Test for 9 th form. I-term

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mirzo ulubek sho va olim, 9-sinflar-uchun-nazorat-ish-yillik
Guess the professions.

9. I like sitting at a desk, I am a good paperwork.

a) a doctor b) teacher c) policeman d) secretary

10. I am interested in fashion and beauty.

a) ecologist b) lawyer c) hair stylist d) doctor

11. I am good at technical machinery and interested in Operational work.

a) economist b) engineer c) lawyer d) clerk

12. Paul ________ a student of Combridge University.

a) were b) are c) is d) am

13. This work ________ tomorrow.

a) is finished b) had finished c) was finished d) will be finished

14. I _______ Tom since he _______ school.

a) have not seen / finished b) see / leave c) saw / has left d) have seen/leave

15. All _______ not gold that glitters

a) is b) was c) were d) are

16. Mother allowed her little .... to watch TV till ten

a) actor b) boy c) son d) girl

17. Can _______ help me this work?

a) your b) us c) his d) you

18. Which of these things can you send ?

a) your business b) the school c) your love d) your dream

19. You can eat a piece of it. What is it?

a) salt b) soap c)cake d) pepper

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