Teaching syllabus for technical drawing

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It is important that both instruction and assessment be based on the profile dimensions of the subject. In developing assessment procedures, try to select specific objectives in such away that you will be able to assess a representative sample of the syllabus objectives. Each specific objective in the syllabus is considered a criterion to be achieved by the student. When you develop a test that consists of items based on a representative sample of the specific objectives taught, the testis referred to as a “Criterion-Referenced Test. In many cases, a teacher cannot test all the objectives taught in a term, in a year, etc. The assessment procedure you use i.e. class tests, homework, projects and examinations must be developed in such away that it will consist of a sample of the important objectives taught over a period. The examples below show the recommended examination structure for Technical Drawing. The structure consists of End of Term Examination and School Based Assessment.

Structure of End of Programme Examination: This examination shall consist of two (2) papers both of which should betaken.
Paper 1:
(Objective/Geometrical Drawings) This shall be of 2½ hours duration consisting of two sections A and B. Section A Shall consist of 40 compulsory multiple choice items for 40 marks and will last 1 hour. The section will be in two parts, I and II. Part I Shall consist of 30 questions numbered 1
– 30 and will be on general principles, techniques, uses of plane and solid geometry. Part II Shall consist of two alternatives IIA (Building Drawing) and IIB (Engineering Drawing. Each alternative shall consist of
10 questions numbered 31
– 40. Candidates may answer the questions in either Part IIA or IIB. Section B Shall consist of 5 questions on plane and solid geometry and force diagrams. It will carry 60 marks and will last 1½ hours. Candidates shall be expected to answer 3 questions.
Paper 2: (Building/Engineering Drawing) This shall be of 2½ hours duration consisting of two Sections A and B Section A Shall consist of 3 questions requiring sketches of objects, components and tools used in the building and engineering industries. Candidates shall be required to answer two questions Question 1 and any other one for 30 marks. Section B Shall consist of two questions One each on Building Drawing and Engineering Drawing. Candidates shall be required to answer either of the two questions for 70 marks.

The table on the next page shows the composition and manner in which the two test papers should be administered. The SBA could be considered separately. The SBA can be marked out of 100, 200 or any number and scaled down to 30% before grading.

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