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At An Office In Manhattan

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At An Office In Manhattan


At an Office in Manhattan one Friday afternoon

A man tells the boy with a jeer

How is it, young Mendy, that week after week

You keep telling me Redemption is near.
Excuse me, dear sir, just open your eyes

‘Cause it’s plain for all to see,

As the Rebbe has assured us Geulah has come

And it’s only up to you and me.

Yiddishkeit spread it’s light throughout the whole world

The war has already been won

The simonim all show that Moshiach is here

So tell everybody he’s come.

Young man, you are right, I hear what you say

Your message was spoken so clearly

Mendy heads for his home, feeling firm in his faith

Inspired by his very own words.

Amongst Majestic Mountains

(T.T.T.O Acheinu – Lev V’nefesh)

Amongst majestic mountains, a nation stands alone

An ending to their exile, a promise of a home
Pondering their destiny, gazing at the setting sun
Moshe stands alone, B’nei Yisroel’s Ro’eh Ne’eman.
He sees Eretz Yisroel, a splendid golden view
Listening intensely to Hakodosh Boruch Hu
My dear servant, Moshe, for you to enter this great land
The Dor Hamidbar from redemption forever will be banned.
Hashem, please take my life from me
My people they must live to see
The coming of Moshiach and the Mikdosh Hashlishi.

Please pass them down through the doros

And give a nassi my koichois
To lead them towards Geulah in Niflaos Digulos
Standing at the Ohel, so faithful and so strong
Pleading for a nation that has waited much too long
Filling them with courage, caring for them day by day
The Rebbe, our Moshe stands and proudly leads the way.
B’nei Yisroel, hear our cry
Thundering voices Ad Mosai
And join the million forces as we’re marching side by side

The Rebbe lighting up the way

The Geulah we will have today
The promise of Redemption in Niflaos Digulos

Confused and Upset

Confused and upset, this golus we feel
The evil and darkness are all too real
People are trapped in the confines of velt
Spirituality’s not really felt.

Hashem made a promise, we will be redeemed

Moshiach will come to fulfill our dream
Hashem in His glory will clearly be seen
Revealing the G-dliness in everything.

Almost two thousand years and he still hasn’t come

All the avodah has already been done
We can’t understand what is the delay
Please send us Moshiach today.

Oy! Hashem we demand You fulfill Your vow

We want Moshiach, we want him right now
We can’t understand what is the delay
Please send us Moshiach today.

The Rebbe has told us what we must do

Tzpiah and begging for Moshiach Tzidkeinu
The buttons are polished the work is complete
Our Father awaits for his dear children’s plea.

Sitting In the Darkness

Sitting in the darkness a young boy in despair

He does not see his father anywhere

What will be, where will I go

Without my father I’m all alone.

The boy is unaware

That his father is right there

But his father’s words echo in his mind

After contemplation he comes to his sense

"Tatte I know you are alive."

Yechi adoneinu moreinu v’rabeinu

Melech haMoshiach l’olam voed!
The father is Moshiach his children we are

Why can’t we see him, why is it so dark

By learning his sichos we’ll come to perceive

That Melech HaMoshiach did not leave.

The Rebbe is alive

Geulah is here

If we’ll open up our eyes

We’ll see this very clear

Learning inyonei Moshiach is the only way

To live with Moshiach each and every day.

We’re learning the sichos

Opening our eyes

We’re learning the sichos and we realize

That Moshiach has already come

The avodah is done.

A Tear Runs Down From His Cheek

(T.T.T.O Nigun Shabbos Ve’Yomtov [Nigun #96])
A tear runs down from his cheek,
Oh, Hashem, it’s another week,
Shabbos is passing, the Rebbe did not speak.

Days, weeks, then months go by,

How long must your children cry,
Beseeching, demanding, Ad Mosai, it’s enough.
Where is the hand to which millions do come,
Where is the voice that unites us all as one,
Our hearts pouring out as we cry to Hashem,
Der Rebbe Zol Zein Gezunt and be with us again.
On Sunday a man arrives,
With hope in his troubled eyes,
Excuse me, please tell me, the Rebbe’s help I seek.

I’ve come to the Rebbe’s door,

His brocho I need once more,
Unanswered, he lifts his eyes and desperately does cry.

Dear G-d, I Am Just a Little Boy

(T.T.T.O Niggun D’veikus of R’Hillel Paritcher)

Dear G-d, I am just a little boy

They say my prayers can be felt on high
Father in Heaven, listen to my cry.
At his window I daven every day
With a broken heart yet with faith
I know that the Rebbe is so near
Oh please Hashem, it hurts me so
I cannot see my Rebbe, His face aglow
How long must He suffer
How long can our father be in pain
Unite us with our Rebbe once again
Yechi Adoneinu, the Rebbe will return
No longer will he suffer, no longer will we yearn
That day is coming closer, that day is very near
When the Rebbe will be with us once again

With A Tehillim

(T.T.T.O Ani Maamin – J.E.P)

With a Tehillim he sat through the night

Pondering deeply into his plight
The Rebbe’s image in front of his eyes
Oh, where is Moshiach, he cries.
Three time a day we would have the great Z’chus
The Nossi Hador would come daven with us
How can I live when a Shabbos goes by
Without a farbrengen he cries.

Rebbe, oh Rebbe, we need you

Hashem, Hashem, Keil rachum
We’re sick of this Golus can’t bear any more
Why don’t you open the door
Your children are yearning to be with you
How long can this Golus continue
Bring the Geulah, fulfilling your vow
To bring Moshiach, right now!

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