Test for 9 th form. I-term

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mirzo ulubek sho va olim, 9-sinflar-uchun-nazorat-ish-yillik
Present Continuous

10. I ________ in a hurry. My friends ________ for me.

a) am / were waiting b) am / waited c) am / waiting d) am / are waiting e) am / had wait

11. I ________ ice cream now.

a) don’t eat b) am eating c) am not eating d) am not eat e) am not ate

12. Look! His grandfather ________ to rock ‘n’ rol music. That ________ strange.

a) is listening / is b) is listening / are c) is listening / were

d) is listening / is e) was listened / was

13. It is ten o’clock. We ______ _____ a dictation.

a) will / have b) are / had c) are / having d) are / has e) are / had had

Past Continuous

14. I ________ an English exercises at this time yesterday.

a) is writing b) are writing c) was writing d) was written e) was wrote

15. She ________ the whole evening yesterday.

a) is read b) was read c) are read d) was reading e) does read

16. I ________ my homework when mother came home.

a) was do b) was doing c) was done d) am doing e) have doing

17. I ________ the piano at four o’clock yesterday.

a) was playing b) didn’t play c) am not playing d) had not play e) wasn’t playing

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