Th Annual Hanover Hawk

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HHMI 2013 Team
Thanks so much for all your hard work!
HHS Band Director-Amy Birdsong

Coordinators-Jennifer Hutson & Cindy Holl

Announcer - Doug Stell

Bake Sale- Anneta Hall

Band Registration- Cindy Parcell & Theresa Campbell

Concessions – Angie Mathews & Staci Smith

Finances- Kim Brewer & Kathy Parra

First Aid - Dawn Beasley

Hospitality – Adelle Sargent

Judges Assistant-Paula Pennington

Parking - Richard Alonso 

Pit Crew - Tim Smith & Tim Tsutsumi

Programs - Theresa Alonso & Carmen Villarreal

Public Relations & Social Media-Dabney Robinson

Tickets - Judy Peterson

Trophies - Sharon Brumfield

Volunteers – Patty Good & Sheila Plotz
We appreciate everyone who has contributed their time and help in so many ways to make the 9th Annual HHMI a success!
Rest up for next year’s 10th Annual HHMI

October 11, 2014

The members of the

Hanover High Band Program

welcome all the bands

and wish them good luck

in today’s competition!

Download 3.18 Mb.

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