checkout date

d) Approximate arrival time on check-in date

It is the coach’s responsibility to provide a rooming list one month before the first date of competition.
For Olympic sports, per diem will be $21.00 per day or
Breakfast $5.00

Lunch $7.00

Dinner $9.00
For hockey and basketball, per diem will be $25.00 per day or

Breakfast $6.00

Lunch $8.00

Dinner $11.00

Meal allowances are set by the athletic administration. Basketball and hockey coaches should be aware of their schedules and therefore meal and incidental expense checks should be requested at least 10 days in advance of day of departure. Return receipts and cash or signed rosters as proof of expenditure within one week of contest. Any meal checks not supported by receipts or roster within 60 days of contest will be added to coaches’ W2 income.
Boxed meals will be utilized when convenient. Boxed meal forms will be completed by the coach. Teams are responsible for picking up boxed meals before a trip. Please check Travel Itinerary forms for boxed meal requirements (Please see Sodexho policy attached).

Hospitality Services

at Niagara University

To: Athletics

From: Mark McKibbin

Subject: Pre-Game and Travel Meals

Date: March 30, 2006

The following procedures will be followed concerning pregame meals and travel meals.

  1. One week notice for all pregame meals will be required. This allows us to schedule staff and order the food necessary.

  1. If requested meal is outside of our normal operating hours, all hourly labor costs will be charged to the appropriate team. This amount will vary according to the employee(s) working and the number of employee(s) needed.

  1. All resident students may use their meal plans for the pregame and/or travel meals

  1. All non resident students, the team will be charged for the appropriate meal, unless the resident student(s) donate a meal from their meal plan for the nonresident student. If this is done, the coach must provide us with the resident student’s approval and signature for each pregame and/or travel meal. Photo copies of these signatures will not be accepted. (This policy is in place, as students sometimes were unaware that they were donating meals, until they ran out of meals themselves in past years.)

  1. If the team roster is not turned in before the scheduled pregame and/or travel meal, that team will be automatically charged for meals (and labor if outside of normal operating schedule). If coaches want to email or send the roster to be used for the entire season, that is okay, they must notify us in any changes of the student’s status. This roster will be used for the resident students, but item #4 will be followed for each meal request.

This policy will be updated as necessary. If you have any questions about the above policy, please contact me.

Clet Hall P.O. Box 1049 Niagara University, New York 141091049

Phone: (716) 2868394

Fax: (716) 2868398

Web Page:

Preferred Hotels


Team Travel & Recruiting
Syracuse: #Comfort Inn, 7010 Interstate Road, Syracuse, N.Y. 13209 (315) 453-0045

Ithaca:*Clarion Hotel, 1 Sheridan Drive, Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 (607) 257-2000

*Ramada Inn, 2310 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 (607) 257-3100

Cortland: #Comfort Inn, 2 ½ Locust Avenue, Cortland, N.Y. 13045 (607) 753-7721

Super 8 Motel, 188 Clinton Avenue, Cortland, N.Y. 13045 (607) 756-5622

Canton: Comfort Suites, 6000 U.S. Highway 11. Canton, N.Y. 13617 (317) 386-1161

Oneonta: Clarion Hotel, 55 Market Street, Oneonta, N.Y. 13820 (607) 432-7500
# - Adjacent to Denny’s Restaurant

*- Full Service

All properties listed above are Inntel properties, owned by Niagara alums Dan (’78), and father, John Homik (’47).
Teams traveling in these areas should give first consideration to the Inntel properties. The Homiks make gifts to the university in recognition of our use of their properties.
Coaches that are traveling on university business (i.e., recruiting, conference meetings) may be able to stay at Inntel properties. Contact Dan Homik’s office at (607) 257-3100, ext. 300 to make a reservation. Please identify yourself as a member of the Niagara athletics staff. Please inform the Assistant Operations Manager of your plans, as a record of the number of rooms we use is required.





Coaches are reminded of a few basic policies that pertain to everyone using the athletic facilities. All requests for the Kiernan Center (KC) must be submitted on a request form to the KC Director.

Kiernan Center:

Kiernan Center (entire facility open for Patron Usage)

Fitness Center Hours

Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: 1 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Entrance to Kiernan Center (KC)-all authorized persons using the KC should obtain an ID card from Information Technology (St. Vincent’s Hall, 1st floor) for the purpose of being admitted to the KC for practice. No coaches or student-athletes will be admitted without showing ID during operational hours.
Please do not place the burden on the KC staff by not having proper ID.

  1. Arrivals - Early and late arrivals for the KC facilities must be made in advance with the KC director, if gym space is needed. If visiting teams need accommodations, at least one week is needed to schedule personnel for off-hour work time. Arrangements must be made with the KC Director to obtain keys for admittance to KC after operating hours (Coaches: Keys are not to be used to gain access for personal use & re-keying fees for lost keys will be the responsibility of the individual they were assigned to). Keys should only be used by the individual who signed for them on the facility usage form.

***Note: At no time should student-athletes be practicing during non-operational hours without a coach present. Teams should enter through the back entrance to Scaffidi gym during non-operational hours. Coaches must provide supervision to visiting teams when they are in the facility during non-operational hours.

  1. Athletic Shoes - Competitive and practice shoes and/or cleats are NEVER to be worn in or out of the KC or Gallagher Center gyms. Safety is the primary reason, along with the fact that additional work is created for our maintenance staff, needlessly. Team members should clean their shoes outside and not in locker areas and sinks. Light-soled sneakers are recommended for use in both facilities. Please be mindful of this when ordering sneakers. Please inform your student-athletes as well.

  1. Do not schedule team workouts in the front fitness facility. This is reserved for non-varsity students, employees and members.

  1. Personal workouts - If a full-time coach or assistant coach chooses to use the Kiernan facility they will be required to purchase a membership if they wish to use it outside of the wellness hours or team practice hours (Athletic coaches that are not full-time and have no other paid affiliation with the university are eligible to receive a complimentary membership as a means of helping with the recruitment of candidates for these positions).

  1. The use of “CHEW” or chewing tobacco is prohibited at all athletic facilities and fields.

  1. Practices scheduled will be a maximum of three hours in length. The first 30 minutes may be a shared time for warm-ups and/or set-up.


  1. Practice schedules - Please submit a written practice schedule request for use of the KC and Gallagher Center facilities. In-season schedules will be evaluated and booked first. Out-of-season teams will be scheduled as time and space allows.

Scheduling Protocol of Kiernan Center Facilities
Scheduling of the Kiernan Center facilities for student recreation, University Fitness & Wellness programs, athletic team practices, athletic team clinics and camps, and community organizations is not an easy task. The following scheduling guidelines will be observed for the scheduling of the Kiernan Center facilities and fields.

  1. The Kiernan Center’s main priority is to provide facilities for general student use, intramurals, fitness/wellness programming, and other organized recreational programs for the student population. Priority scheduling will be given to these activities.

2. The next priority will be given to the varsity sports programs for team practices. To realize this priority, it may be necessary that un-structured student use be affected. Attention is given to sports which are “in season”.

3. The next priority will be given to club sports, student organizations (i.e. NUCAP), and varsity sports out of season. Club sports “in season” will be given priority over varsity sports, which are not in season.
4. The next priority will be given to team clinics/camps and community groups/individuals that wish to reserve the Kiernan Center facilities. Programs that benefit the entire university community will be given priority over programs that benefit only one team or department.

5. Other criteria that is considered when scheduling the Kiernan Center facilities:

Scheduling on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there are two athletic teams that reserve facilities at the same time and cannot come to a scheduling agreement, the scheduling issue will be decided upon by an athletic department administrator.

No-show policy: Teams requesting facilities that don’t show up for times requested will not be given as much priority as teams that show up when facilities are scheduled.
Gallagher Center:

The following are the scheduling priorities for the ULGC Facility:

1. Intercollegiate Event

2. In-Season Intercollegiate Practices

3. Non-Traditional Intercollegiate Practice

4. On-campus groups

5. Off-campus groups
If a team is out of season, it may request times not used by an in-season sport. Check “The Schedule Book ” in the main athletic office and then submit a written request to the athletics secretary to book the ULGC facility.
Team practice must have a coach or assistant coach present, and the athletic training staff must be notified. Cancellation of practice should be reported to the trainers and the facility staff in advance, whenever possible.
Schedule changes must be communicated directly to the athletic secretary with final approval by the Director of Athletics.
All schedules are subject to change, due to unforeseen circumstance. Coaches will be notified if changes occur.

Scheduling Hints
To make the scheduling more efficient, please adhere to these guidelines:
When requesting use of an area, please indicate:
1. Length of period in weeks

2. Days per week by name

3. Times preferred and alternatives
Game and practice schedules should be submitted by the following deadlines:



All schedules must be reviewed by your assigned sport administrator and submitted for final approval with the Director of Athletics.
Niagara Field (Turf Field)
The following scheduling protocol will be followed for the scheduling of Niagara University’s turf field. The main priority is to provide field usage for the Department of Athletics, Intramurals, Club sports and general student usage. Scheduling will be handled by the Assistant Athletic Director for Outdoor Athletic Facilities.
Priority scheduling will be given in this order:
1st Priority

  • Varsity athletic teams (Assigned by the Department of Athletics)

    • Varsity sports (Traditional and Non-Traditions seasons) that use turf field as home field.

    • Visiting teams

2nd Priority

  • In-season club sports (Assigned by KC Director).

3rd Priority

  • Intramural/student recreation programs (Assigned by KC Director).

4th Priority

  • Varsity sports (turf is backup field).

5th Priority

  • Athletic clinics/camps

6th Priority

  • University camps

7th Priority

  • Community groups/organizations - A field request form will need to be completed. The Athletic department will provide an application. A fee will be charged.

Additional Policy Notes:

    • If there are two athletic teams that reserve facilities at the same time and cannot come to a scheduling agreement, the scheduling issue will be decided upon by a Department of Athletics administrator using the above priority list.

    • No-show policy: Teams will not be given priority if they fail to communicate canceled time slots with the field Director.

    • Practice and game schedules for the athletic teams will need to be handed in by the date provide by the field director. Visiting teams will work around the master schedule for weekday practice times.

    • Scheduling blocks: games will be allotted 4.5 hours (90 minutes prior and 60 minutes after).

    • Non-Traditional teams will be allotted 2 hour blocks for practice.

Weight Room Scheduling Policies:
The Dwyer Arena and Kiernan Center weight rooms are available to teams. To work out as a team in Dwyer, coaches must notify the strength & conditioning coach. Individuals may schedule workouts with the strength & conditioning coach with the understanding that teams or groups of student-athletes will take precedence. When the strength & conditioning coach is not present a coach must be in the weight room to supervise their student-athletes. For Kiernan Center use, coaches need to contact the KC facilities staff in advance.

Athletic Equipment Policies and Procedures
Teams can make arrangements for the laundering of game and practice uniforms with the equipment manager.
In order to receive equipment and uniforms at the beginning of each season, student-athletes must return the same equipment issued to them. They will not be given credit for returning someone else’s equipment. The head coach and equipment manager will work together to hand out all equipment. At the time of issue, student-athletes should be required to sign for the equipment they have been issued. Coaches will arrange with the equipment manager for the collection of all equipment. Coaches should schedule equipment return on the Monday following the end of the traditional playing season. Student-athletes may not return equipment at random to the athletic office or training room. Student-athletes are responsible for accountability of the equipment. Student-athletes will be billed through Student Accounts for any unreturned, lost/stolen or unnecessarily damaged equipment. Note: Seniors will not receive their diplomas until all accounts are cleared.
The charge for unreturned, lost/stolen or unnecessarily damaged equipment is approximately one and one-half times the original cost. In some cases, primarily uniforms, the charge may double.



Gallagher Center:
Air blowers in the Gallagher Center must be turned on 90 minutes before tip off and off at tip-off, on again at half-time and off at the start of the second half.

MAAC Rescheduling Procedures (Softball):
In the event of a rained-out softball weekend, the conference has determined the following:

  1. When a team plays school A on Saturday, and school B on Sunday and Saturdays game is rained out, that game should be re-scheduled to Monday.

  2. If the Saturday game is played and the Sunday game is rained-out, them the schools should re-schedule the Sunday game for Monday.

  3. In the event that both games are rained out, the Saturday game will be played on Monday and the Sunday game will have to be re-scheduled at another date later in the season.

Game Day Responsibilities

(Home Games)
Officials and Vouchers: Arrangement of officials for home games should be

completed by the head coach with notification to your sport supervisor that officials have been requested. If there is a change in starting time or the contest is changed, postponed or cancelled, please notify the athletic secretary and sport supervisor so officials can be cancelled or rescheduled. Also, notify the Associate Athletic Director - Operations if travel arrangements have been cancelled. It is the responsibility of the game manager to make sure that officials receive vouchers and that they are returned to the Associate Athletic Director - Operations promptly.

Baseball, softball soccer and lacrosse coaches must contact the appropriate officiating bureau if inclement weather forces postponement of the game. If possible, this should be done two hours before the scheduled starting time.
Rescheduled Game: Contact the Associate Athletic Director - Operations as soon as a game is rescheduled so travel arrangements and/or, field preparations may me made, a game manager and sports medicine staff can be assigned if it is a home game.

Indoors, Gallagher: When using Gallagher Center for practice or games; lights, fans, equipment, training supplies and chairs must be shut off, put away and secured to avoid theft or damage. Indoor, out-of-season sports practices should be arranged with the athletic secretary. Cancellations of practice times should be submitted to the athletic secretary.
Field Conditions: If special equipment or field work needs to be done for a particular game, e.g. grass cut or lining of a field, please notify the Department of Athletics 10 days prior so the request can be handled.

Public Relations: It is the head coaches’ game-day responsibility to supply

Media Relations with appropriate contest results for immediate release to the press. If travelling away from home, coaches are requested by Media Relations to call in the scores to their Media Relations contact.

Scores must be called in regardless of the resulting win or loss.
Game-Day Checklist: Coaches and game managers are encouraged to utilize a game-day checklist to prepare for all home games. (See sport supervisor)

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