Terp (Trash Everyone Really Prefers) 2010 Round 7: Brought to You by the Number n, so therefore also brought to you by the number n+1 Edited by Logan Anbinder,

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TERP (Trash Everyone Really Prefers) 2010

Round 7: Brought to You by the Number n, so therefore also brought to you by the number n+1

Edited by Logan Anbinder, Paul Marchsteiner, Chris Ray, and Jeff Amoros with assistance from Jeremy Eaton, Margo Kirzner, Jack Kennedy, Monica Remmers, Isaac Hirsch, Gary Weiser, Ozzie Fallick, SteveJon Guth and Shantanu Jha

1. This object was invoked by Adam Lambert to euphemistically describe his homosexuality in an episode of The View, and a commissioner for a “Major League” devoted to this object is Eric Pavony. A rarer version of this object incorporates a symbol that represents the word “here” instead of “there,” and one song that references this object suggests Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock as two people who use it. Another song sees lyrics about this object sung concurrently with the line, (*) “Courtney Cox, you’re so hot,”and some games involving this object have recently occurred in an arena called a “spinagogue.”. Described in one song as having been made out of clay, and used in a game that usually incorporates a pot of gelt and uses the letters nun, gimmel, hay, and shin, FTP name this traditional Jewish toy, a top used to celebrate Hanukkah.

ANSWER: dreidel
2. One single by J-pop artist Hikaru Utada contains four remixes of this song, and a version of this song that is a remix of a version by Brenda Lee is also performed during the credits of Bayonetta. A parody of this song that was performed by Tony Bennett on Sesame Street depicted the adventures of a worm named Slimey at the titular location, and the artist with which this song is most associated performed it as a duet with Antonio Carlos Jobim on his final studio album. This song requests, (*) “fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more,” before clarifying the titular request by saying, “In other words, please be true; in other words, I love you.” The singer requests to “let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars,” in, FTP, what Frank Sinatra-popularized song about the titular heavenly body?

ANSWER: “Fly Me to the Moon”

3. One organization that appears in this film is the Church of Religious Consciousness, and an argument between two PA announcers in this film sees one command the other, “Listen, Betty, don’t start up with your ‘white zone’ shit again.” Lieutenant Hurwitz is played by Ethel Merman in her last film appearance, and another character in this movie apparently quit drinking, smoking, (*) sniffing glue, and amphetamines all in the same week. An old woman in this movie is revealed as able to speak Jive, and one memorable scene in this movie depicts a woman with a guitar accidentally pulling out the IV of a sick child who tries frantically to plug it back in. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stars as himself, and Leslie Nielsen’s character responds to an assertion that he can’t be serious with the line, “I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.” FTP, name this satire that showcases the hijinks of the passengers and pilots of the titular airborne conveyance.

ANSWER: Airplane!

4. The first catcher ever to lead the NL in triples, this man was part of the trade to the Phillies that led Curt Flood to challenge baseball’s reserve clause. The personal catcher to Steve Carlton with Philadelphia later in his career, this man hit the “Grand Slam Single,” when he passed Garry Maddox on the basepaths after hitting a game-winning home run. During his second career as a broadcaster, the website (*) FireJoeMorgan noted that he once described Brad Penny as throwing a “Mark Wohlberg fastball. Catch me if you can.” A former All-Star and two-time World Series winner with the Cardinals, for ten points, name this Fox broadcaster and ubiquitous presence in the postseason, who once compared the Yankees’ treatment of Joe Torre as akin to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

ANSWER: Tim McCarver

5. Orlin used credit card fraud and a toaster to construct one of these objects in a basement. One of these objects was nearly destroyed by the consort of Qetesh while being transported on the cargo freighter Achilles, while the Athero device inadvertently caused these objects to explode,. These objects can experience drastic temporal side effects when interacting with solar flares, while their effective (*) range was vastly extended by a ZPM and, later, the core of a volcanic planet, which was used to reach the ship Destiny. The Abydos Cartouche contains an index of these objects, which are composed of the highly dense and superconducting metal Naquadah, while the 38-minute cap on the continuous operation of these devices can be thwarted by the presence of a black hole. They are often found in orbit in Pegasus, while the first one in the Milky Way was discovered at a dig in Giza in 1928 and eventually led to the defeat of the Goa'uld System Lords. FTP, name these titular devices which use wormholes to facilitate galactic transport in a long-running franchise on SciFi.

ANSWER: Stargates

6. The carbosilicate amorph Schlock has an addiction to to a portmanteau based on this food, which is really a stimulant cocktail, and one character who advertises this product teamed up with Superman to fight the Weather Wizard. A funk band founded by Amadee Castenell, Jr in New Orleans used this product as their name, and one brand of this product is named in the song "You're The Top" after the lines "You're Keats, You're Shelley."  Another brand of this product was advertised in Portugal by the kangaroo Kangurik before it was replaced by a (*) bunny with an N or a Q on its chest.  This drink has a high phenethylamine content, leading to Michael Liebowitz to develop a "theory of love" named after its major ingredient.  In Spain, this drink is eaten with pastries called churros for breakfast, such as one brand of this drink named Banania.  Hershey released an iPhone app that lets users mix this drink.  For 10 points, name this product sold under such brands as Ovaltine and Nesquik, and is created by mixing a certain dairy product with a certain non-vanilla flavor.

ANSWER:  Chocolate Milk [prompt on “chocolate,” accept Hot Cocoa, Ovaltine, Nesquik, Swiss Miss or other similar brands, accept Ovalquik really, really early]

7. One song by this group asserts of the titular time, “that’s when the bad man meets his fate,” and is called “On a Saturday Night.” That song is on an album by this band whose title track declares, “Yes you know I’m coming home someday,” and is called “Look into the Future.” Another song by this group warns (*) “feelin’ that it’s gone can change your mind,” and that song’s subtitle is mentioned when it describes “worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two.” Yet another song by this group says of a girl, “she loves to laugh, she loves to sing, she does everything,” before appending its title phrase with the line “that’s the way you need it.” FTP, name this rock band that released “Separate Ways” and “Any Way You Want It,” but is best-known describing a “small-town girl livin’ in a lonely world” in “Don’t Stop Believing.”

ANSWER: Journey

8. One character who has this profession is Devlin in Spy Kids 3-D, and one actor who portrayed a character with this occupation was Dan Hedaya, who did so in a movie in which he costarred with Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst. Another character who formerly had this job was played by Gene Hackman in his last film before retiring, Welcome to Mooseport, and another character to hold this occupation has his finger cut off and is rescued by (*) “Snake” Plissken in Escape From New York. A character named Tom Dobbs nearly achieves this job due to a computer glitch in Man of the Year, and another fictional holder of this job is Merkin Muffley, who famously cries, “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!” Held in The Simpsons Movie by a fictionalized version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is, FTP, what office held by Frank Langella’s character in Frost/Nixon?

ANSWER: President of the United States

9. This character’s preferred musical genre is marching music because of its order and rhythm, which is juxtaposed to his  wife’s cheery taste in music, like Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon.” In one episode in the show starring this character, he discovered from a wedding card that his fiancee married an unknown man at the age of 16 before she married the abusive (*) Paul. In the third season of the show in which he appears, this character befriends the assistant district attorney and takes him under his wing once Miguel Prado discovers him with blood on his hands. Lila burns down a cabin where this character was detaining Sergeant Doakes, who discovered that this protagonist was the actual Bay Harbor Butcher. FTP, identify this brother of the Ice Truck Killer, a titular serial killer who also works for the Miami Metro Police as a blood spatter analyst in a Showtime original series.

ANSWER: Dexter Morgan (Prompt on Morgan)

10. This man related the guideline “roses are red/violets are blue/have sex in the corps/and I'll break your neck” while portraying an undead holy warrior version of himself in SciFi's G vs. E. In his earlier profession, he lined up with Lamar Lundy and Rosey Grier and benefited from running the stunt with Merlin Olsen. After being dismissed from his team for joining a sit-in, this man transferred to the future home of Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley State. The enlargement of ear pads is sometimes traced to this player, whose affinity for wrapping his hands into massive (*) claws and bashing opponents upside the head led the move to the banned by the NFL. This member of the Fearsome Foursome is unofficially estimated to have performed a certain action 179½ times, which would place this “Secretary of Defense” behind only Bruce Smith and Reggie White in a statistic he is credited with inventing. FTP, name this Hall of Fame LA Rams defensive end and coiner of the term “sack,” usually known by his religious nickname.

ANSWER: David “Deacon” Jones

11. This video game location is the subject of a namesake song that depicts the protagonist as “on the road” to this place, and one character encountered here in the basement of a building with an academy is Cal. The Dream Eater technique can be found here, and this location is also the home of a character whose role was taken by Dude in later iterations of its game’s franchise, the grandfather of the host of the Show Me Show. That character, the Old Man, will not let the protagonist pass him until he has had his coffee, and beyond this location is a place that features the game’s first (*) Bug Catchers, the namesake forest to the north of this town. The Gym in this town is riddled with tiles that spin the player in the direction they are pointing, and that are also found in the Team Rocket hideout, as the leader here is that organization’s head, Giovanni. A parcel for Professor Oak waits in the PokeMart of, FTP, what first city the protagonist visits after Pallet Town in the original games of the Pokemon franchise?

ANSWER: Viridian City

12. One character in this film compliments his friend for pronouncing it “boh-ee knife” shortly before they begin singing Tommy Tutone. Earlier, that man asks the main characters “do you wanna head someplace safer, like my van,” a vehicle one of them later describes as an “'89 rapist.” While the protagonist is losing her virginity, she has a fever vision and repeats the word “hopeless.” This film's title character expels jet-black projectile vomit after finding some Boston Market in the fridge, and is later told by the protagonist that she brought an exacto-knife because it's for “cutting boxes.” A (*) fire in this film breaks out during a performance of “Through the Trees” by Low Shoulder, who trigger its main action because it's so “hard to make it as an indie band,” leading  Adam Brody to explain “Satan is our only hope.” After eating Chip, the title character is stabbed by Needy, played by Amanda Seyfried. Written by Diablo Cody, FTP, name this film starring Megan Fox as the titular carnivorous cheerleader.

ANSWER: Jennifer's Body

13. A soccer team from this country was highlighted on Deadspin in July for its unusually elaborate and synchronized goal celebrations, including ones titled, “Going Fishing,” and “And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.” After he was detained by the Japanese over violating a UN embargo by competing in Yugoslavia, former chess grandmaster Bobby Fisher was granted citizenship by this nation and remained there until his death. The aforementioned soccer club (*), Stjarnen, plays in this country’s top division league, the Úrvalsdeild, and this country’s national sport is team handball, in which it won the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. A fictional team from this nation fell victim to a knuckle puck goal by Russ Tyler at the Junior Goodwill Games. The home to a fictitious team coached by Wolf “The Dentist” Stansson in D2: The Mighty Ducks, for ten points, name this country that’s home to World’s Strongest Man legend Magnus Ver Magnusson..

ANSWER: Iceland

14. This woman guest-starred as Molly on the “Coal Miner’s Slaughter” episode of Murder, She Wrote, and made her series debut as the daughter of the titular character on the short-lived Ellen Burstyn Show. In film, this actress was slated to voice the Queen of the Hive in Bee Movie; however, after that part was cut, she instead voiced the Honex Tour Guide. This woman hosted a namesake talk show that aired in 2006 and 2007, and currently voices The (*) Chief, head of the titular medical facility on Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital. This actress’s best-known role saw her play the wife of the never-seen Stan and boss of maid Rosario Salazar, a onetime multimillionaire and friend of Jack McFarland. Known for the high speaking voice she shares with that character, FTP name this woman who played Karen Walker on Will & Grace.

ANSWER: Megan Mullally

15. In a two part comic, this character and her friends travel to Greece, only to have one of her romantic interests kidnapped and ransomed for a Grecian urn filled with diamonds. Until 1969, this character’s best friend dated a jock named Sock, and that girl was the intelligent brunette, Pepper. One of this character’s friends that survived the comic revamping was a girl whose speech bubbles were always framed by (*) music notes. Although she goes to Midvale High school, it was not the setting of many comics, since most stories revolve around the love triangle between her manager and her folk singer boyfriend, Alan M. This character was often used as the “straight man” for jokes about her black drummer’s headstrong nature and Melody’s ditziness. FTP, name this guitar playing redhead who has a band with The Pussycats.

ANSWER: Josie Jones or James or McCoy

16. This band was originally named Kara’s Flowers, and under that name originally produced one song with the lyrics “you can spend the whole time dangling from a grape vine,” and one that says, “when I’ve nowhere else to roam I slowly start to think about coming home.” In addition to “Simple Kind of Lovely” and “Good at Being Gone,” the music video for another song by this band has a sex scene that was sometimes censored by the (*) cherry blossom petals prominent in that video, and the video for yet another song features a similar scene starring Kelly Preston Travolta. Those songs, from the album Songs About Jane claim “she said goodbye too many times before,” and “I don’t mind spending every day out on your corner in the pouring rain,” while a more recent single by this band claims “your silence is slowly killing me, girl, you really got me bad,” and is called “Misery.” FTP, name this band that released “She Will Be Loved,” and that claims the titular relationship is “taking its toll on me” in “This Love.”

ANSWER: Maroon 5

17. One minor character in this film is named Tony Hamilton, who has a son Steven, and another character in this movie is inspired to write an essay after hearing an explanation of “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” One advocate for the protagonist in this film is Burt Cotton, while another is a character who surprises the protagonists when she announces that she is a Democrat, (*) Miss Sue. Another scene in this film sees the protagonist and another character sing “Bust A Move” in a pickup shortly before a car crash with a landscaping truck, some time after the former writes the poem “White Walls” about his experiences at Wingate Christian School. That character ends up living with Collins and SJ, the latter of whom encourages him to pick up a skill that capitalizes on his high test score in protective instincts. Leigh Anne Tuohy adopts a future Ravens offensive lineman in, FTP, what film about Michael Oher that won a Best Actress Oscar for Sandra Bullock?

ANSWER: The Blind Side

18. The music video for this song features what appears to be a ballet dancer performing before absolutist monarchs as well as an orange car stenciled with a giant number seven, and this song was featured alongside Smashmouth and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the Digimon movie soundtrack.  At one point, the singer lambasts Sailor Moon for having "boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing,” and he compares himself to (*) Harrison Ford, Sting, Snickers, and Kurasawa after hoping for the presence of the smoking man.  The singer “wears [his] mind on his sleeve,” and has a “history of losing [his] shirt,” but that’s okay because he’s “all about value.” Containing such memorable lines as “I summon fish to the dish, although I like the Chalet Swiss” and “Chickity China the Chinese chicken,” for 10 points, name this Barenaked Ladies song titled after the length of time that it's been "since you looked at me.”

ANSWER:  One Week

19. In one episode of this show, the main character befriends a prostitute in jail after being sent there for contempt of court, and in another episode she must overcome an accidental addiction to sleeping pills.  Yet another episode of this show sees the central character scold her coworkers for making comments such as, "You know how hard it is to stop after just one peanut!" following the death of a character at whose funeral the protagonist bursts into (*) laughter, only to switch abruptly to tears when the priest encourages laughter.  That funeral in this show was for a character whose motto was, “a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” That episode, “Chuckles Bites the Dust,” is one of many centering on the protagonist’s workplace at WJM-TV and her job as associate producer for the six o’ clock news, which makes this show the first to star a never-married career woman as its central character.  FTP, name this sitcom in which the titular actress portrays a woman who spins and throws a hat into the air as its opening theme declares “You’re gonna make it after all.”

ANSWER: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

20. A monologue by this man opens Hot Butterfly's “Everybody Use Your Imagination,” while Lisa Miceli claims that after ending her relationship with this man, he retaliated by stealing her horse. One of this man's coaches, Tex Winter, employed a modified triangle offense to counter a system designed by Chuck Daly in which players like Mark Aguirre and Rick Mahorn would physically assault him. This player's most successful collegiate campaign saw him team with Sam Perkins and (*) James Worthy to defeat a Georgetown squad led by Patrick Ewing, and he was picked one spot behind Portland's infamous bust, Sam Bowie. Bryon Russell and Craig Ehlo were memorably victimized by this player, who was supported by Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, and Luc Longley, while Isiah Thomas led his team off the court without shaking hands after this man led a sweep the Pistons en route to his first NBA title. A brief stint with the Birmingham Barons interrupted the multiple three-peats of, FTP, what teammate of Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen on the Chicago Bulls, generally regarded as the best basketball player of all time?

ANSWER: Michael Jordan

21. The protagonist of this video's room is decorated with a movie poster for La Diaphane and picture of Mickey Mouse. That protagonist is later seen brushing her teeth with a green light-up toothbrush and a teacher in this video at one point holds up a piece of notebook paper bearing the grade 'A++++'. The video begins with the protagonist rejecting to see an indie film or get food with Steve. At one point, the singer wears a space-helmet against a backdrop of the planet Earth while stating "Houston, we have a (*) throb-lem" and the singer in this video draws a picture of herself performing fellatio on the titular figure in her car. The end of this video has the singer clarify that 'come' means to 'ejaculate...on a book' and also has that singer push aside a girl wearing an "I [heart] Kurt Vonnegut" t-shirt. Comedian Rachel Bloom's tribute to "the greatest sci-fi writer in history", FTP, identify web music video whose title graphically invites the author of Fahrenheit 451 to have sex with the singer.

ANSWER: "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury"


1. One character in this movie declares that the scientific purpose in finding the Jaguar Shark would be “revenge.” FTPE:

[10]Name this movie that both mocks and is a tribute to Jacques Cousteau. Bill Murray plays the titular oceanographer who discovers that he is the father of Ned Kingsley, who is played by Owen Wilson.

ANSWER: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

[10]Life Aquatic was written and directed by this director who also directed Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums.

ANSWER: Wesley Wales “Wes” Anderson

[10]Wes Anderson recently directed a claymation adaptation of the Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was written by this author of The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda.

ANSWER: Roald Dahl

2. Answer these questions about some unique features of various NFL stadiums, FTPE:

[10] Jerry Jones's recent efforts in overcompensation led to a dispute when the new Dallas Cowboys jumbotron was struck by a punt from this team's then-backup A.J. Trapasso. This franchise's kicking game has been led by players like Al Del Greco and Rob Bironas.

ANSWER: Tennessee Titans

[10] This most recognizable feature of Raymond James Stadium is equipped with a payload that fires once for each point scored by the home team. It also sports an extremely disconcerting mechanical bird that periodically heckles opposing fans.

ANSWER: That Really Big Pirate Ship in Tampa Bay [accept absolutely any answers conveying the concept of “Boat”]

[10] Raiders fans have earned sections 104-107 of Oakland Coliseum this nickname by engaging in wholesome tomfoolery like stabbing a Chargers fan in the ribs – after Oakland won – in an altercation viewable on Youtube. A heavy mullet presence in this area may make it an exception to the No-Hair Theorem.

ANSWER: The Black Hole
3. Prior to the beginning of this series, Danny’s wife Pamela is killed. FTPE:

[10] Name this sitcom in which Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen alternated playing Michelle Tanner, sister of Stephanie and niece of Jesse Katsopolis.

ANSWER: Full House

[10] Another Tanner daughter is this eldest, played by Candace Cameron, whose best friend is Kimmy Gibbler.

ANSWER: Donna Jo “D.J” Tanner (accept either underlined part)

[10] This guy, portrayed by Aladdin voice actor Scott Weinger, was a boyfriend of DJ’s. He originally appeared in a fifth season episode with the surname “Peters” but was introduced to the rest of the family in an airport in the sixth season premiere.

ANSWER: Steve Hale (accept either underlined part)
4. They released their 2007 album on the Internet and allowed customers to pay however much they wanted for it. FTPE:

[10] Name this English alternative rock band, who ten years earlier had released the singles “Paranoid Android” and “Karma Police” from their album OK Computer.

ANSWER: Radiohead

[10] This Radiohead album saw its aforementioned 2007 Internet release followed by an end-of-year CD release in Europe. It contains such songs as “Reckoner,” “House of Cards,” and “Nude.”

ANSWER: In Rainbows

[10] This first single from In Rainbows was released as a black and white music video, claims that “You’ve got a Cheshire cat grin/all blurring into one” and says that “there is nothing to explain” about the titular phenomenon.

ANSWER: “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
5. In this game, players assume the role of powerful planeswalkers and attempt to reduce their opponent’s life total from 20 to 0. FTPE:

[10] Name this popular trading card game developed by Richard Garfield and produced by Wizards of the Coast.

ANSWER: Magic: The Gathering

[10] A recent Magic expansion set, Rise of the Eldrazi, introduced the “rebound” keyword that can be found on instants and this other card type. Unlike instants, this type of spell exemplified by cards such as World at War may only be played on your own turn, not your opponents’.

ANSWER: sorcery or sorceries

[10] The aforementioned Eldrazi are a race of powerful creatures. This Eldrazi with the highest converted mana cost of any card in the set and given the epithet “The Aeons Torn”  is a whopping 15/15 that can’t be countered and gives its caster an extra turn.

ANSWER: Emrakul
6. Name some movies that have the Roman Army in them FTPE:

[10]This 2000 Ridley Scott film won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The General Maximus gets captured an is forced into the titular profession where he eventually takes his revenge on Emperor Commodus.

ANSWER: Gladiator

[10]In this 1951 film, the General Marcus Vinicius falls in love with the Christian Lygia, but some interference from Nero causes her life to be put in jeopardy. Its name is the Latin phrase for “Where are you going?”

ANSWER: Quo Vadis

[10]This 2007 film reveals that Romulus Augustus becomes Uther Pendragon and that Julius Caesar’s sword is Excalibur. Sir Ben Kingsley plays Ambrosinus who helps the young Emperor reach Britain where they find the remaining, faithful Roman soldier.s

ANSWER: The Last Legion
7. Minor characters on this show include the accountants Angela and Oscar. FTPE:

[10] Name this NBC show based off a BBC show, featuring Steve Carell as clueless boss Michael Scott.

ANSWER: The Office

[10] This character is referred to as “Big Tuna” by coworker Andy Bernard. Played by John Krasinski, he eventually marries Pam.

ANSWER: Jim Halpert (accept either underlined part)

[10] This minor character is detested by Michael for unknown reasons. He resigned as HR rep to live in Costa Rica, but came back a little while later.

ANSWER: Toby Flenderson (accept either underlined part)
8. No truly knows the original version of this famous folksong about which answer these questions FTPE:

[10] Name this song commonly associated with New Orleans that tells the woes of a man whose father was a gambler and who tell mothers to tell their children not to do what he has done.

ANSWER: The House of the Rising Sun

[10]Though many have covered the House of the Rising Sun it is most famously associated with this English rock group who also sang “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

ANSWER: the Animals

[10] The Animals were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 along with this famous singer whose back up band was called the Wailers.

ANSWER: Bob Marley (prompt on Marley)
9. He recorded the second-highest single-season PPG average in NBA history while serving as an Army Reservist. For ten points each:

[10] Name this former Lakers superstar forward, who retired just before the team won 33 straight games en route to the 1972 title. His poor decisions continued as an NBA executive, where as the long-time GM of the Clippers, he was once unironically described by Reggie Theus as a “veteran of the lottery process.”

ANSWER: Elgin Baylor

[10] Baylor teamed with Jerry West to form a fantastic one-two punch with the Lakers in the 1960s, though they couldn’t break through to the championship in part due to the play of this Celtics’ shooting guard and defensive stoppper who won 10 titles with Boston.

ANSWER: Sam Jones [DO NOT ACCEPT “KC Jones,” two different guards on the same team]

[10] From 1968 until his retirement, Baylor played in the same frontcourt as this man, who is the namesake of a Robert Nozick theory that relates a player’s pay to his impact on gate receipts. While he was a great basketball player, he’s perhaps best known today for acting in Conan the Destroyer and claiming he slept with 20,000 women.

ANSWER: Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain
10. His debut album M.I.A.M.I, or “Money Is a Major Issue,” contained the tracks “Culo” and “That’s Nasty,” both of which featured Lil Jon. FTPE:

[10] Name this rapper who declared “I know you want me, you know I want cha,” and “baby I got cribs, I got condos we can stay” in a 2009 single subtitled “Calle Ocho.”

ANSWER: Pitbull

[10] This other Pitbull song asserts “two plus two, I’m gon’ undress you” and “three and three you gon’ undress me” before referencing Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in suggesting a Holiday Inn as a location to receive the titular type of aid.

ANSWER: “Hotel Room Service”

[10] This more recent song features Janet Jackson and requests the listener to“tell Barack to hit me on the Blackberry” and complains “I hate it when they act like the Virgin Mary.”

ANSWER: “Not My Love”
11. One song inspired by this type of person sees its singer advise “hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband.” FTPE:

[10] Name this type of person who is “climbin’ in your windows and snatchin’ your people up” in a namesake song, an auto-tuned interview with Lincoln Park resident Antoine Dodson, which reached #89 on the Billboard Hot 100.

ANSWER: bed intruder song (accept rapist)

[10] Dodson is a resident of this U.S, state, other residents of which became Internet-famous after reporting the presence of a leprechaun in a tree in the Crichton neighborhood of a certain city.

ANSWER: Alabama

[10] Both the Bed Intruder song and the Crichton Leprechaun report are chronicled on this website, run by “The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies,” that reports on the history and popularity of viral videos and trends.

ANSWER: www.knowyourmeme.com
12. Name some webcomics that aren't xkcd for 10 points each:

[10] This roleplaying pastiche, produced by Giant in the Playground games, features Vaarsuvius, an elf of indeterminent gender, and Durkon, a tree-phobic dwarf, as members of a adventuring party out to defeat the evil lich Xykon and his lieutenant Redcloak.  One story arc involved the fighter Roy dying for a while.

ANSWER:  The Order of the Stick [accept OOTS]

[10] This slice of life webcomic illustrated by Jeph Jacques follows the indy Martin and a menagerie of his lady friends, such as his “will-they won’t-they” roomate Faye and her boss--his girlfried--Dora.  Scatological anthropomorphic computers are included.

ANSWER:  Questionable Content [prompt on QC]

[10] This Tatsuya Ishida comic follows the travails of Slick, who just wants to get laid, and his friend Monique, who thinks he is much too funny to sleep with.  The Devil makes regular appearances, along with his adorable tagalong sidekick Lil' Evil.

ANSWER:  Sinfest

13. One scene in this film shows the protagonist’s best friend, Cameron, intensely contemplating a subject in A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. FTPE:

[10] Name this John Hughes film starring Matthew Broderick as the titular hooky-playing high schooler who reminds the audience, “Life moves pretty fast.”

ANSWER: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

[10] In the midst of his trip to Chicago, Ferris hijacks a float at the Von Steuben Day parade and lip-synchs both “Danke Schoen” and  the Beatles’ cover of this song, during which myriad construction workers and park-goers perform both the titular physical and verbal actions.

ANSWER: “Twist and Shout”

[10] Jeffrey Jones plays this Dean of Students in the film. Foiled in his attempts to expose Ferris’s truancy, he is forced to accept a ride from a school bus driver in the film’s credits, in a sequence set to Yello’s “Oh Yeah.”

ANSWER: Edward Rooney

14. Initially, the mockumentary style of the show was to be expanded upon, the cameraman even having a crush on Claire. FTPE:

[10]Name this ABC Sitcom about two unconventional households, and one traditional one. Phil and Claire Dunphy raise their three children in the titular time period.

ANSWER: Modern Family

[10]This son of Jay adopted Lily with his life partner, Cam in the first episode of Modern Family. He is a lawyer who often utilizes his rhetorical ability to attack homophobia.

ANSWER: Mitchell Pritchett

[10]Steve Levitan, one of the co-creators of Modern Family, also created this NBC sitcom about the staff of the fictional fashion magazine, Blush. David Spade played the assistant, Dennis Finch in this show which 1997 to 2003.

ANSWER: Just Shoot Me!
15. He is “not above sticking his head out the car window and letting his tongue flap in the breeze,” and unfortunately this probably happens when he is driving his DeSoto Adventurer. FTPE:

[10]Name this six-foot dog who wears a suit and travels with his “little buddy” and a .44 magnum. At the Kushman Brother’s carnival, he saves some bigfoots, on the moon he stops the mind control schemes of Hugh Bliss, and in Hell he stopped the Soda Poppers from releasing Armageddon.


[10]Sam and Max made their video game debut in Hit the Road which was made by this video game company famous for producing lots of other adventure game titles like the Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango. They also made a bunch of Star Wars games.

ANSWER: LucasArts

[10]This owner of the Inconvenience store often sells his namesake Tech for absurd prices, especially considering how rudimentary the products are. He is incredibly paranoid and as a result wears many badly made disguises and invests a lot of money into security that Sam and Max usually have to bypass to solve a puzzle.

16. His singles include “Youth” and “Jerusalem,” and he has appeared on the Socalled album The So Called Seder: A Hip Hop Haggadah. FTPE:

[10] Name this Hadidic Jewish reggae musician, whose real name is Matthew Paul Miller.

ANSWER; Matisyahu

[10] Matisyahu had a Hot 100 hit with this 2004 song in which he claims “I give myself to you from the essence of my being” and “Hashem’s rays fire blaze burn bright and I believe.”

ANSWER: “King Without a Crown”

[10] Matisyahu’s song “One Day” features this R&B artist who himself released “Smack That,” “Beautiful,” and “Right Now (Na Na Na).”

ANSWER: Akon or Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam (accept either)
17. This man was offered asylum in Florida after the incident for which he is most famous. FTPE:

[10] Name this fan who tried to catch a ball hit by Luis Castillo, and was publicly ridiculed and harassed afterwards.

ANSWER: Steve Bartman

[10] The ball Bartman deflected supposedly deflated the playoff hopes of this team, who hasn’t won a World Series since 1908.

ANSWER: Chicago Cubs [prompt on Chicago]

[10] This Cubs outfielder was trying to catch the ball Bartman deflected. Known for his unusual stance, he played for 7 different teams over the course of his career.

ANSWER: Moises Alou
18. Pieces of jade from the time of the Qianlong emperor hold the record for the most expensive items appraised on this show. FTPE:

[10] Name this program that airs on PBS, in which people bring their knick-knacks to experts to find out how much they’re worth.

ANSWER: Antiques Roadshow

[10] This other PBS show sees people such as Elyse Luray and Eduardo Pagan investigate stories behind objects related to America’s past.

ANSWER: History Detectives

[10] This refreshingly less educational series originally aired on BBC Two, but now can be seen on PBS. It tells the story of Dave Lister, who has survived a radiation accident that killed all the other people aboard the titular mining spaceship.

ANSWER: Red Dwarf
19. One character in this film is Solomon, a Hasidic Jew who goes crazy after dropping 100 tabs of LSD in one night. FTPE:

[10] Name this recent film about teenager Craig Gilner’s week in the adult psych ward, living with an Egyptian man named Muqtada and developing a romance with Emma Roberts’s Noelle.

ANSWER: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

[10] This comedian plays Dr. Mahmoud in It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Other roles besides the TV show with which he is most associated are as Dr. Aziz in Spider-Man 2 and as Commander Zhao of the Fire Nation in the film adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

ANSWER: Aasif Mandvi

[10] A more famous movie set in a psych institution is this 1975 film directed by Milos Forman, that stars Jack Nicholson and is an adaptation of a work by Ken Kesey.

ANSWER: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
20. By now, most sports fans know about the big teams in the English Premier League. FTPE, answer some questions about some lesser known clubs playing in their shadows.

[10] Long an irrelevant team compared with their United rivals from across town, this blue-wearing team has recently rose to prominence following their purchase by a sheik from Abu Dhabi, becoming the richest team in the world acquiring several stars.

ANSWER: Manchester City

[10] This club which plays its games at White Hart Lane has long been inferior to fellow London-based teams Arsenal and Chelsea. However this most recent year, they have qualified for the UEFA Champions’ League, the first non so-called “Big Four” club to do so in a while.

ANSWER: Tottenham Hotspur

[10] One of Manchester United, Chelsea, or Arsenal has won every Premier League title since 1995, when this club, which plays at Ewood Park triumphed. Currently managed by Sam Allardyce, its leading players included former England goalie Paul Robinson and Norwegian Morten Gamst Pedersen.

ANSWER: Blackburn Rovers
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