The Berlin Blockade

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The Berlin Blockade

This cartoon by the British cartoonist Illingworth appeared in the Daily Mail on 14_February 1949. Stalin’s chess pieces are labelled ‘eastern bloc’ and ‘Berlin Blockade’, Truman’s are labelled ‘Airlift’ and ‘Atlantic Pact’.


1 Study the cartoon. What is the message of this cartoon? Use the details of the cartoon and your knowledge to explain your answer. [7]

2 Describe the Berlin Airlift of 26 June 1948 to 30 September 1949. [4]


3 What were the consequences of the Berlin Blockade of 1948-49? [8]


4 ‘The beginning of a Soviet westward push, meant to force the West not only out of Berlin itself but also out of Germany.’ How far do you agree with this interpretation of the Berlin Blockade? Explain your answer. [10]


Download 40.83 Kb.

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