Technical Assistance to the Government of Kosovo to Improve Expenditure Tracking and Reporting/Build in-country Capacities/Enhance financial tracking and co-financing reporting Background

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STE SI TOR Expenditure Tracking Kosovo (1)
Reported spending NFM2
NFM1 (?)
1,021,591 1,031,354 1,056,458 TB
1,077,668 1,053,584 1,018,584 Total During the assessment of the compliance with co-financing requirements for the
2017-2019 allocation cycle, Kosovo encountered constraints in the general process for identifying, tracking and reporting on co-financing commitments financial and programmatic, as per the agreement made between the Government of Kosovo and the Global Fund (source xxxxxx). The objective of this rapid HIV and TB expenditure tracking exercise is to determine what has been actually disbursed or spent in Kosovo for HIV and TB programmes from domestic government sources for the calendar years 2019, 2020 and 2021. The HIV and TB expenditure tracking will improve the understanding of the current levels of government domestic public HIV and TB spending to ensure the assessment of
Kosovo’s co-financing compliance, enable better HIV and TB planning and budgeting and optimal use of the financial resources. In addition, this exercise will build in-country capacity to better track the allocation of HIV and TB funds, from their origin down to the endpoint of service delivery from public domestic sources among the different providers and beneficiaries.
The provision of Technical Support/Assistance to the Government of Kosovo for the refinement of a methodological approach/Standard Operation Procedure for the tracking and reporting on Global Fund disease-specific expenditure and programmatic achievements on government investments
The technical support will focus more specifically on
• Development/refinement of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or protocol satisfactory to the Global Fund, that spells out how the Government of
Kosovo will measure and report its performance regarding both the general and specific conditions for co-financing as per the Letter of Commitment. o the metrics to be evaluated the sources of data needed the responsible parties for each part of the co-financing analysis (who will provide the
data, who will carryout the analysis, who will review and approve the
analysis and transmit it to theGlobal Fund), and the expected dates/deadlines/elapsed times for each stage of the work
• The use of the SOP to report on 2019- 2021 HIV and TB domestic expenditures and programmatic achievements in support of the Global Fund funded programs.

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