The Connecticut Wolves Hockey Organization and the “Do It Right” Foundation, Inc. (501c3) are non-profit organizations created by Mr

Community – provide a highly visible leadership youth and junior hockey program that is respected as an important part of the Connecticut community

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Communityprovide a highly visible leadership youth and junior hockey program that is respected as an important part of the Connecticut community.

  • Provide a developmental, instructional , and competitive hockey experience

  • Teach good sportsmanship, citizenship, and build character

Development – field programs that allow kids to enjoy the game of hockey and to compete successfully at local, state, and national levels.

  • Offer youth hockey programs at, Squirt (age 9-11), PeeWee (age 11-13), Bantam (age 13-15), Midget (age 15-17), and Junior level (age 16-20).

- Support the continued success and development of each child in the program to

self-confidence and leadership qualities.

Education stressing the importance of education and how it plays a major role in the continuation and the development of the athlete from the youth program, into the junior program and eventually to college.

  • Providing, at the junior level, an SAT exam review course for all players. This course is mandatory for those players who have previously scored below 1000. Past results have shown us that 90% of the participants raised their scores by at least 40 points with a few raising their scores by 100 points or better.

Why Should My Corporation Sponsor the Wolves?

In the last several years, hockey has become a very popular sport and the Connecticut Wolves have grown to over 200 players coming mostly from the State of Connecticut. The Northford Ice Pavilion in North Branford, Ct. and the Bennett RInk, West Haven, CT are both home ice for our program. Our teams compete in the prestigious Metro Atlantic Hockey League along with some of the premier amateur hockey teams from Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts who travel to Connecticut to play the Wolves. Many players from these organizations find their way to Division I schools and some to the NHL. Therefore, our sponsors are provided wide regional, as well as, state exposure.

Unfortunately, hockey is an expensive sport and the Connecticut Wolves constantly strive to provide a first class youth and junior hockey experience to ALL PLAYERS with the interest and skill level to compete and develop. Mr. Dan McCarthy, President of the Connecticut Wolves organization and Mr. George Hines, Director of the Wolves organization are both committed to improving the lives of all kids within their program. WE DO NOT WANT TO TURN AWAY the next NHL Star from the State of Connecticut.
Therefore, we are initiating a corporate sponsorship program to help defray some of our costs and to better position the Connecticut Wolves organization to offer scholarships to those in need. We have enclosed, for your consideration, a packet of different levels of sponsorship that are available in the Connecticut Wolves organization. Remember, your sponsorship is tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor).
We would like you to become one of our sponsors and feel that this would not only benefit our program but give positive community exposure to you during our hockey season. If you would like to become a sponsor or know someone who would, please contact: Michael Vizziello at 203-988-3929 or mvizziello@msn. or Mr. George Hines at 203-234-1156. Also, please visit our website at to get a better sense of the scope of our organization.
Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Vizziello and George Hines

Connecticut Wolves Hockey Club

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