Technical Assistance to the Government of Kosovo to Improve Expenditure Tracking and Reporting/Build in-country Capacities/Enhance financial tracking and co-financing reporting Background

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STE SI TOR Expenditure Tracking Kosovo (1)

o Support the Government and in particular the MoH working group to assemble the needed data (from budgets, expenditure reports, procurement plans and tender documents, invoices, etc) and conduct the co-financing analysis
• The use of the SOP to report annually on HIV and TB domestic expenditures and programmatic achievements during the Global Fund 2020-2022 Allocation Cycle. o Support the Government in one round of reporting during the 2020-2022 allocation cycle
• Establishment of a roadmap for transition of technical capacity and sustainability of this activity
• Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
• 2019-2021 Financial and programmatic report
• 2023 Financial and programmatic report
• Transition plan of technical support
Place of
Period of
The Service Provider shall provide technical assistance over 6 month period

Supervision &
a) Coordination and supervision Lisa Regis, Health Finance, Specialist. will be the Global Fund point of contact, in coordination with the Country, Fund Portfolio Managers. The team of consultants must promptly report any problems or critical issues that arise while implementing their activities. b) Validation The Global Fund will review and validate the deliverables of the consultancy to ensure they respond to the terms of reference, agreed work plan and regional context.
The Qualification requirements and basis for evaluation (evaluation criteria) of the consultants are

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