The Father of the Computer John Vincent Atanasoff

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The Father of the Computer - John Vincent Atanasoff

Task 3

Use the research sites (on Web Quest site) to locate the answers to the questions. Scan online articles to locate information.

Site 1: John Vincent Atanasoff – Fact Archive

  1. What year did Dr. John V. Atanasoff conceive the idea of the Atanasoff Berry Computer?

  1. Who was Dr. Atanasoff’s graduate student who helped him build the computer?

  1. What year did they build the prototype of the computer (prototype is an example)?

  1. What 2 key ideas did he use in his computer?

  1. On January 15, 1941, what paper announced the ABC as “an electrical computing machine”?

  1. Who visited Dr. Atanasoff in 1941 to see the ABC?

  1. What was this visitor interested in and what did he later construct?

Site 2: Inventors of the Modern Computer:

  1. Atanasoff-Berry Computer: How much grant money did Dr. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry receive to build a larger computer?

  1. List details of the size of the final product (size, weight, vacuum tubes, wire length, etc.).

  1. How fast could the ABC calculate and compare it to today’s calculation speed?

Site 3: John Atanasoff: World Biography article

  1. SperryRand-Honeywell Suit: What were the results of the 1973 court decision?

History – Task 3

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Download 6.43 Kb.

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