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We’re In The Army

We’re in the army we’re ready to fight

Our camps are protected day and night

By doing the Mitzvoswe’ll win this war

And there won’t be Golus anymore.

So Yetzer Hora listen to me

Don’t waste your time bothering me

We’re marching on to victory

With Moshiach speedily.


Bireishis at the dawn of time

A vision so divine

Reveals a nation yet to be

Beside them all the world would pale

For they are Yisroel

A shining light for all to see.

And they would come together

Pledge their love forever

Tying there knot at har sinai

The dawn was the land

Of milk and honey and

The joy it would bring as time went by

From Egypt liberation through the splitting see

The nation of the land retreating fearfully

The might walls did crumble at the shofar blow

Yericho fell and finally our home land was in view.


Yerusholayim, we will never leave you

Now and forever hear and soul we need you

Our life and our prayer the dream that lives inside of us

City of our fathers we will never let you go.
Once upon a mountain high

He heard the angels cry

As they behold the akeida

And knowing what his father taught

Dovid hamelech bought

The holy mountain moriyah.

His son worked endlessly and so it came to be

A bais hamikdosh build of purest gold

Kings would come from far and wide

And coast away their pride

They did proclaim to young and old

There’s only one Rebono Shel Olam

If we had only listened we would still be one

With eretz Yisroel and all that we have lost

How soon did we forget it all and oh at what a cost.
Now it’s been two thousand years

And as we fight the tears

We miss you dearly one and all

The agonies we’ve survived

And yet we still arrive

To find the answers at your walls

We fought so hard to make you home

For you and ours alone

No matter what the world may say

We will not forsake you no they’ll never take you

For we are your soul and till this day

Deep inside our hearts we know that it will be

We’ll rise again for all the world to see

And as we do our bayis will descend in fire

To light the streets again and to fulfill the worlds desire.

At The Threshold Of New Times

At the threshold of new times

We await the final sign

One more step beyond these doors

Our Geulah.

Take the golden key in hand

With this strength we’re in command

Every door now brakes way

Limits fade.

Join in as one heed our melech’s call

It’s up to me and you

The power of simcha will prove Geulah true.
Thousands of voices our goal united

Passed and present years

With rhapsody of joy Moshiach’s here.


My Zeide lived with us in my parents’ home
He used to laugh he put me on his knee
He spoke about his life in Poland
He spoke but with a bitter memory.

And he spoke about the soldiers who would beat him

They laughed at him they tore his long black coat
And he spoke about a synagogue

That they burned down

And the crying that was heard beneath the smoke.

But Zeide made us laugh Zeide make us sing

And Zeide made us kiddush Friday nights
And Zeide oh my Zeide how I loved him so
And Zeide used to teach me wrong from right.

His eyes lit up when he would teach me Torah

He taught me every line so carefully
He spoke about our slavery in Egypt
And how G-d took us out to make us free.

And as winter went by

Then summer came along
I went to camp to run and play
And when I came back home they said "Zeide’s gone"
And all his books were packed and stored away.

I don’t know how or why it came to be

It happened slowly over many years
We just stopped being Jewish like my Zeide was
And no one cared enough to shed a tear.

Many winters went by many summers came along

And now my children sit in front of me
And who will be the Zeide of my children?
Who will be the Zeide if not me?
Who will be the Zeide of our children?
Who will be the Zeide if not we?

Golus Good-bye

I’ve asked the wise

They say golus is a blessing in disguise

A greater light follows the night

But it’s been so long, it feels so wrong

It’s not where we belong.
Brothers and friends,

We must bring this golus to an end

Our urgent cries will pierce the skies

Tell Hashem, ad mosai - till when.


Golus it’s time for you to go, good-bye

Bring down the curtain on the show, good-bye

You’re lasting much to long no one can deny

Enough is enough it’s time to say good-bye.

So open wide your prison doors, good-bye

We are your prisoners no more, good-bye

You can not stop us now, so don’t even try

Good-bye, good-bye, it’s time to say good-bye.

Father and king,

Everything is you and you are everything

But the golus lies and blinds our eyes

Why can’t we see Your majesty undisguised.

In the heavens high

All the angels tremble when they hear You cry

For every Jew, all we’ve been through

Till we are home You’re in golus too.

Yerusholayim a Place to Live

Come let us sing the song of a city

Known for its beauty, splendor and grace

Come let us find the words to describe her

She is not like any other place.

Yerusholayim the place to live
Yerusholayim horim soviv
Yerusholayim shel shalom

Yerusholayim we’re going home.
Walk down a street named for the tzaddik

Who lived by this very road

Step into a shul you almost can hear

The words of the sages speaking

The wisdom of old.
Where else in this world can you find a wall

Whenever you touch it - it touches you

Reach for its stones

They’re moist with the tears

Of our hopes and our dreams that we know

Will soon come true.

Travel the land, the mountains and valleys

There is a story behind each stone

But when you return, your heart will rejoice

As bruchim haboim appears

And you know you’re home.

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