The Impact of Social Media to Student’s Mental Health

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Related Studies. Deepa M, Dr. V. Krishna Priya (2020) conducted a research titled ‘Impact of Social Media on Mental Health of Students’ that have 90 university respondents and they used questionnaire, websites, magazines and journals to gather information. The Findings revealed the following: a) The Descriptive study was conducted among top 2 deemed universities in Chennai with a sample of 90 respondents. It includes questions on demographical information, the pattern of social networking usage, social relationship and Health effects. B) This study concludes that more usage of social media, number of SNS and too much of time spent on social media network sites is affecting the student’s mental health such as depression and anxiety.

The Researcher recommended the following: a) There ought to be a restrain on how students can utilize social media and SNS to reduce the cause of discouragement in their mental wellbeing. B) The outcomes about their study can be utilized as premise for a few analysts since the study appear the distinctive outcomes about in conducting a investigate c) Social media applications can results a tremendous danger to youngster’s mental health. It is commonly found that unnecessary utilization of Social media and SNS can prompt elevated hopelessness, uneasiness, torment, sadness, and dissatisfaction with life, in this manner falling apart psychological well-being.

The study of Deepa M, Dr. V. Krishna Priya and the present study were exceptionally much related to each other because since they both study about the impact of social media on mental health of Students. The former study, however, differs from the last-mentioned study because it included top local colleges and universities while the present study focused on Senior high school students.

Another difference is that the present study included school effectiveness in relation to student’s mental health while that of Deepa M, Dr. V. Krishna Priya did not.

The conclusions are in the following: a) The study was conducted to examine the impact of social media on student’s mental health. B) The study revealed that majority of the respondents using number of social networking sites and they are spending time more than four hours in a day for using social networking sites.

The results of the research are as follows: a) In that study it was found that there was a different between number of social networking site and symptoms of depression. B) the study also revealed that there is strong relationship between symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Our study and study of Deepa Krishna Priya is same in terms of topic, purpose and the method that is used but we’re not the same in respondents. My respondents are high school students but their respondents are university students.

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