The diagram depicts the various phases in the manufacturing process of olive oil and water

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The diagram depicts the various phases in the manufacturing process of olive oil and water.
At the galance, it can be seen that the given step-by-step procedure involves 7 stages, commensing with Harvested fully matured olives from the olive trees and culiminating in readied for storage and commercial distribution, undergoing meticulous preparation to ensure both quality preservation and market readiness.
To begin, the process commences when harvested mature olives are subjected to a thorough cleaning process using a specialized olive washing machine, where they are rinsed with cold water. Subsequently, olivies are send to belt for drying and the olives are carefully crushed in a large processing unit, where mechanical force is applied to break them down into a coarse mixture. Subsequently, the processed mixture undergoes division into two components: the first being the olive paste, and the second consisting of olive stones. Both components are packaged in sacks with large perforations and are then forwarded to the pressing stage. Moving on the next phase, The liquid undergoes a meticulous separation process within a specialized filtering machine, effectively isolating the oil from the water. This crucial step ensures the refinement and purification of the final products, contributing to the quality and clarity of both olive oil and water.Finally, the separated olive oil and water are carefully transported to storage facilities, where they are prepared for commercial sale. This phase involves ensuring proper packaging, labeling, and adherence to quality standards, facilitating the products' readiness for the market.
The completes the process of makin olive oil from beginning to end.
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