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When I Was Young

When I was young I heard a tale
Of a giant oh so tall
And his son oh, so small
They shared a dream to see the king
They hungered for the day
And hurried on their way.

And we will do it brothers

After us there’ll be no others
You and I will do
What giants wanted to
So stand and take the credit
We will be the ones to end it
Although we’re small
We’re standing tall
Like soldiers, riding high
Because we’re on our fathers shoulder.
As they near, the two despaired

A wall rose to the skies

Above the giants’ eyes.

“Wait my son,” said he

“Climb upon me

And as I rise

You will be my eyes.”
Holy and pure our fathers were
Giant righteous men
We’re small compared to them
But our deeds upon their deeds
Together they will bring
Moshiach our King
It’s up to us
One hammer home that final blow
Our fathers started long ago
Compelling us to follow.

Simonim Of Geulah

Simonim of Geulah,
The Rebbe made us see,
The world watches on,
As it changes drastically.
Victory in the Gulf War,
The Russian Jews are freed,
Weaponry dismantled,
Replaced by things of need.

The Golus night is passing,

The sun’s about to rise,
All we have to do,
Is to open up our eyes.
To feel the Rebbe’s message,
To hear the Rebbe’s plea,
Oimaid Al Hagag,
To proclaim for all to see.
Anovim Anovim Higia Hazman,
The threshold of Geulah,
We’re standing upon.

The Rebbe Zol Gezunt Zein,

With all our might we pray.
And lead us to Geulah,

Wake Up, Yidden

Wake up, Yidden

From the dream of Golus

Get ready to meet Moshiach Tzidkeinu

Geulah is coming

Swiftly towards us

Hinei ze omeid achar kosleinu.
There will be no more wars

No more will lions roar

Umalah ha’aretz deo

In a Mikdash built of flame

We’ll give thanks to His Name

And march to Geulah

With the Rebbe Shlita.

The Little Bird Is Calling

The little bird is calling

It wishes to return

The little bird is wounded

It cannot fly, but yearns

It’s captured by the vultures

Crying bitterly

Oh, to see my nest again

Oh, to be free.

The little bird of silver

So delicate and rare

Still chirps among the vultures

Outshining all that’s there

How long, how long, it suffers

How long will it be

Oh, when will come the eagle

And set the little bird free.

The little bird is Yisroel

The vultures are our foes

The painful wound is Golus

Which we all feel and know

The nest is Yerusholayim

Where we yearn to be, once more

And the eagle is Moshiach

Whom we are waiting for.

Ahavas Yisroel

Forever One

Look inside through the heart of a Jew
Open up its many doors
And the soul that you’ll see there inside
Is a reflection of yours.
For each soul is a part of one whole
That joins us to each other
We are all part of one another
And we have always been one.

We are one since away back in time

Unified at our start
We began as a nation to live
And believe with one heart.

You and I we were all gathered there

As one we said we’ll do and hear
We were born to belong together
And forever be one.

Forever one we will go far

It’s not I am but who we are
We need just to reveal it
Need to try and feel it.

And never are we alone

We have each other as our own
Nothing can divide us
For we are forever one.

There are times when we might drift apart

And go our own separate ways
But the sparks from above that we share
Is alive and ablaze.

Soon Moshiach will gather each spark

And shine away the darkness
He will gather us all together
And we shall ever be one.

Return Why Did You Leave Me

Over the horizon clear

A saintly form of man appears

Meditating as he walks alone

Stillness wraps the air complete.

His thoughts profound so very deep

His pure neshoma to new heights has flown

When all at once shattering the night

A trembling cry of loneliness and fright.

Return why did you leave me

Come back I’ll tell you where you can find me

And then friends forever

Side by side we’ll walk eternally.

Peering closely he could see

Tears of fire misery

A lone child looked up at his honest face

My friends have gone to sleep away.

They left me here alone at play

And search no longer for my hidden place

So very well concealed from sight I stood

Please sir return them to me if you could.

And so with his devotion deep

The man began to rouse from sleep

As many of her friends as he could see

He told them of her love and will

And that she’s waiting for them still.

And if they’d come she’d step out openly

The main we know continued endlessly

To wipe away her tears and set her free.

Don’t Walk In Front Of Me

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow

Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me, and be my friend

And together, we will walk in the ways of Hashem.

Two Brothers

Those two brothers

They were the best of friends

They were never seen alone

Always together

In school or home

Those two brothers.

One was very good

He earned his parents praise

Everybody marveled

At the way that he was raised

The other had a sinful streak

It led him away from good

He had a lot of trouble

Doing what he should

Those two brothers.
No one was surprised

When they were 18

While one served his creator

The other on the streets was seen

You could find him

With those bright city lights

Crime his best friend

Everybody wondered what he’d be like in the end

Those two brothers.
Those two men

They never saw each other

But deep at heart

They still loved one another

Each one living

On opposite sides of town

One led his congregation

While the other led the underground.

One night there was a knocking

On the Rabbi’s door

An expensive baby carriage

With a note on the floor...

Please take care of my son

May he never see a gun

Raise him as a good Jew

I hope he grows to be just like you

My dear brother...

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