The Impact of Social Media to Student’s Mental Health

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Research Hypotheses

This study tested the following null hypothesis.

  1. There is a significant relationship between depression and students mental health issues.

  2. There is a significant relationship between anxiety and students mental health issues.

Definitions of term Used in the study

For the superior understanding, the taking after terms

are conceptually and operationally characterized.

Social media. This alludes to a websites and applications that empower clients to form and share substance or to take part in social organizing. This too offer assistance to a peoples group to communicate, share stories, passionate, and cyberbullying.

Socialization. This relates to a prepare of internalizing the standards and belief systems of society. Socialization envelops both learning and educating. People require social encounters to memorize their culture and to outlive.

Emotional. This are related with real responses that are enacted through neurotransmitters and hormones discharged by the brain, sentiments are the cognizant involvement of passionate responses.
Download 46.62 Kb.

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