Test for 9 th form. I-term

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mirzo ulubek sho va olim, 9-sinflar-uchun-nazorat-ish-yillik
Complete the proverb.

20. Everything is _______

a) shooting without aim b) better than saying c) good in its season d) after you count

Test for 9 th form. II-term

1. What types of school are there in England and Wales?

a)3 b) 5 c) 4 d)6 e)8

2. At what age do children start school?

a) 6,5 b) 5 c) 6 d) 7 e) 5,5

3. What school is primary school divided into?

a) middle schools b) junior schools c) infant and nursery schools.

4. What are private schools called in England and Wales? •

a) comprehensive b) middle c) grammar d) junior e) public

5. After grade 9 pupils in.Uzbekistan go to ________

a) lyceum b) boarding school c) high school d) university e) private school

6. After grade 9 pupils in Uzbekistan go to ________ and learn a profession

a) lyceum b) college c) board ing school d) high school e) university

7. Before going to school I ________ my school things.

a) checked b) check c) will check d) checks e) have checkea .

8. Before ________ to bed I ________ my teeth.

a) go/ brush b) going / brushed c). going /brush d) go/will brush e) go/have brushed

9. What does the word “expulsion” mean?.

a)jazo b) maktabdan haydalish c)qo’rqitish d) ushlanish e) darsni qoldirish

10. ________ happens when somebody physically attacks a strong pupil.

a) punishment b) detention c) exclusion d) bullying e) truancy

11. Chewing gum ________ in this school

a) are not allowed b) is allowed c) is allow d) is not allowed e) allows

12. Knives ________ on the school campus

a) are not permitted b) are permitted c) is not permitted d) is. permitted e) permitted

13. Good behaviour ________ in this school .

a) is not encouraged b) are not encouraged c) encourage d) encourages e) is encouraged

14. Food and drink _______ in the computer laboratory.

a) is not allowed b) is allowed c) are not allowed d) are allowed e) allowed

15. If a pupil breaks the rules he/she ________

a) punished b) will be punished c) would be punished d) will punish e) punishes . -

16. If a pupil has lines , he/she ________ 50 sentences.

a) can write b) may write c) must write d) would write e) will write.

17. I’m fond ________ reading books.

a) in b) about c) on d) of e) at

18. I’m not keen ________ listening to music

a) in b) about c) on d) of e) at .

19. Where did Shakespeare live?

a) London b) Stratford upon Avon c) Estover d) Plymouth e) Edinburg

20. What types of school are there in the US educational system.

a)3 b)6 c)4 d)2 e) 5

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