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Indiana Leads the Way Home

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Indiana Leads the Way Home

Indiana has become the first state to retreat from the Common Core standards, as Governor Mike Pence has just signed a bill suspending their implementation.

A great deal has been written and spoken about Common Core, but it is worth rehearsing the outlines again. Common Core is a set of math and English standards developed largely with Gates Foundation money and pushed by the Obama administration and the National Governors Association. The standards define what every schoolchild should learn each year, from first grade through twelfth, and the package includes teacher evaluations tied to federally funded tests designed to ensure that schools teach to Common Core.


Over 40 states hurriedly adopted Common Core, some before the standards were even written, in response to the Obama administration’s making more than $4 billion in federal grants conditional on their doing so. Only Texas, Alaska, Virginia, and Nebraska declined. (Minnesota adopted the English but not the math standards.)

Here is my prediction: Indiana is the start of something big.

Just a year ago Common Core was untouchable in Indiana, as in most other places. Common Core had been promoted by conservative governor Mitch Daniels, and the state superintendent of public schools, Tony Bennett, was a rising GOP education star.

How did the bipartisan Common Core “consensus” collapse?

It collapsed because some parents saw that Common Core was actually lowering standards in their children’s schools. And because advocates for Common Core could not answer the questions these parents raised.

In Indiana, the story starts with two Indianapolis moms, Heather Crossin and her friend Erin Tuttle.

In September 2011, Heather suddenly noticed a sharp decline in the math homework her eight-year-old daughter was bringing home from Catholic school.

“Instead of many arithmetic problems, the homework would contain only three or four questions, and two of those would be ‘explain your answer,’” Heather told me. “Like, ‘One bridge is 412 feet long and the other bridge is 206 feet long. Which bridge is longer? How do you know?’”

She found she could not help her daughter answer the latter question: The “right” answer involved heavy quotation from Common Core language. A program designed to encourage thought had ended up encouraging rote memorization not of math but of scripts about math.

Heather was noticing on the ground some of the same things that caused Stanford mathematics professor R. James Milgram to withhold his approval from the Common Core math standards.

Professor Milgram was the only math content expert on the Validation Committee reviewing the standards, and he concluded that the Common Core standards are, as he told the Texas state legislature, “in large measure a political document that . . . is written at a very low level and does not adequately reflect our current understanding of why the math programs in the high-achieving countries give dramatically better results.”

The Common Core math standards deemphasize performing procedures (solving many similar problems) in favor of attempting to push a deeper cognitive understanding — e.g., asking questions like “How do you know?”

In fact, according to a scholarly 2011 content analysis published in Education Researcher by Andrew Porter and colleagues, the Common Core math standards bear little resemblance to the national curriculum standards in countries with high-achieving math students: “Top-achieving countries for which we had content standards,” these scholars note, “put a greater emphasis on [the category] ‘perform procedures’ than do the U.S. Common Core standards.”

So why was this new, unvalidated math approach suddenly appearing in Heather’s little corner of the world, and at a Catholic school?

Heather was not alone in questioning the new approach. So many parents at the school complained that the principal convened a meeting. He brought in the saleswoman from the Pearson textbook company to sell the parents. “She told us we were all so very, very lucky, because our children were using one of the very first Common Core–aligned textbooks in the country,” says Heather.

But the parents weren’t buying what the Pearson lady was selling.

“Eventually,” Heather recalled, “our principal just threw his hands up in the air and said, ‘I know parents don’t like this type of math but we have to teach it that way, because the new state assessment tests are going to use these standards.’”

That’s the first time Heather had heard that Indiana had replaced its well-regarded state tests, ISTEP (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress–Plus) in favor of a brand-new federally funded set of assessments keyed to Common Core. “I thought I was a fairly informed person, and I was shocked that a big shift in control had happened and I hadn’t the slightest idea,” she says.

Erin Tuttle says she noticed the change in the math homework at about the same time as Heather, and she also noticed that her child was bringing home a lot fewer novels and more “Time magazine for kids” — a reflection of the English standards’ emphasis on “informational texts” rather than literature.


These standards are designed not to produce well-educated citizens but to prepare students to enter community colleges and lower-level jobs. All students, not just non-college-material students, are going to be taught to this lower standard.

I want to pause and highlight the significance of Heather and Erin’s testimony. Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle did not get involved in opposing Common Core because of anything Michelle Malkin or Glenn Beck said to rile them up, but because of what they saw happening in their own children’s Catholic school. When experts or politicians said that Common Core would not lead to a surrender of local control over curriculum, Heather and Erin knew better. (Ironically, the leverage in Indiana was Tony Bennett’s school-choice program, which made state vouchers available to religious schools, but only if they adopted state tests — which were later quietly switched from ISTEP to the untried Common Core assessments.)

At first Heather thought maybe her ignorance of Common Core was her fault. Maybe, with her kids (as she imagined) safely ensconced in good Catholic schools, she hadn’t paid attention.

That’s when she and Erin started contacting people — “and we found out something more shocking: Nobody had any idea,” Heather told me.

A friend of Heather’s who is a former reporter for a state newspaper and now a teacher didn’t know. Nor did her state senator, Scott Schneider, even though he sat on the state senate’s Education Committee. (In Indiana, as in most states, Common Core was adopted by the Board of Education without consulting the legislature.) Nor, evidently, did the state’s education reporters — Heather could find literally no press coverage of the key moment when Indiana’s Board of Education abandoned its fine state standards and well-regarded state tests in favor of Common Core.

“They brought in David Coleman, the architect of the standards, to give a presentation, they asked a few questions, there was no debate, no cost analysis, just a sales job, and everybody rubber-stamped it,” Heather said.

So began an 18-month journey in which these two mothers probably changed education history.

One reason the media ignored the implementation of Common Core is that the Indiana education debate was dominated by Governor Daniels’s high-profile effort to expand school choice. But as my colleague at the American Principles Project (APP) Emmett McGroarty pointed out to me, nationalizing curriculum standards quietly knifes the school-choice movement in the back. As McGroarty puts it, “What difference does it make if you fund different schools if they all teach the same basic curriculum the same basic way?”

Common Core advocates continue to insist that Common Core does not usurp local control of curriculum, but in practice high-stakes tests keyed to the Common Core standards ensure that curriculum will follow.

Emmett McGroarty turns out to have been a very important person in the journey that Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle made to take down Common Core.

Heather and Erin were helped by many people and groups along the way, including the Pioneer Institute’s Jamie Gass, the Hoover Institution’s Bill Evers, and the Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke. Many Indiana organizations played key roles, beginning with the indispensable leadership of the Indiana Tea Party. Other natural allies Heather and Erin contacted and educated in order to build the movement include the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Indiana Family Institute, and the Indiana Association of Home Educators.

But Heather told me that what McGroarty and his colleague Jane Robbins at the American Principles Project did was unique. “I call him the General of this movement,” Heather says. “He strategizes with people in every state. Day or night, Saturday or Sunday, Emmett’s there if you need him.”

The 2012 white paper, co-sponsored by the American Principles Project and the Pioneer Institute, that urged the American Legislative Exchange Council to oppose Common Core became Heather and Erin’s bible. “That white paper is the most important summary; we gave copies to people and said, ‘Read this. If you can’t read the whole thing, read the executive summary.’ Because it covered all the bases, from the quality of the standards to the illegitimate federal data collection to the federal government’s involvement in promoting Common Core,” Heather told me.

But even more influential than its message development was APP’s willingness to give in-depth, hands-on, intensive help whenever Heather and Erin requested it. “Usually you call up a national organization, and they are really nice, they say they are with you, and they send you some helpful research and say, ‘Good luck with that,’” Heather explained. But APP did much more. “All along the way APP has been the greatest source of support mentally, emotionally, and with research that a grassroots organization could have had.”

A big break came in June 2012, when the local tea-party council asked Heather and Erin to develop a flyer that it could use to spread the word to tea-party meetings all across the state; the two women turned to Emmett and Jane to help draft it. The first time Heather and Erin were asked to appear on a local radio show (something they had never done before), they asked Emmett if he would fly in and do the show with them. APP staff would fly out to attend rallies, do local radio shows with Heather and Erin, help them prepare to meet with editorial boards, and act as sounding boards and strategists each step of the way as the grassroots movement grew.


In 2012, it looked as if Heather and Erin had failed: Prodded by Governor Daniels, the Indiana legislature voted down a bill to withdraw from Common Core.

Heather was ready to give up. Without hands-on support, she told me, “For sure, I would have given up. But Emmett told me this was just the beginning.”


So Senator Schneider agreed to introduce the bill again, and Heather and Erin went to work crisscrossing the state that summer for rallies and meetings that drew large crowds. The media reluctantly began to take notice.

And then something magical intervened: an election.

Tony Bennett’s reelection as state superintendent of public schools was supposed to be a slam dunk. His opponent, Glenda Ritz, was a Democrat in a deeply Republican state, and she had no name recognition and almost no money; she ended up being outspent by more than 5 to 1 as Bennett’s war chest swelled to $1.5 million with major gifts from Michael Bloomberg’s PAC, Walmart heiress Alice Walton, and other national players.

But Bennett was also the highest-profile public defender of Common Core, while Ritz was raising concerns about it.

When the dust had settled on election day, Bennett had lost, badly. It was the upset of the year.

When Michael Petrilli, executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute (which backs Common Core), found out late on election night that Bennett had been unseated by the unknown, underfunded underdog Glenda Ritz, he wasn’t happy: “Tony Bennett! Sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t,” Petrilli told Huffington Post writer Joy Resmovits. “You can quote me on that.”

Well, something had clearly hit the fan.

Bennett’s defeat marked a decisive turning point, making every Indiana politician aware how deep voter discontent over Common Core was.

In Indiana, as elsewhere, Common Core proponents have responded to public criticism by accusing the parents of being stupid and uninformed or possibly lying. Common Core, they say, is not a curriculum; it is not being driven by the federal government; it will not interfere with local control of schools.

A few days before Senator Schneider’s anti–Common Core bill passed, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce (which had spent more than $100,000 in ads opposing the bill) lashed out in frustration at the outsized effect Heather and Erin had had on the legislature: “Two moms from Indianapolis, a handful of their friends and a couple dozen small but vocal Tea Party groups. That’s the entire Indiana movement that is advocating for a halt to the Common Core State Standards,” the Chamber of Commerce fumed.

This is not accurate, given the opposition by many education experts, including Professor Milgram, Professor Sandra Stotsky of the University of Arkansas, Professor Diane Ravitch of New York University, Professor Chris Tienken of Seton Hall, and former assistant education secretary Williamson Evers at Hoover.

But never underestimate the power of a mother, especially one who is defending her own child’s future.

What started in Indiana is not staying in Indiana.

Legislation opposing Common Core has been introduced in at least seven other states, and large crowds are turning out at public panels and rallies in states from Tennessee to Idaho. Last month the Michigan state house voted to withhold implementation funding, despite Republican governor Rick Snyder’s support for Common Core; the Missouri senate this week approved a bill calling for statewide hearings on Common Core.

In April the RNC passed a resolution opposing Common Core as “inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children.”

On April 20, Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (R., Mo.) sent a letter — co-signed by 33 other congressmen — to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, asking for a detailed accounting of changes in student-privacy policies associated with the new national database the Obama administration is building as part of its Common Core support. The letter pointed out that the Education Department had already made regulatory changes — without consulting Congress — that appear to circumvent the 1974 law that limits the disclosure to third parties of any data collected on students.

“The Common Core places inappropriate limitations on the influence of states and localities, while burdening them with additional, unfunded expenses,” Representative Luetkemeyer told me via e-mail.


Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is taking the lead nationally in shining light on the Obama administration’s key role in promoting Common Core. On April 16, Grassley was joined by seven other GOP senators (including major presidential contenders Ted Cruz and Rand Paul), who signed a letter calling on their colleagues to stop funding the implementation of Common Core, which, they point out, appears to violate federal laws that explicitly forbid the Education Department to influence curriculum or assemble a national database. “I voted against the Economic Stimulus Bill that essentially gave the Department of Education a blank check that was used for Race to the Top, and I have been very critical of how the Department of Education used those funds to push a specific education policy agenda from Washington on the states without specific input from Congress,” Senator Grassley told me via e-mail.

The recent announcement by Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, that the AFT wants to delay implementation of the Common Core tests in New York put a bipartisan nail in the coffin of consensus.

And more moms are following the trail Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle blazed.

One major objection to the Common Core standards is that they are not evidence-based. Their effect on academic achievement is simply unknown, because they have not been field-tested anywhere in the world.

But moms have a more elemental objection: The whole operation is a federal power grab over their children’s education. Once a state adopts Common Core, its curriculum goals and assessments are effectively nationalized. And the national standards are effectively privatized, because they are written, owned, and copyrighted by two private trade organizations.

“Legislators are incredulous when they learn the standards and assessments are written by two private trade organizations — the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers. This creates concern why public education is now controlled by two private organizations,” says Gretchen Logue, a Missouri education activist and one of the co-founders of Truth in American Education, a network of activists and organizations opposing Common Core. “They also don’t like that the standards and assessments are copyrighted and cannot be changed or modified by the states.”

So why are so many good conservatives, from Jeb Bush to Rick Snyder, supporting Common Core? Many conservatives signed on to a clever strategy that asked them to endorse, not the specific standards, but the idea of high “internationally benchmarked” national standards. It is a principle of psychological persuasion that, once you act, in however small a manner, you will feel cognitively compelled to justify your action. Many business leaders with no experience or expertise in education reform have come on board.

This is as good an explanation as any for why so many conservatives are aggressively promoting a set of national standards about which we know, for sure, four things:

a) They are not internationally benchmarked. In fact, for math in particular, they are exactly contrary to the kind of national standards used in high-performing countries.

b) The two major experts on content who were on the Validation Committee reviewing the standards backed out and repudiated them when they saw what the standards actually are.

c) State legislatures and parents were cut out of the loop in evaluating the standards themselves or the cost of implementing them.

d) The Common Core standards are owned by private trade organizations, which parents cannot influence.

These objections, among others, led Diane Ravitch to call on her blog for backing out of Common Core, as the standards were “flawed by the process with which they have been foisted upon the nation.”

Ravitch went on: “The Common Core standards have been adopted in 46 states and the District of Columbia without any field test. They are being imposed on the children of the nation despite the fact that no one has any idea how they will affect students, teachers or schools. We are a nation of guinea pigs, almost all trying an unknown new program at the same time.”

I asked Heather how she felt on that historic day she saw the very first anti–Common Core bill in the nation pass. “I was elated!” she told me. “We were up against so many powerful groups with so much money. We fought against all odds, tons of money, a slew of paid lobbyists. All we had was the truth, the facts, and a passion to protect the future of our children. Our victory is proof that our American system of government still works.”

The Southern Border

It lays there in the dark like a sinuous black python 20 miles long. It crawls from the surf of the azure blue Pacific Ocean, up the glistening white beach and then on to the east -- over the rolling hills and toward the high mountain peaks at the southern extremity of California's Sierra Nevada mountains. It is all that stands between the health, beauty and wealth of America and the drug inspired violence of Mexico.  

A million tons of concrete and steel. For 20 miles this barrier is all that protects America, and it isn't enough.  

The only parts of the US / Mexico border that are actually protected are those few miles near our 16 official Ports of Entry. Of the 1,945 miles of southern border only about 60 miles are actually guarded.

The 20 miles of US / Mexico border at San Diego is the most fortified border in all of the United States. There are no parts of the US / Mexican border more secure or fortified than here. 

There are some parts of The Wall which are in three layers. It was discovered that illegal aliens and drug smugglers would crash even ten cars through the fence at one time and force a clear path. To stop this the US Border Patrol installed a triple barrier. First there is the steel barrier above, then another barrier and then a last defense of 20 ft high concrete posts pounded deep into the ground. 

The drug smugglers have tried to attack the border by tunneling beneath it. In some places along The Wall, drug smugglers have built tunnels even half a mile long. In other places their efforts have been discovered before it was too late.

The illegal aliens and drug smugglers still can get through the various barriers. To defend us against these invaders, they must be detected. Even ancient methods are employed. The Border Patrol Agent will drag this behind his vehicle at the start of his shift so that he can come back and see footprints in the dust.

 Mexico is in utter disarray. It is no longer possible to discern what is drug cartel and what is Mexican Government. The American government has always told its citizens that Mexico was a monolith -- with a singular direction and purpose. This was especially true under the quasi-dictatorship of Mexico's PRI political party that ran the country for 70 years. But today, Mexico has fractured and is held together only by Mexican Army bayonets.

Mexico has a population of over 100 million but more than 25% of these people do not speak Spanish - instead they speak one of almost a hundred different Indian dialects. Most of these dialects are some form of Mixteco or Zapoteco - pre-Columbian tongues whose structure makes it extremely difficult for these people to transition to Spanish let alone English. Many of these Indians speak other even more primitive languages - including Triqui and Mam.

The dream is over. The only thing holding Mexico together today is -- truly -- the Mexican Army.

Unfortunately, the Mexican Army is up to its eyeballs in drugs, murder, kidnappings and more -- and is on the verge of collapse. There will soon be another revolution in Mexico.

Today, there are civil wars raging in a dozen Mexican states. Mexico is dying -- drowning in its own citizen's blood. Mexico's future can only be 1930's style Chinese Warlordism -- but these warlords may also be drug lords. It's just a matter of time.

And America is running out of time.

Along the western 20 miles of America's southern border, Mexico's violent convulsions and terror slam into America's only defense -- The Wall -- and then over the top and into the soft unprotected underbelly.

The American border is unguarded and open.

Each year, as many as 400,000 Mexican illegal aliens are captured someplace along just these massively fortified first 20 miles of America's border with Mexico -- The Wall.

Along just the first five miles of The Wall -- in what the Border Patrol calls the Imperial Beach sector -- there were more than 118,000 illegal aliens captured by Border Patrol agents in one recent year alone.

Violence is rampant for nearly two thousand miles.

It is not a border or "border town" problem, because the problem exists in the Mexican enclaves in America as well as in Mexico itself. Mexico City, Monterey, Veracruz, Acapulco, Guadalajara (where Mexicans even machine gunned a Cardinal of the Catholic Church) and Tijuana are all awash in blood.

In Tijuana there are -- on average -- six murders of policemen each year. This statistic includes the murder of Federico Benitez Lopez theTijuana Chief of Police and Alfredo de la Torre Marquez -- the next Tijuana Chief of Police.

On just one average day in Tijuana there were three completely unrelated acts of extreme violence: two gun battle / bank robberies -- one in the fashionable "Zona Rio" area of town and another in the La Mesa commercial district plus a shoot out right at the US / Mexican border between two Tijuana policemen (Antonio Garcia and David Cruz) and three gunmen. The policemen died.

Tijuana -- a city with only the most primitive of sewer systems, minimal running water and no piped in natural gas -- averages more than 35 murders a month. Certainly, even the Mexicans do not enjoy living in a world of such violence - so they come to America.

We must understand that for all of the "We Are All One" that comes from American liberal media, the people of Tijuana have other ideas. One of the great honors that can be granted between two cities is "sisterhood". What this means is that the two cities share so many common interests that they are as if born as one -- sisters. Tijuana, Mexico is now to become "one" with a sister city: Havana, Cuba. Cuba has been a haven for drug smugglers and drug cartels for at least 30 years, and the real link between Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Lee Harvey Oswald -- the assassin of our president John F. Kennedy -- is known and very real.

As a Tijuana Friends of Cuba Association spokesperson said: "Cuba is a worker's nation, and we identify with it through many customs and historical aspects." Cuba and Mexico share a common history of U.S. intervention, and many Mexicans admire Cuba.....

Every night possibly a thousand Mexican campesinos wait in Tijuana for their chance to clamber over The Wall's steel plates and into the underbelly America. About a third of those crossing are actually caught. Many of those captured are then imprisoned for crimes that they had committed on some previous run into America. Most of the remainder are simply returned to Mexico. Those who are returned just rest a bit and try to cross again.

In some places the situation is so bad that even America's public roads have been set with anti-climb fencing right down the middle and between the lanes to stop the illegals from crossing and being struck by speeding cars. 

In some places the illegals have invaded en masse' -- hundreds in a single stampede -- and they hit this road fencing with such force that it collapses and they cross this last barrier and are deep into America.

Yes, the US border with Mexico is about 1,945 miles long and this northbound stampede occurs every night along the entire border.  

To the north of The Wall lies San Diego, California -- the sixth largest city in the United States. To the south of The Wall lies Tijuana, Baja California -- the third largest city in Mexico. Because of this collision of First World and Third World populations the United States has built this barrier to slow the inexorable northward attack on America -- The Wall.

Along The Wall itself -- in what the Mexicans call "La tierra de nadie" or "no man's land" -- and within sight of San Diego's skyline and civilization, the crime is wanton and unchecked.

And the violence occurs night, after night, after night. There are constant shoot-outs along the border between the US Border Patrol and Mexicans. The rules of engagement require that the Mexican shoot first -- and several times -- before the US agent can respond. In one recent engagement two Border Patrol agents expended more than 60 rounds in a fire-fight with Mexicans. In another, an agent was shot twice while he sat in his car. These murder attempts on Border Patrol Agents occur so frequently at one spot along the border that an armored car has been permanently parked as a "bullet catcher."

Because of the "feel good" policies of California's senators Boxer and Feinstein, all the Border Patrol can do is place this armored car between their Agents and The Wall to try and save them from hails of rifle fire.  

The murder rate for the City of San Diego is made public each year. A region called "Otay Mesa", which is home of to The Wall -- has had even 3.72 murders per 1,000 residents a year. Along this part of the U.S. / Mexican border in any given year you can have better than one chance in 269 of waking up dead. Otay Mesa has sometimes had a higher murder count than entire European countries.

There is no way of knowing how many more of the dead and dying are taken south across The Wall and back into Mexico - never to show on US crime statistics. The numbers of rapes along The Wall are in the thousands and even more are never reported -- because a report means US Border Patrol involvement and deportation of the victim.

Thousands of the illegal aliens who are wounded in this perpetual bloodbath and too enfeebled to escape are carried to American hospitals for emergency care and are nurtured back to health at American taxpayer expense. The US government throws the expense for treating illegals onto local communities by refusing to arrest the wounded - allowing them instead to be eventually discharged from the city's hospitals and often onto the streets of America.

Don't think that illegals are mistreated if they finally are caught and imprisoned. California spends about $4,000 a year just on medical care for each prisoner. The federal government spend even more. How much do you spend on your own personal medical care every year?

Tijuana is acknowledged as the world's biggest migrant camp. Campesinos from all over Mexico and Central America come to Tijuana and build their own cardboard colonies while waiting for a chance to invade America. Some of these colonies limit their residents to villagers from a distinct region. This allows the residents to pass their cardboard homesites on to successive waves of their own villagers. These "colonias" are not small. Some have as many as 150,000 residents.

The largest of the "colonias" occupies a triangle of land five miles on a side. To the west is the United States Border Checkpoint and its monstrous 24 lanes of cars slowly edging forward to cross into the United States. To the north is The Wall. To the east is Tijuana's Abelardo Rodriguez International Airport. To the south the "colonia" melts into the gray-brown dirt of Tijuana itself.

This "colonia" is the most squalid and dangerous place in all of Mexico. To the United States Border Patrol the area is called "E2". To its residents it is called "Colonia Libertad".  

It was born in the depths of the American depression -- when the United States Government still thought American jobs should be reserved for Americans. In 1934, Mexican nationals were scooped onto trains and pushed out of California and back into Mexico. The US government paid the Southern Pacific Railway $14.70 for each Mexican they dumped over the Mexican border. Don't think that these Mexicans were getting the harsh treatment. The average American of 1934 earned only about $7.00 a day so this was more than two days pay.

More than one half million Mexicans were sent deep into Mexico -- far south of Mexico's barren and arid desert states - to discourage their return. Others were simply pushed back over the border and into Tijuana. Some of the Mexicans forced back over the border near Tijuana purchased land on a hillside to the east of Tijuana's downtown business district. The lots were 18 by 50 meters and cost 75 pesos. Colonia Libertad was born.

After more than sixty years of Mexican style development Colonia Libertad still has no running water and no gas and sewer lines.

The people of Colonia Libertad are so violent that they attack every sign of authority. Even Tijuana police cars entering the colonia are stopped, rolled over and set on fire. Tijuana police -- wearing double-thick Kevlar vests and military style helmets -- now travel the area on dirt bikes -- vehicles maneuverable enough to escape most ambushes and attacks.

The people of Mexico have been told how the Norte Americanos have stolen their country's land and wealth. For all the years of their schooling their teachers repeat the stories of how Mexico has the right to reclaim its land. They have been told of how their brothers and sisters were winning the battle and that they soon would take back California, Arizona and New Mexico.

And that it was all being done one small step at a time. And the truth is….. they really are doing it.

First there is US citizenship for any Mexican child born in any American hospital of an illegal alien mother (and in Los Angeles County 66% of all births are to illegal alien mothers). The average Mexican woman averaged 6.8 children in 1970 and although this number is believed to have dropped since then it remains a bio-bomb of cataclysmic proportions. Honduran females today average 5.2 children, Guatemalans 5.1 children.

Demographers describe the average of 2.1 children per woman as the ideal "replacement level" - the point where births equal deaths. The birth rate for White females in the United States is about 1.3.

America's hospitals are incubators for the seeds of America's demise -- funded by the US taxpayer. Then there is free housing and free food. And then free medical care beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Million dollar heart transplants are free in America -- and yes, foreigners from Mexico are given priority over Americans. This sometimes means the death of Americans who have to wait as foreigners are put at the front of the line. Impossible? Incredible? It happens almost every day. There have been well publicized hearings on the matter but nothing is done.

The children born to illegal alien mothers are immediately eligible for Aid To Families With Dependent Children - AFDC. Illegal alien mothers can and do receive even $2,000 a month in benefits - it depends upon how many US citizen children she has spawned.

San Diego has tried to force these illegal alien mothers to perform some kind of work to get this money. The illegal's present Modus Operandi is to have the checks mailed to a US Post Office box at the border and have someone collect the checks for them. In Mexico she can live like a queen on $2,000 a month. How well could you live on $2,000 a month…. in Mexico?

The City of San Diego government has discovered that trying to make these illegals work for their $2,000 a month is a federal crime! It is a federal crime to hire an illegal alien - so making these illegal aliens work for their welfare money is thus - illegal.

In most parts of California you can register to vote even if you can't speak English. And even if you can's speak English, it is illegal for the clerk to ask for proof of citizenship.

Mexico's presidential elections were marred on March 23, 1994 by the Tijuana assassination of Mexico's contending presidential candidate Sr. Luis Denaldo Colosio. The assassin finally convicted of the crime was Mario Alburto Martinez. It was subsequently discovered that Mr. Martinez -- Mexican National -- was fully registered to vote in Los Angeles, California, USA, in all of the local, state and US elections just as if he was a US citizen.

The American media call even people like Mr. Martinez "undocumented workers", or "undocumented immigrants". The term "Illegal Alien" is considered so racist that it cannot be used even by the police. Yet Mr. Martinez and all those of his kind have a name for themselves - "Los ilegales" - The Illegal Men.

The final destination for many of these illegal aliens is the huge Mexican colonia in south central Los Angeles -- which has become the second largest "Mexican" city in the world -- second only to Mexico City itself. And this populous new Mexican city is in California -- in the United States of America. The Mexican colonia in Los Angeles is a very violent place.

There is at least one murder in this colonia every night. It is so violent that even weddings are dangerous and about once a year a wedding in the colonia is marred by a drunken fight that ends in gunfire and murder.

If we review the transcripts from one of the largest crime trials in Los Angeles history - in the court of US District Judge Ronald Lew - we discover how violent and pervasive the Mexican is in our prison system. Thirteen Mexicans were tried on charges of killing or trying to kill 22 people. Much of the Mexican gang population in the US operates under the name "La Eme" - which is the Mexican phonetic pronunciation of "M" for mafia.

La Eme was formed by illegal aliens held in California prisons - to create what they described as "the gang of gangs". When out on the streets they call themselves "carnales" - which is a streetwise term for brothers.

There are tens of thousands of "carnales" on the streets of America.

There are also thousands of Mexican gangs scattered all over the US. One is called the "Eighteenth Street Gang" of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department admits that this gang has more than 9,000 local members and that it controls a sizable portion of south central Los Angeles. The gang members are not only responsible for hundreds of drive-by shootings, tens of thousands of acts of property damage and over a hundred murders, but the gang has become so bold that the members block traffic on the streets of Los Angeles for hours at a time and extort money from drivers - a "transit tax". One of the gang's most popular acts of defiance is massed public urination.

The 300 "Eighteenth Street Gang" members of just the half square mile area of Los Angeles called Pico-Union kill about three people a month. What's worse is that they use radio scanners to listen in on 911 calls and threaten to (or actually do) kill those who report crime to the police.

This gang is all talk when compared to the Mexicans of Mar Vista -- a tiny neighborhood near the adjacent Los Angeles city of Venice. There, gangs wounded more than 20 and killed six in just one month.

Then there is the "Avenues" gang of Los Angeles. Three members of this gang - Messrs. Rodriguez, Rosales and Gomez - were recently convicted on five counts of attempted murder in the death of a three year old infant that they slaughtered with volleys of gunfire as the child's parents made a wrong turn off a freeway and into the gang's Los Angeles turf.

We all are aware of the terrible civil strife in Northern Ireland. Almost every week we hear of new atrocities and murders plaguing that land. The total number of deaths over the last 20 years from all the strife in all of Ireland is "only" 3,000. In those same 20 years more than 7,000 people have been killed by Mexicans just in south central Los Angeles alone.

The magnitude of the Mexican crime plague in Los Angeles is a well guarded secret.

More than 87 percent of people of Mexican decent now residing in the United States are not US citizens -- holding instead resident alien status or illegal alien status. In addition, the largest immigrant group of all the immigrant groups in the United States are Mexicans under the age of four.

It may be of interest to note that while Washington D.C is certainly not a nice place to live, Mexico City is the only city in the world where dried particles of human feces float in the air like brown snow.

The Mexican assault on America is blatant, bloody and continuous. The Calexico, California Border Checkpoint is a good example: It had a drug-crazed Mexican-involved shoot-out with US Border Patrolmen inside their office, a bomb, and a 100 mile high speed chase all in one day. The Mexican shot one Border Agent in the face and another in the chest before being killed in a hail of gunfire. The bomb was in the pedestrian tunnel providing passage between Mexico and the United States. The pickup truck carrying 17 illegals plus a driver crashed through the border checkpoint and then raced more than two hundred miles from Calexico to south central Los Angeles before running out of gas. There, the cargo of illegals ran in all directions and most were never caught. All of this was during a single eight hour shift at the Calexico, California border crossing.

The Mexicans have discovered our weakness. First, they demanded that chasing a car full of illegals be considered a hate crime and so now these criminal packed cars are no longer chased by any state, or local police or federal officers. But that was not enough so now the smugglers will fill a car full of illegals and then drive down the opposite lanes of a freeway -- with other cars crashing into each other to get out of the way. Still nothing is done because in stopping these criminals some of them might be injured.

This Mexican invasion and its terrible toll is America's best kept secret.

One of the most incredible secrets hiding in plain view is our need for US Border Checkpoints 60 miles inside our own country. Thanks to unbridled illegal immigration, nearly 120,000 square miles of the southern United States of America have become the "property" of the illegal aliens. The United States of America has had to set up a second "border." When you move northwards from the Mexican border on any road or highway, the US Border Patrol will be there to check to see if you are an illegal alien. Here is a photo of the actual America's second border checkpoint 60 miles inside our own country. 

Although this invasion has gone on for years nothing is done. Americans live in a country controlled by "One Worlders" -- people who do not believe in borders. Their fantasy is being paid for with American blood and maimed American children. Today it is fine to fear a foreign threat like the al Qaeda or Iraq. When those very same people reach our southern border they become "undocumented migrants" and whatever they might be carrying they are allowed to cross into the United States almost with impunity.

Mexican illegal aliens have a name for themselves -- "Reconquistas" -- the re-Conquerors. They are reconquering American and turning it into a place just like the Mexico of today. Their symbol is an image of the original American flag -- with thirteen stars.

This flag is used by them to signify how they intend to push the "gringos" back to the original thirteen states. Over this flag they place the word "Cuidadania" which means citizenship. It is through American citizenship that they will become permanent conquerors of our lands.

The situation is extremely grave and the greatest threat to our America comes from what crosses our border from the south

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