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At Har Sinai

At Har Sinai the Yidden did stand

Vayichan shom Yisroel - hand in hand

Moshe their Rebbe, told them he must leave

In order that the Torah they may receive.

For forty days I will be gone

Do not despair - you must remain strong

My dear children, I will return

And Hashem’s Torah we will learn.

With great anticipation, they counted each day

But the time was passing, how much longer must they wait

Where is our Rebbe, the Yidden did cry

Fourty days gone by, we need you at our side.

The Satan, pointed to the sky

Look up at your leader - see he died

A bed they saw, the pain they could not take

This led them to make the fateful mistake.

In 770 we all did hear

The Rebbe King Moshiach, stating clear

Anovim the time of your redemption is here

For Moshiach you must prepare.

Although it may be hard for our king we do not see

I know that the Rebbe is looking after me

And is asking you and me, what have you done to bring

The Geulah and Moshiach our king.

With great anticipation, we count each day

But time is passing, how much longer must we wait

Where is our Rebbe, we all do cry

It’s taking much too long, we need you on our side.

The Satan says - no reason to believe

Look at your Moshiach, he did leave

But no this time our emunah you cannot shake

We will not make the same fateful mistake.

The Rebbe Is

With a question I turn to you father

We stand here by the Rebbe’s chair

But why must we walk all this way

Why can we not daven elsewhere?

I vaguely remember the Rebbe

And the times he would farbreng

But now that is all behind us

Life is just not the same.

I cannot see the Rebbe

I can only see where he sat

Father why must you insist

That we continue to live in the past.

The Rebbe is, the Rebbe lives, the Rebbe cares, the Rebbe hears

The Rebbe sees, the Rebbe leads, he is concerned for all our needs.

The Rebbe is, the Rebbe gives, the Rebbe sees, the Rebbe speaks

The Rebbe smiles, our salvation he does seek.

Dear son you must understand

The Rebbe is only concealed

But the truth is that he is alive

And needs only to be revealed.

This is why we come all this way

An effort to daven right here

My son we are here with the Rebbe

And that is not just a red chair.

Thank you, oh thank you dear father

For showing the truth to me

I’m sure that by being a chossid

The Rebbe we will soon see.

In The Ohel

(T.T.T.O. Hamalach Hagoel – Dveykus)

In the Ohel he prays

Streaming tears roll down his face
His feelings he cannot contain
As he cries to the Rebbe in pain.
I know you are truly alive
Leading and guiding us, giving us life
But Rebbe it’s too much to bear
We need you l’matah down here.
Ad Mosai, till when, this darkness must end
Oh when will we be together again
I know you are listening crying with me
Dear Rebbe how long must it be.
Oh Rebbe, we need you, now is the time
Yechi Hamelech together we cry
I know you’ll be back, you gave us your vow
Lead us to Geulah right now.
Leaving the Ohel behind
These thoughts of the Rebbe etched deep in his mind
connected like never before
To Moshiach the Nassi Hador.

Yaakov Didn’t Die

My dear brethren there’s something I must say

Regarding the time in which we find ourselves today

Our Rebbe, our king our heart

He’s our father from whom we cannot part.

Gimmel Tamuz didn’t change a thing

The Rebbe’s still our leader, our master, and our king

Although we may not see him we know that he is here

With this in mind we have nothing to fear

He gave us our duty, our job we must fulfill

To bring Moshiach is his only will

We’ll do all we can and Moshiach we will bring

Let’s exclaim our cry of victory: long live the Rebbe our king

Hold on a little longer we made it all this way

There’s nothing left to do, He’ll be coming right away

Don’t give up faith, don’t let the Satan try

Believe in the Rebbe, Yaakov didn’t die

Let Me Tell You a Story

Let me tell you a story of holiness and glory

A tale that brings tears to our eyes

Of fathers and husbands fulfilling a mission

Who selflessly gave up their lives.

In the midst of a battle an army swept forward

The victorious king in their lead

But there in his way to their utter dismay

Was a river, he could not proceed.

Despair overwhelmed him, he cried now all is lost

I cannot continue, there’s no way to cross

If only a bridge was here to carry me through

And the soldiers understood what it was they must do.

The king watched as his soldiers jumped in one by one

The pile rose high the bridge was begun

As he finally crossed over with his remaining few

He said thank you my soldiers, I owe it all to you.

The story has meaning its message eternal

It whispers to me and to you

Of the life of a chossid fulfilling his mission

To bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

These men are not famous

Their names remain unknown

Yet they understood that their lives are not their own

The one thing that matters is for us to carry through

The will of the Rebbe, yovo v’yigoleinu.

Sounds Of Joy

Sounds of joy are ringing in the air
A miracle that saves us from despair
Darkness changing into blinding lights

The Rebbe is gezunt

Elation reaching greatest heights.
Sounds of joy are ringing in the air
A miracle that saves us from despair
Darkness changing into blinding lights
Let’s sing throughout the night.

The Rebbe our symbol of strength

In royalty you’ll lead us on again
We thank Hashem for this day
For the Rebbe’s gezunt we pray.

Rebbe, with hope we turn to you

As chossidim we sing ashreinu
Together let’s make the Rebbe proud
And bring Moshiach now!

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